Decisions,decisions ?????

 What to do,what to do?hhmm

Seems like a lot of people are struggling to commit themselves on one thing to do with their lives after the ‘EVIL’ leaving cert.Me included guys.

You are probably worried about whether or not you can get a job?would you even like it?and the question everyone asks is can I make millions from it? 😛

All I can say to you is do what you like,what you have a passion for.

As I see it (as long as you have a good work rate) it is a lot easier to be the best at what you do if you enjoy it.

If you want to be a writer,go for it!say to yourself “I am going to be the best writer the world has seen!” Who is not going to employ the best writer in the world? If you want to be a doctor,be a doctor!Save as many lives as possible!You just gotta enjoy what you do.

Obstacles will come along,granted.Maybe you want to make sick people healthy,but you have a fear of  blood.There is ways around everything,you will conquer fear of blood  if you really want to be a doctor.Einstein was dyslexic,that didn’t stop him been a world-famous mathematician did it?

What if you wanted to be a writer but you failed english or if you wanted to be a musician but thought you weren’t creative enough then watch this

What I’m saying people is ‘If one aspires to be the best, he/she will be the best’

There is a job out there for everyone you just need to find it.This is the way im looking at it,you don’t have to see it the same way but I hope you do.

I must go and find out what I have a passion for 😀

Talk to ya soon,


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