Don’t Know Much Biology…

Leaving Cert biology: a course so vast and expansive that no paper could possibly examine more than a minuscule portion of it. This paper was no exception. I left the exam happy with my performance, but I really couldn’t help thinking of all the material I have learned and revised over the last two years that will be absolutely no use to me, ever. Not even for CAO points.

I need not have learned at least 20 of the 42 chapters in my biology book and would still have had choice in this exam. However that’s the way these things go, unfortunately, and I’m glad that the exam went okay. I answered long questions on ecology, evolution, rhizopus, the senses and a few more things I can’t remember. I did plenty of extra questions and was still home before most people were even finished the exam, having taken a casual stroll around town and walking half of the way home. Before this is picked up as boastful (damn you Cian) I in no way got an A on this exam. I just did what I did…really efficiently.

I always finish exams an hour or so before others. This used to worry me, but I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I just write insanely fast. And I write an awful lot fast, too. Pages upon pages. The only possible down side to this is that my handwriting is completely illegible, but I’ve been trying to prevent that. Was everyone else happy with the paper? I really loved the full long question on ecology, which was almost identical to their counterparts from previous papers.

Good luck to those heading into the art history exam about now, I seriously could not face another full written paper this afternoon. I’m so tired! I bet everyone else is too, these last few days have been pretty packed. Congrats to everyone who finished today too, I’ll just look on wistfully, counting down the hours til 12 (or perhaps 11) o clock next Wednesday.

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  1. I liked the reproduction system question, but i focused a little more on the male than the female, whoever marks my exam is going to think mes is from medieval times, mes thinks.

  2. Yah, but my drawing was very crude and missing a few details. Heres the vagina, the ovarys and the fallopian tube, and errrrr, yep thats about it really!

  3. Have to agree on the topic of the long ecology question… They HANDED you marks for that Foxes question, they really did!

    I’m actually so happy with that paper, cuz I really didn’t think I woul be! But maybe it’s last exam fever…


    sorry, just needed to get that out.. =p

  4. Don’t know much about history
    Don’t know much biology
    Don’t know much about a science book
    Don’t know much about the french I took

    But I do know that I love you
    And I know that if you love me too
    What a wonderful world this would be

    Don’t know much about geography
    Don’t know much trigonometry
    Don’t know much about algebra
    Don’t know what a slide rule is for

    But I do know that one and one is two
    And if this one could be with you
    What a wonderful world this would be


  5. WWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! (Finished today, just in case you couldn’t guess!)

  6. Haha, I’ve read this Blog all year, great stuff guys. Just wanted to post now that I’m done!

    French, English, Geog, Business went REALLY well.
    My OL subjects Maths and Irish went very well too.

    Biology sucked ass. Section A was tricky… Did no bones 🙁

    Oh well.. It’s over now! So happy and relieved, no more guilt for lounging around!Chilling now.. Out to get pissed at 8!


  7. Congrats everyone who’s finished! I’m fierce envious 🙂

    Not long to go everyone else…

    Why thanks Franky, why the sudden declaration?

  8. Yeah me too. Ain’t no acorns and berries in the city…

    And that was stupid

    I was like “well shur he could hardly open the bin now, could he?”

  9. Noice! Another bloody week for me, I still have like 3 left, might go out this weekend though. What I would give to be finished today…

  10. ICH LIEBE DEUTSCH!!! for being the last exam.. here lads is anyone glad of the orals now when it came to irish etc.. cos they were a fair help to me now i must say

  11. Nope I only do 7, pass in Irish,German,Tech drawing(which i plan to fail),maths and honours in English,Biology and construction. (Hardly a swot, am I?)

  12. I did honours everything except maths.. Best life ever:D … going to fail the leavin. Or just scrape 450 for commerce.

  13. “i did all honours cos i wanted to make this yr extrmemly stressful and hard”
    SILLY .. or just genius

  14. My hand is now claw like after today.
    And I know, I loved it too! Irish art=crap (cept for cool stuff like Louis Le Broughy and yeats-y stuff)

  15. i have four exams left…. tech drawing, physics, chemistry and applied maths….. why did i take them all?!?!?! lol!

  16. I totally got laid the other night….. Well i didn’t technically get laid but lets just say that a homeless guy punched me in the penis and stolen my shoes OOOHH YEAA!

  17. Shite, erm how about some CCR instead. *starts singing

    Put a candle in the window
    Cus i feel ive got to move
    Il be gone, il be gone,
    But ill be coming home,
    As long as i can see the light

  18. ___________________ (thats the flat line on my life support machine yokey)
    Its goin beeeeeeeeeeeep right now

  19. Don’t talk about food!
    I’m starving but the kitchen is ALL the way down the hall. And I am far too tired to get up. And i’d fricking kill for pizza.
    Thanks PJ, you’re concern means a lot

  20. im trying to reorganise my room but my mate came over half way through and shes uber distracting so now im left with one big mess

  21. This time next Wednesday, I will be at the pub, trying to chat up(and failing miserably) my religion teacher. Thats the plan anyway!

