Day 4 – Maths Paper 2 & Irish Paper 1

Sleep Deprivation. It seems to be the latest trend lately. All this anticipation, nerves and stress. Maths Paper 2 came as quite a surprise to me. Having gotten 3 hours sleep last night, I got at 5am to begin more revision. But I felt awake and ready to tackle some revision.

I started with question one and I have to say I was rather pleased with it. Having dealt with a tedious question one from paper 1, I was releaved to start the paper with something that was actually feasible. I then proceeded to tackle Section B, something which I knew would require more time. Two questions down and I was feeling confident. The revision had payed off. Question 2 and 3 were fairly straight forward too. But then the sleep deprivation awoke inside me. My eyes scanned the page looking for some more tasks to complete, until I hit question 5 and 6. Trigonometry and Probability. Two questions I hadn’t quite focused on. I ended up trying some random formulas that came to mind, but no success.

Having Maths and English behind me I felt the pressure ease off a little. After lunch we had Irish. With only two people attempting the honours paper, nobody seemed to stressed about this exam. Section A, I began writing the letter with little or no clue as to what I was answering. All i knew is that I was writing that average letter that almost everyone has learned before. Puzzled I began to examine the other options. I was left with the option of either guessing what one of the questions meant, or skipping a 60 mark question, so I took the latter.

The Comprehension was a joke really. I’ve always found it to be quite humorous. We are taught to pluck a few simple lines from the comprehension that have similar words as the question itself. And as far as I can see, very few people actually know whats going on in the text or the questions. Satisfied that I had done enough, I left the exam hall. First person to leave after a mere 30 minutes. Hopefully paper 2 will make up for my loss, though I am doubtful.

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  1. I agree with you about the irish, though i only did ordinary it was very confusing. I didn’t no what i was writing about on my story but just put something down just trying to get some marks. Later on the tape test was un-believable. I thought i was listening to Japanese. It was extremely hard.

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