Dickinson and Differentiation.

3 down 7 to go. Why on earth did I not pick geography and home ec, I could have been half way through by now.

So. Bit of a crazy week.

English:  My best subject so a nice start to the proceedings. Was happy enough with paper one. The essay titles were fairly tight looks like the SEC are clamping doen on preprepared essays. No problem for me I found them great titles to be honest. I had a fabulous time discussing the hold which technology has over us Which I am of course immune to (as I type this on my laptop to be published on the internet). Comprehensions and question B’s all pretty good. But hey, can’t really complain about those how many people stay up with the night arguing about what comprehension is going to come up.

Now. Paper 2. So was I the only one that felt like killing people when all they could talk about was their theory behind only studying one poet. Personally I had 5 poets prepared when I went in. So when I opened my paper I saw I had a choice of 4. Now don’t get me wrong I would much have rather have had 1 poet up just to sicken the people with only one. Yes it’s vicious but if I put the time into it I can’t help but be a little frustrated that the dossers with one poet done had theit answer spit out within the first half hour. I myself attempted Boland, purely because the question will be marked hard due to the amount doing it (perhaps) and I liked the question and of course there is always those people that see Boland and forget they have to read the question. I was sorely tempted to write a note for the examiner saying: ‘ I did not have only Boland prepared I could answer on any of these 4 poets so please do not associate me with the learned off crap you have to make your way through’

Regarding the rest of the paper. Cultural context was pretty sticky. Attitudes that made you uncomfortable or the role women and men play? Stuck with the attitudes myself suited my texts pretty well. I know several people that didn’t read the question of course. Came out delighted CC had come up only to read over the question when they got home. Hamlet, pretty happy Claudius was the only character I hadn’t looked over in the morning before, was annoying but the revenge and justice essay was pretty enjoyable. I do love to argue with the point being made.




Wasn’t to bad actually. Opened the paper gave it a glance over then got stuck in. It took me an unusually long time to get through the paper. Only got part a and b on my last question done and even that was in a rush so I don’t think I’ll get more then attempt marks. I worked really hard for this subject and I’m far from an A student so really if I fail I’ll be bitterly disappointed. But hey not much we can do now just look to paper 2. I prefer it to paper 1 so perhaps I’ll be confident afterwards. When I first came out I wasn’t too worried it went a lot better then the mock (we had a fairly hard past mock) and I wasn’t goin’ to let myself get stressed about it anyway. I didn’t even realise the hullabullo about it all until I saw various groups on facebook about it. Put it this way. If you’re too busy on facebook making groups about it rather then studying for paper 2 then you probably don’t deserve to pass anyway. The integration of the disc. I never actually covered it in class so I get where people are coming from there but I did cover it in grind once so I’m guessing it is on the course.

Anyway my rant is over. Maths paper 2 is on it’s way. And Irish. And several other subjects. Sucks to be me.

But the it’s a fantastic morning so I’m taking a break for a few hours the books will be there in the evening. (when I say a break it means I’m going over maths but in a comfy chair so it feels like a break) People give up on paper one tantrums and I’d really advise people to not look for solutions to the paper. We don’t know how it’ll be marked yet and what you think you’l get now could be miles apart from what you actually get. Good luck with the study!

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