English Paper 1- Hilarious. English Paper 2- Cancelled.

As I’m sure everyone knows- English Paper 2 has been cancelled. What a mess! Just like Elizabeth said in her post, it sounds like it would’ve been my perfect paper- Bishop, Cultural Context, the theme of Deception. I’m actually so unbelievably upset and freaked out now.
What am I going to do?

Should I go in tomorrow regardless? All that I’m hearing is hearsay and vicious rumours. I don’t want to be chilling out at home (Which is, if one was to break all the speed limits, 30 minutes away from my school) and have the school ring me to ask of my whereabouts, but similarly, I don’t want to be in Waterford early in the morning if I don’t need to be.

This is such a disaster, and I think I’m about to break down. I wasn’t stressed until I heard- but now I’m verging on tears. We have no idea what’s going to be on the papers- there is absolutely no way to predict it. We’re going to all have to cover 5 poets- the likes of Derek Mahon who NOBODY knows anything about could come up. I was taking a lot of risks, which would have paid off, but now I have no back up. I have 2 poets learned, 2 poets who were on the original paper. All I know is cultural context.

My friend’s reassuring me with the line “Everybody’s in the same boat”- but that’s not entirely true. I’m repeating the Leaving Cert, so I’ve covered the course in one year. I never had time to look at all the poets, nor did i have time to prepare a second mode for Comparative Studies. I don’t know Macbeth very well- I’ve never even read it- I’d just learned off the essays which were predicted to come up.
I really need an A1, and it now looks as though that’s not all too likely.
My dreams of studying Medicine next year seem to be dwindiling rapidly.

As regards English Paper One, well, it was fine. The whole thing’s being totally overshadowed by this whole mess. My essay was the most hilarious piece ever written- I used some of the greatest lines ever to have filled my mind- “It was like being spit at by a sheep” to mention but one. I’m not sure how I managed to weave that into an essay about Education, but I did.
I’ve no idea how I got on- if my examiner has a sense of humour, she’s going to LOVE my essay. If not, she’s probably going to give it a great big FAIL. In my defense, it said the article could be light-hearted.

Anyway, English paper 2. Cancelled. WTF.
Riots in the streets anyone? Kill anyone with any connections to Drogheda or it’s hinterland? Any ideas?

EDIT: Confirmation that the exam is on Saturday, 9.30am.
Please kill me.

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  1. i ust dont know what to do!!!???
    i took the same risks and they ALL came up including deception!!! :(:(:(
    i dont know what to study . . or how i’ll study anything else by saturday

    HELP 🙁

  2. Anyone up for writing angry notes on EVERY Paper 2 in the country? i feel like we should be able to complain in some way! Like do something to show how fucking ridiculous this is….two years of work and effort go into it and someone fucks it up for the whole country?wtf?

  3. Nora, I’m the same. This is so crazy and I am so fucking mad. And upset. I just threw a spoon at my mother.

  4. jennie, dont worry, EVERYONES fucked. you’ll be fine, they’ll take into account the pressure we’re all under and mark accordingly.

  5. I <3 the cancelled paper! I’m seriously annoyed about this – why must Louth exist? On a more optimistic note, I’m pretty happy that I paid a great deal of attention to Adrienne Rich as, personally, I believe that she may appear now. Although, that said, I do hope that oul’ Lizzie makes an appearance merely because the majority of LC students have their hopes of success hinging on her being there. What a mess, eh?

  6. I’m doubly fucked. At least everyone else had Fifth year to do this English course. One year. Millions of risks. I actually have mascara on my chin from crying so much.

  7. Awh, Jennie *hugs*

    I had two years, but I still only learned Banquo, Bishop & Walcott and Cultural Context.

    There has to be SOME of the same stuff, right? 🙁

  8. It’s English- everyone cuts corners.
    Every single year. Last year, a lot of my friends just learned Adrienne Rich. So I know that like, most people have actually left out big chunks and all, so maybe we’re all somewhat in the same boat.

