Dirty Business

Today finally brought that challenge I had been waiting for, after doing the notorious Irish paper 2 this morning, I sat down for an hour and studied. The fear was in me, I had never before done a business exam paper and my god had I not prepared for such an event. Failing to actually sit down and prepare my 8th subject, I entered the exam hall armed with nothing more than my logic.

The exam starts with short questions and I was given the easy task of recognising an ‘Intranpreneur’ in business. The short questions to follow would be those of not logic, they can only be described as ‘bookish’. I managed make my way through them whether false or wrong. What followed was a simple applied business question. It was here that I gained much of my marks, it was a very straightforward business question.

The last section wasn’t particularly complex either, I was given the chance to talk about the attributes of an entrepreneur, industrial relations and the labour court. In the last few weeks my little study of business included that of the “Break-Even Chart”. I had banked on this and there it was, what a splendid way to end the paper and open yet another evening of study!

History and French tomorrow, any predictions? please!?

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