English Paper 1…Exam Ready Brek!

Well that was quite the way to start the exams,if they all go as well as that did then I might just have a chance at getting medicine. In short…WOO!

Sitting in the exam hall this morning was one of the more interesting experiences i’ve had in recent times. I had genuinely expected this whole leaving cert thing to be a big deal but to my amusement it really wasn’t. I actually had to stop myself a few times during the exam just to remind myself that this was actually it. So yeah..quite the anticlimax. I don’t know what anyone else had expected although cliodhna, your hopes for who wants to be a millionaire music at the start of the exam were nothing if not original!

The Paper was what I would class as an ‘absolute beauty’. Three comprehensions which were very manageable, except  text 3 which I believe to have been the BEST COMPREHENSION ever! I actually wrote that in an answer to one of the questions = ] but did anyone have any idea what that picture was supposed to be of?? A man with a gun who for some reason has a bird on his head and a dog-ish-thing that’s covered in eyes..??? well at least it was interesting and interpreting it made for good fun on the “which do you find more interesting” question.

As for question Bs I think we were pretty much spoiled for choice. I did the First one where you write the interview with yourself in the future. Any exam that invites me to envisage myself as a revolutionary surgical expert is a good one in my eyes. The only problem with that one was trying to balance questions with answers. In the end I got three questions but with the answers they spanned over three pages so I think that might have been a little too much..Oh well,hopefully this year they will continue to “reward length” as our english teacher likes to remind us they do.

Then there was the essay…I very nearly wet myself when I saw the short story option. It was,and I joke you not, a line from a story i’d written before and had read over this morning!!! It took quite the bit of restraint to stop myself from getting up and sharing my joy with the fifty something others around me. So I was sorted for that,Post morteming afterwards leads me to believe that a rather large number of people elected to do that story so hopefully mine will stand out,or at least not bore the corrector to tears.(apparently that has happened to a corrector or two in the past!) The other options seemed pretty decent too so I think we were a little spoiled for choice there too.

All in all it was a darn good paper and quite the start to the aul’ leaving cert,I’m starting to think that there might actually be light at the end of this tunnel! Hope you’re all set for paper two! I’m off to learn some quotes from Heathcliff,Oedipus,Darcy and good old Lear, the only men in my life who really matter for the next 24 hours..= ]

5 thoughts on “English Paper 1…Exam Ready Brek!”

  1. Hey thanks a mil 4 posting its great to hear from other people about how the exam went. Ya I was pretty happy with the paper aswell and by what I’m hearing thats the general concencious. Best of luck to everyone tomorrow, just remember after tomorrow we will never have to write the name “King Lear” again! Bonne Chance 😉

  2. Haha! I called the book cover in Text 3 (and I quote) “a half-human, half-robot bird creature”. They’ll love that.

  3. @ Niamh, thanks! hope you got on better today then I did!

    @The legend that is Valerie, Knowing you’re style of writing as your avid followers and I do then you will have expressed it in a profoundly interesting and awesome way and thus shall garner many many marks as a result = ]

  4. I thought ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ music would have been suitably dramatic seeing as everyone was creepishly calm! 🙂 And i must agree the comprehensions were perfect…. Only why oh why did i write about my ex fiancee killing me?… does that seem “funny,but sad too?” to anyone….? no….? i didn’t think so! 🙁

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