Dear SEC: I don’t know the future for Ireland in the EU. Even in English.

I very nearly punched my supervisor the face again this week (what is it with exams that bring out the foréigean in people?). “Ohohohoho Stately Examinatory Committitorium, you wily old devil,” I’d chuckle to the GIANT ROBOTIC HARP OF EVIL that runs SEC as we swirl our cognac in large glasses beside the fire if we were friends. “Irish, old bean, it’s more joyous than drowning kittens. Say, I sent Jeeves down to Woodies to obtain a durable sack and a pallet of bricks. Fancy taking Eavan for a stroll down the canal?'”

Firt things first though, today’s paper wasn’t that bad. Good God though can someone please tell me why that existential freak was walking hundreds of miles. Had he retired from teaching? Please say he retired from teaching…but for the most parts I found the comprehensions alright. Suspiciously so because my “comprehending” goes as far as:

Step 1: Highlight the words you don’t know in the question that seem to be the big words.

Step 2: Highlight these words in the comprehension.


Oh well, I thought it went okay today on that front. But the aiste titles? Future for Ireland in the EU- fuggin impossible in English as it is. People in the Public Mouth – sadly I admit at the start I wigged out at this point forgetting what “béal” meant. Yes, this is what Irish reduces me to when it wants to. I know my place in our relationship and I don’t question it. I did this one so hopefully it’s okay. The Importance of Good News- do I look like a Joe Bleedin’ Duffy researcher???

The aural was alright- a bit better than expected but not altogether great either. The first one was so fast I thought and I ended up guessing the last 2 answers, I guess it takes you a while to get into “The Zone”… although the Irish zone sounds a lot more lame than any other kind… think re-runs of those bits of the Morbegs as Gaeilge you just couldn’t understand as a child: “Fiiiiinnnn? flabababababahfannadhagb….tá? flafnafhabfbgsdgugugugugumorbegnoisesgubagubbagubba.”

Maths this morning was fine. I’d set my alarm to get up and study Statistics 2 hours before the exam. Beautifully planned, I awoke to The Ma “bating” me out of the bed at ten to nine. It was a Christmas miracle (in June) that I made it in on time and there was frantic revision of standard deviation and vectors on the way in but overall I think it went okay. Slightly perplexed by the (b) part of the vectors question though with the diagram? Ah well.

Tomorrow (please God, let me not repeat) we never have to do Irish ever again…..aaaaaaaaand we’re back in the room freaking out about some wan up the duff a few years ago…

Go n-éirí an bóthar le gach duine!!

4 thoughts on “Dear SEC: I don’t know the future for Ireland in the EU. Even in English.”

  1. hey hey!! loved this article..! think u summed up my day…! its now 1:45am and i still dont understand lig sinn i gcathu :/ ! oh well…. theres always next ye… dont wanna say it!

    anyway,thanks for cheering up my night! only found this website now, wish i had found it earlier 🙂

    Best of luck tomorrow everyone!


    1. Better late than never Brian! Hope today went better for you than it did for me…

      I dunno Evie, not even a liiiittle bit sad?

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