Dear facebook im sorry but its over, it’s not you or me, blame the leaving cert

Yes, Facebook and me have been forced to spend more time apart (in light of a recent biology test ). It’s sad i know we were so happy together. We use to spend hours upon hours together but sadly i think we need to spend more time apart  and if you’re wondering why all the dramatics i got my first biology test of the year back and to my horror the number 39 was on it. Yes i only got 39%  my first tought was ”could she not of given me the extra 1% at least that would have been a pass (it’s better than nothing). Well, the ranting and ravings of the teacher would have put the likes of hitler to shame she told us that anyone who got under 40% which was about 80% of the class should just go and look for jobs now because we wont be fit for leaving cert (does the woman not know that were in recession and that there’s barely any jobs for the ones with leaving certs never mind the ones with out?).

She was a bit over dramatic if ya ask me it was a very hard test. So back to facebook im only allowing myself on it after all homework and study plans have been fulfilled. If facebook was a leaving cert subject id get an A1 in higher level no problem.

On a more positive note im nearly finished all my research for my history project and i just love the topic that i picked (wont say what it is, don’t want anyone stealing my idea lol ). But anyways yeah i had great fun researching it and im doing my project on one person and the best thing is that person is still alive and i managed to get their contact details so here’s hoping that i can arrange an interview (put my journalism skills to the test) and i managed to get a copy of their autobiography so here’s hoping i get full marks on that at least.

But school in general hasn’t been all that bad lately, ive settled in okay back in the old routine but its hard to believe that september is nearly over before ya know it halloween will be here and sure christmas right after and all ive heard since i got back to school was ”once christmas comes the year will fly by” (that scares me the most )

Well i better go and do more work on this history project (oh if anyone doing history is reading this let me know  how its going)… stay strong people

6 thoughts on “Dear facebook im sorry but its over, it’s not you or me, blame the leaving cert”

  1. love your post man. stay positive..wouldn’t be suprised if you got an A1 in Bio in the Leaving cert. Some teachers are just Pessimistic souls don’t let it get to u. My addiction is footy games on Ps3..I would get an A1 in that no problem lol

  2. ahh thanks lads glad to see that people are enjoying my blog
    ah i duno abut geting an A1 in bio maybe a B3…id be happy with that and i think everyone has something that is distracting them from studying
    thanks 🙂

  3. we havent started our history project at all… i have no idea what im going to do either… today was the first day our teacher talked to us about it, shes a brilliant teacher – cpt for when it comes to the project! i have no idea how to start going about it either! all she told us was that we had to write an extended essay on something… where are you supposed to start like!!

  4. ahh well dont worry to much about it … it dosent have to be handed in until like the end of april.
    just pick something that you will enjoy doing it makes it a whole lot easier (trust me )
    ahh well some teachers are like that we had are projects planned out since last may…..
    good luck wit it 🙂

  5. i have 2 other projects to do by april aswell 😛 we’re going up to derry in november, might get something from that.. unfortunately, that essay thing has to be handed in the monday after midterm… hmmm…
    we’ll see how we gat on!haa
    thanks! same to you..with the rest of.. the stuff..!

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