    But not really. As I covered the bare minimum only in class. Learning enough poets, Theme/Issue and more on Macbeth actually means teaching myself. Not revising.
    Doing it for the first time ever.

    Fuck my life. The internet’s making things worse.

  9. that was the best english paper ever, and just bcause of an incometent superintendent why should every LC student in the country pay for his or her mistakes.

    does it mean now that they wont put on the same poets? because that is very unfair, many students studied keats and walcott in the belief that they would come up as they havnt been on yet!

    the state examanations commitee should formally apologize to all leaving cert studens, for one of THEIR superintents failures!
    LC students dont put up with this. raise your voices now
    we deserve better then to be treated this way do we not?

  10. i think this is ridiculous i fucked up on paper 1 cuz my story wasnt finished and i had a brill ending!.. so i think the one skool in drogheda shud hav a diff paper and everyone else the same its not like the word is to get around that quickly or they cud hav kept the few students who saw the paper away from other students until the exam its only 2mro now everyone is in complete panic!! arrggh!! :@

  11. dont mind my words but im pissed.i have an idea what came and the paper would have been easy for me.i just off the phone with the help line number and i was going on on on at them.sure they cant make us do it on sat as we wouldnt be covered by insurance lol

  12. *awkwardly hugs Jennie*

    That was awkward…

    Dude, it’s ok! They’re not gonna totally flip up the paper, and they’re going to have to mark it very gently to prevent mass murder. Comparative is the most bluffable thing in the world (honestly), you can learn an aspect of Macbeth in a good 40 minutes, and THEY ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO put either Bishop or Rich on the new paper!

    It’s all good!

  13. Well, there’s always been this tradition of having one female, but there’s always gonna be the year when they buck the trend, but they CAN’T do that now or there would be actual death.

  14. i reli feel for you…..im in da exact same boat! it wudv been perfect paper for me but I heard dat the contingency paper is almost the same except the questions are worded differently! i hope so…:(

  15. Jesus Christ,calm the fuck down u losers LOL.Cop on lol,they’re hardly gonna put somethin on the paper that we haven’t prepared for.I mean,u guys actually cried???LMFAO what kind of neurotic messes are u?Have some fuckin sense,especially u Jennie lol u are super strength neurotic & a drama queen,if the 1st thing u do when u hear such news is go on the internet a write a fuckin essay about it then u need to turn of the computer for an hour or 2.U are moaning over nothing!!Why don’t u use your brains & start using the extra time instead of whining about fuckin nothing on the internet.

  16. Why do you “need” an A1?
    Surelly nobody deserves an A1 when they don’t take the essay seriously when they write “It was like being spit at by a sheep” in the middle of it.

    What happened today, HAPPENED. We can’t change it. Some of the Leaving Certs who witnessed this Paper 2 mishap in Louth were foolish and idiotic enough to reveal the questions over Bebo, Twitter,Myspace etc.

    The Examinations Commitee however should not of pushed the exam back to this Saturday though. They could of easily selected some other week day.

    Ah well looks like I have school on Saturday for the first time in my life…

  17. Everybody thinking that the opposite poets will appear on said secondary paper are idiots. They commission and students all knew that the only poets that would be studied would be Longly, Bishop etc and that pretty much everybody went with the mode of Cultural Context and/or Theme/Issue.

    Having said this, you may rest assured that the same material will appear but we will have to address it in a new light i.e same poets different questions. Please take a few moments to try and interpret the masses of malcontent students’ reactions if they were to bring up all of the unlikely candidates for the questions…

  18. Ya this is my worst week in my life,i fell off a roof on tuesday and basicaly got kick in the arse today lol

  19. k so finaly gt thru 2 dennis dayr….n his gaf fne may i add…..:)…im wel in…bt nyways ds is wt he sd…if u wna go wit r dnt wtevr bt jst teln yas….he said ther wont be a lot of change on the poetry questn…they might jst hav it changed 2 write a speech…but montague might come up instead of longly because its his 80th this year…..he stil thinks the same poets…keiths,bishup and walcott wil stil be on ex

  20. moooooooonaaay

    what are the odds, the 3 poets i study come up in the leaked paper!!! aaaaaaaargh. will the new one follow the patern? as in will cultural context and general vision and viewpoint still come up? stresssssssss. i now must go study mahon…………oh jeez

  21. how about we go to our schools and wreck the gaff
    no more exams

    and just give us the points we want for our cao’s!!

