Day 3 – Maths paper 1

After yet another night of only 4 hours sleep, I got up again at 6am to look over some notes and practice a little. The exam seemed fine at the start. I had a quick glance over it and told myself that I was going to make a good effort at this.

The first question that really frustrated me was question 1, part C, (ii). “a cent less than a multiple of €10”. In fairness, thats more like they’re trying to trick us rather than focus on what we were actually preparing for. I never seem to grasp how or why they phrase questions in such akward ways and hinder people from showing their actual ability to solve the given task.

I ended up doing about 7 questions out of the 8 just to be safe. I wasn’t very happy with the exam I have to say and I really hope that Paper 2 will put me in a better mood.

Now If you’ll excuse me, I am going to head out for a well deserved pint!

2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Maths paper 1”

  1. Maths paper 1 was terrible compared to paper2. As I droped down from honours I was expecting a similar paper to 2007 but instead got a paper with some ‘stupid’ questions. They are definelty gonna do some easy marking with q1 c(2) . I also messed up with some c parts …like 6c and last parts of 8. Overall I am expecting about 80-90%.
    I also wrote few different answers for some questtions but marked the right one with red pen but forgot to rub out the wrong one ….it was bugging me for awhile ….I shouldnt lose maks for that ??

    As for paper 2 everything went smoothly hoping for a A1 😛

  2. I doubt you lose marks for forgetting to rub a mistake out. As far as i know if you crossed out something lightly with a pen, and it was right, you get the marks too!

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