Damage Control

Okay, so I could panic. I could absolutely freak out, stop sleeping and learn EVERYTHING on the poetry course, notably all of the poets I have covered. But I’m not going to. I’m going to stick with Longley and Bishop BUT to cover my back, I’m going to flick through what I have on Adrienne Rich. I am going to take the risk that the back-up paper will also feature a female poet and seeing as we only have two on the course I think I’m covering myself well in that aspect.
Macbeth wise? Not that freaked out, not anymore so than I was before I heard of the disaster. Seemingly the entire country was set for deception.. How did I not know this? … Must go scouting the internet and see what else you are hiding from me! To deal with my Macbeth deficiencies I’m going to learn quotes. Millions of quotes. Then if taken by surprise in the exam I can just wing it, use my head and hope for the best.
Comparative wise… Well I was ready for theme OR cultural context because both of my points on those are basically the same. Sweet. Sigh of relief there really.

Now, to cover the issue on being screwed over for study on Saturday, all in all the next week getting destroyed.. Well.. such is life. So far this morning I’ve gone through a bit of Irish and Business Studies and also my comparative. To be honest I feel like I’m one of those weird circus performers, just spinning a load of plates all at once and running between them to ensure that they keep spinning. Of course at any one time all of them are liable to come crashing down around me and then you’ll see me crying on the floor with bits of cracked porcelain in my hair. Sigh.
If it’s any consolation to all of you out there, I’d put money on it that this day two weeks we’ll have forgotten all about it and wonder what all the fuss was about that caused the entire population of Leaving Cert-ers, their friends, family, teachers and anyone who ever sat the Leaving Cert to stop and turn to the news for something to cling to, some fragment of news to help us understand what the hell was going on. We’re a bit mad aren’t we…
Even though having said that, I have lost any exam related momentum that English Paper 1 might have kick started. It feels like we still haven’t started or something. We’re back in Limbo I think..
Anyway, going to get down to some Maths for the afternoon. Then possibly a break for Irish or English and then back to Maths. Hmm, all this plate spinning hurts my head.

6 thoughts on “Damage Control”

  1. Yeah I get what you mean about having loads of plates in the air, it’s similar to Elizabeth’s balancing act theory.

  2. Hey.

    Zbyszek here from RTE Radio 1 Drivetime with Mary Wilson. Would like to get in contact with you early this afternoon.

    Could you send me your phone number if possible?
    My e-mail: [email protected]
    Phone: 01-208-3282

    Many thanks,

  3. I was never very good at plate spinning anyway… (Well…that one time I tried, I wasn’t… :P)

    Poor Irish and Business are totally going to suffer, but whatevs, can’t do anything now.

    It doesn’t feel like we’ve done an exam at all. It also doesn’t feel like this only happened yesterday. Feels like we’ve been hearing about it for agggges. This is possibly down to my lack of sleep, but also probably the amount of talking being done.

    This day next week I shall be finsihed. This is all I can think right now 🙂

  4. I’m kinda more freaked about maths than English now…and yeah I’m with the limbo feeling. Like yesterday was a false start o.o

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