  22. angry student

    fuckin bastards stupid louth cunts how stupid of dem. that paper would have been fukn perfect 4 me!! stupid cunts!! its a disgrace!! they might trick us and leave the paper basically the same because every1 will think that they will change it….
    but still its fuckin annoyin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. I no like what a mess like it’s actually a joke like i had all of what should of been on covered….arghhhhh…does anyone know what character came up in macbeth?

  24. its terrible its being cancelled bishop was a poet i knew very well i am outraged but what can we do cept chill and try are best at the new revised one in my own opioun it wont be madly differnt just altered by the way jennie dont worry i am sure they ll take it in to consideratioun and your gorgeous aswell they might take that in to it to hahaha good luck everybody!

  25. fuck this shit

    Okay I’m probley the most chilled person in ireland when it comes to the leaving cert!

    But i cryed i fucking cryed my little heart off


    i now no that this subject the only one i studied hours upon hours for is royaly ruined and i feel so fucking bad for al lthe full on worries out there becuase ther is nattin worse than shit like this happing !

    never mind droughda im up for finding the examiner who has screwed this whole fucking countrie over

    who could of taught that one person could do do so much damage he might aswell take over the world!

    but when i do think about it look it happend and we dont want to put this man into deep deppression think of it this way the paper prob wont be changed too much and we are getting marked easier so maybe its a benefit

    so maybe he did a favour

    oh god i sound like a schizo in this comment my mind keeps changing !!!


    what im trying to get across stay calm till the actual exam if its okay lets hug the man for gettin us marked easier!!

    if its hard we should go kill someone anyone !!


    guys I wish ye all the best of luck

    OH and socail today didint get it all done wrote twenty fucking pagess i have a full on burst blister on my finger over that stupid exam and i dint even get it done so much fucking drama for the first day of exams lol it would only happen to the LEAVING CERT 09 dont mind the spelling im angry lol


  26. @ Liam: Well, either Lizzie or Bishop BETTER be on there. I agree with you, after one scandal that f***ed us all over they can hardly go and hit us while we’re down and remove the female poet.

    Seriously, though, my prediction is Kingship for Macbeth, hopfully cultural context for comparitive, Montague and Rich for poetry. Hopefully Bishop comes up, though.

  27. I think Longley, Bishop and Montague will be enough… Montague has to be on now!

    MacBeth is the killer at this stage. We couldn’t have had a nice question tbh! Didn’t something like that come up in the pre?

  28. i hate this! why does this happen to us?! The fucking stupif cunt that opened the exam should be shot… how hard is it to mistake 2 for 1??!

    I havent studied rich or mahon because our teacher never did it with us… im actually FUCKED. Were all FUCKED… this is a load of shit. Will they mark it easier because of this or is that just a rumour???


  29. its mean and so so bloody annoying that its cancelled the english paper two is cancelled.we are all in the same boat.

  30. Freaking of Limerick


    i have never freaked out so much in my life

    i have read every one comments so does that mean

    rich and keats are goin 2 come up or what

    im freaking out and dont no what to study
    some help

  31. I think we should be able to complain to someone I feel it would have been a good paper for me and if this bleedin fecks up my results i will be complaining!!!!!!!!
    absolute disgrace.

  32. but i wonder will they change the cultural context cos thats due up lyk….
    they cant reli!!!
    im happy ou bot the macbeth tho cos that was so hard!!!

  33. HAHAHA what the fuck are yee all gettin so upset over cryin and throwin spoons at mothers. So what ya didnt study a poet do the ones that you have done, or use your heads and elaborate on what yee do know. Its only half a fuckin test, chill out pussycats!!!!