  22. Unlucky, I missed my opportunity on our grad night, the teachers were at a different spot to us, but ill give it a go this time. I’ve been licking her arse all year like.

  23. she was one of the h dip teachers, i got bck to her gaff like just she sobered up way too fast for my liking

  24. Thats worse than getting nowhere at all with her. All the effort for nothing( Grace must be appalled by this conversation). I would prefer if it was like. “soooooo, miss hayes” “go away PJ”.

  25. in all fairness most nights out with me end up somewhere i shouldnt i rarely make it home,

    dont give athletes alcohol theyre not used to it lol

  26. It sure is. Sleep is overrated anyway. An awful waste of time in my opinion. Im going to try and go for a 4 day all nighter at Oxegen. Oh and did you hear? I’m going to propose to Lily Allen as well, Grace was giving me some awesome tips last night.

  27. Grace thinks Lady GaGa looks like a man, isn’t that right Grace? Lily Allen is much nicer. I’ll invite you to the wedding, it’s going to be awesome, I’m thinking of wooing her with my great knowledge of The Clash and CCR. And then i shall “accidentally” call her “babe”, right before I propose. I’m fairly confident…

  28. Is she not a man though? Lady Gaga I mean, I thought that was what was goin around.
    Yes confidence is key

  29. Good golly miss molly…that is stuck in my head for so long!
    Oh god, waved at my dog earlier (as one does!) the neighbour saw….now thinks i’m crazy i’d say

  30. Just googled the whole Lady Gaga=man thing. Went on the Lady Gaga website forum, apparently someone started a forum on her official forums asking her if she is a man, she never replied so it must be true about errrr…….him.

  31. Oh I do it too!
    My dog is kick ass. My brother decided to rename him Beverly.
    So now our sheepdog answers to Beverly

  32. But Brambles will always be my favourite, we like to stay up late at night and get stoned together, have long philosophical conversations etc

  33. I just noticed something. In the just dance video, a background dancers nipples fall out of her top at one part when Gaga says “just dance”. Is that even allowed, i think i may be the first to have noticed this…..

  34. Pj…i’m scared a bit now.
    I like Grace, she’s fun! I like you both too, also fun! (case you felt left out)

  35. I really wouldn’t. You don’t know the hatred I have for him, many a shout of “Stop f***in dancing around the ball and just bloody kick it” have been heard. Plus I don’t fancy him

  36. Real Madrid are comin to visit Kildare I believe!
    And yeah, now Donnacha O callaghan on the other hand *week at knees*

  37. Franky’s sickened, Liverpool for the league so next season. Even though I wouldnt be surprised if United play better without him, give Shrek a better chance.

  38. liverpool will never win another league so long as rafa benitez is the manager

    everytime he opens his mouth he walks them into trouble

  39. We shall see about that. There is no sense of victory with United fans when they win the league. When Liverpool win it NEXT season there will be a 3 week pissup

  40. No i’m saying if you want to talk about soccer fire away and i’ll sleep!
    I’m not gonna force you to change the topic to suit me lol!
    I’m not that mean 😀

  41. Very nice guys, used to love sum41 when i was younger, they had some great songs. I only have 5 cds in my car and one of them is thin lizzy so you know where i stand there. Mine would be a toss up between Rory Gallagher and Led Zeppelin, Im very old school.

  42. Tatto’d lady, one of the greatest songs ever.
    And the last song I had on my ipod on the way home was immigrant song!!

  43. Ahhhh . I know of no girls in Tralee with the same taste in music as me. There all into Lady GuGu and shite. I wish i was from Kildare …….or the 70’s

  44. 70s AND Kildare…now thats a combo.
    Mmmm i’ll check em out Franky, I like a bitta hypnotic brass ensemble too they’re cool

  45. But even in the darkest of night
    You can always hear the king’s call
    You can always hear the king’s call


  46. My turn, very hard one though!

    Thoughts run wild, free as a child,
    Into the night.
    Across the screen a thin beam,
    Of magic light.

  47. Jaysus its a fine night in kildare! I knew I should’ve stayed home!
    Haven’t had hot chocolate in ages what with it bein june and all

  48. Rage! Kildare will always be the superior county.
    Hmmmmmm what have I mentioned? Thin Lizzy, led zep, kinks?
    Pearl jam, dire straights, horslips, the clash,pink flyod, the animals. Too many to mention!

  49. Its not all that bad, the night life is class, my sisters went without incident for 4 years and i’ll protect you!

  50. What are you doing again, something to do with media was it? Sorry for forgetting, my memory is a shambles…

  51. I hear Lily Allen was here last night!

    And Lisa wouldn’t pay 6 euro for Ronaldo


    That cracked me up

    “Franky…do you remember me…”

    My all time favourite band is Modest Mouse 🙂

  52. Don’t you just envy the guys that have finished up…
    People were hardly going to stay on here if exams were over… or were they?

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