English – Higher Level – Paper 2

Like a walk in the park… I think not. My primary poet did not come up, where were you Eavan Boland! But not to worry I managed to put together the few bits on Philip Larkin I strenuously put together this morning at 5am. I have been running on caffeine all day! I have to say I was a little calmer this morning for paper two of English than I was yesterday morning despite this being notorious as the more difficult of the two.

It was exceedingly predictable (despite Boland!) in my opinion, with a nice Othello question as an opener. I did the question on Othello’s foolishness and I got a great quality piece out of it, supporting it with my plentiful quotes. Next was the comparative study, I went down the theme or issue lane, I hope I didn’t waffle with this one too much switching between the 3 texts on the one theme.

The unseen poem was very straight forward and the question on a personal response was ideal for me. I was very pleased. The dreaded prescribed poetry followed, switching between Mahon and Larkin, I settled on the poet of unhappiness- Philip Larkin. I had been banking on Eavan Boland but I did my best and I am just glad to have English over and done with. The paper was very fair with no big surprises.

Maths paper 1 in the morning. This should be a doodle as I like to think I am good with numbers and figures but then again I’m taking the ordinary level paper for this one.

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