  34. “It was like being spit at by a sheep” haha wtf?
    I had a very deep essay that i had written before, all about being told you were dying, being very depressed and then making the decisive decision to die fighting instead of die with a wimper after being inspired by a meeting with an everyday nurse. I’m telling ya the examiner will be crying at the end of it…. haha

  35. hahaha “i just threw a spoon at my mother” hahaha funniest ting ive heard all day..im with the guy that said sumtin bout makin joints outa d papers n smokin dem…now he deserves an A1

  36. I’m going on hunger strike tomorrow in the Dept. of education until every Leaving Cert students gets compensation! They’re fucked if I die in there!

  37. i agree with sean but we shouldnt go to our schools… we should go to everyone in louth!
    they should know this will had to the stress theyre already under! grrr

  38. Walcott is pimps!

    I kinda feel sorry for the stupid supervisor…imagine the embarassment!

    This is all so typically Irish!

  39. so will it still be bishop or rich coz i learned them both yday, cultural context comes up evry yr nd can easily b adapted too so can macbeth, jst de poets im worried abou nd due to de fact as I was already plannin on crammin now its affected evrytin ha

  40. yea hes a bit compliacated…. hes borin as hell tho… if ya want i will email ya all the notes i have on him eoin

  41. Unfortunately I don’t think they will mark it any easier. The way they’re going to look at it is that students should have all the material covered. It’s a pain but that’s the reality of it.

  42. ahhhhhh im freakin out now too!! i wasnt one bit stressed bout it til this happened!:(
    iv only done 2 poets aswel hun so im screwed too!!Bishop and Rich!! one HASTO come up!! pllllllllllllease!!:(

  43. This is an absolute travesty!
    Let’s find the invigilator responsible!!!!
    Burn him at the stake!

    This is soooo amazingly frustrating. Where else in the world would this happen?

    The contingency paper seems like it’s the paper that they make absolutely horrible because the expect nobody to see it.

    The prospects of learning 3 more poets and overhauling on macbeth and comparative is sickening.

    Public action is neccesary, anybody for a passive protest against the SEC?

    REVENGE!!! haha

  44. I’m from drogheda
    was in school beside me,its cat yeah but get over it ,ur not spose t know wats on d paper anyway

  45. I completely agree with whoever said just roll up spliffs outa the exam! big heft blunts in every exam centre in ireland! i predict longley walcott and larkin guys! bank on it!

  46. hey dont worry too much i did the l.c. last year and our teacher told us that every year there is a constant percentage at each grade. as in every year the same percentage of people get an a1 and the same get an a2 and so on. if there’s a drastic change they’ll mark accordingly!

    though i feel your pain, suppose ye were all ready to burn your books 2moro! but ye’ll defiantely be marked softly enough.

  47. I’m Screwed if Bishop or Keats don’t make an appearance. So… if Cultural Context was one of the Comparative Modes, was the other one GV?

  48. the same poets will have to come up or else there will be war. there s not a paper made without cultural context so it will come up too and macbeth questions will change but the same information can be used for most questions so that shud not be a prob.

    it will have to be marked easier anyway.

    nd if u questions do not come up write the answer to them anyway ,

    the one fact which is being ignored is that our test on monday will suffer as we have less time to study for them and that should be taken into account too.

  49. ur an idiot. how cud u be expecting an A1 if u havent even read mcbeth. and an A1 student doing 2 poets and one comparative. ur thick. and that line about a sheep is hardly brilliant

  50. This is an absolute joke,everything i learned for tomorrow came up,it was a savage paper!i was countin on that to bring me up,cos i don’t think i did well in paper 1.do they not realise we have other subjects to study for….


    what a disaster…

  51. i think we should just email complaint letters to exam comission! I had an economics seminar and the lecturer said if enough people complain about something they WILL change it!

