Education is not the only way to get a job in life and do well

People are only realising that the Leaving Cert is a memory test, now because that guy on tv said it. Like honestly, what is the point of the Leaving Cert? Literally ANYBODY can become a Doctor, Nurse, Engineer, Beautician, Architect, the list goes on but anyway, anybody can become any of them, if they were just taught how to do it.
And honestly for me, I’d much rather have Continuous Assesment than Exam: based on a two year course. I’d say I’d work much harder on them, knowing it contributes it my Grade in the end because right now, myself and a bunch of other students right now are thinking ” Fuck it, I can’t be bothered anymore. I just want to pass now .”
And lastly, I realise how chill my year has been, because of this Leaving Cert. And by Year, I mean the Leaving Cert Students of 2k16. Like I feel like the 5th years are shitting it more for our Leaving Cert even though they’re not doing it this year. I feel like we realised sooner that Education is not the only way to get a job in life and do well.
But that’s just me. This is how I feel. I’m speaking for anybody else, I’m speaking for me and from my perspective. Soo yeah.
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😂 Sorry I had to

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