  52. Oh and I found Walcott the most interesting but may be kinda hard to do alone? You can defo do it though! 🙂

  53. Stop paying attention to the internet treat Saturday contingency paper like it was the original, you’ve done the stuff for 2 years now something has gone in. Just stop freaking. No one really knows for certain what was on that paper except for the people that set it and the stuff on the internet is all rumor, my advice get off the internet knuckle down and take advantage of the extra do not learn anything new just revise what you already know, which is more than you think. Both papers have to be fair the department are not out to get you they want you to do your absolute best, so much work goes into getting both papers right in case a situation like this arises. Best of luck to all sitting the exams, there are far more important things out there than the leaving cert, believe me.

  54. ye walcott is so hard to study yourself , i defo think Keats will be on and longley and bishop !
    if they werent there would be complete murder & there gonna mark it so easy due to the timing and @ d end of the day were all in d same boat ! they cant fail every 1 lol , can they ??

  55. Something needs to be done we’ve been left in limbo all evening! My friends and i rang our principal and even he didnt know what was going on and this was at 8.30pm i mean thats a joke! I think all the students need to organise a protest they cant get away with this like they’ve made a stressful situation into an utter nightmare.

  56. that sounded like the best paper ever…I rang the examinations board tonight nd the examiners in ALL exams are gonna take into consideration of the stress and pressure on students nd are gonna award marks lightly because of the stupid mistake and not to be studying something you never looked at before as it will only affect you in a negative way to study what you had already studied and there’s not a big change in the paper!!

  57. Are you not ment to learn ALL the poets n dat??
    if it was diffrent poets itd suit other people too
    jus build a bridge n get over it,

  58. Okay, I’m just back from an epic two hour walk/ bawl with my friend, which involved far too many tears and a lot of chocolate.

    To everyone insulting me- Actually literally fuck off. My two hour rant led me to this conclusion:
    I got 550 points last year, which was enough to get into basically anything, except medicine. I could have done almopst anything.
    I chose to repeat.
    My french oral was horrible, I was in hospital that week and had to have it rescheduled and what not- disaster. So I was planning on leaving French out, points-wise.
    The fact that I’m so upset over this English fuck-up is DEFINITELY understandable. If i don’t get an A1 in the paper, I won’t get the points i need.
    I’ll have wasted an entire year of my life. A whole fucking year. That’s definitely something to stress over. And so if i want to cry, I’ll cry.
    Also, getting an A1 using the line about being spat at by a sheep is fairly possible y’know. They asked for light-hearted, they got it.

    To everyone asking about what was on the paper…
    My understanding is that the poets were Bishop, Longley, Walcott and Keats.
    The Macbeth questions were about Banquo and the Theme of Deception.
    And the Comparative was Cultural Context & GVV.
    I guarantee you, I’d have got an A1 on that paper. Absolutely guarantee it. But now I’m not so sure.

    In other news though, i am feeling a little more calm. I’ve ran out of chocolate though, which is never good. I’m going to stay up all night teaching myself Theme & Issue and looking over Rich, mahon & Montague. Haven’t looked at Rich & Mahon in a year… and i haven’t looked at Montague since the end of 5th year. Which, for me, as a repeat, is 2 years.

    The SEC actually just bum-raped us.
    Louth, bag of cunts, are in for it. This may help the anger: http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=9396431649

  59. Hey guys.
    I wouldn’t be worried. The back up papers are made up by different people. They make the same judgments as the people who made up the original paper regards to what poets you should be questioned on. Its most likely that the same poets will be picked, just the context of the questions will be different, so just study the predictable ones like Bitchop, Keats, and maybe Walcott or Longly.

    good luck

  60. Thanks very much pjRIPwheel, that’s pretty reassuring.
    I’d assumed the contingency papers were from different writers, but everything’s so crazy at the moment that panic’s taking over, and only anger, frustration and upset are surfacing.

  61. If you revised Longly, the just learn Montague if your worried that different poets will come up. One Irish poet has to come up and there is only 2 on the course!

  62. Oh yes, forgot that guy. My English teacher will have a fit if they change the poets. We only covered 5 in class and 4 of them came up(we did Montague too). He predicted that those 4 were the most likely to come up, so fair fucks to him. He said a character question in Banquo was long overdue. He predicted pretty much the whole paper. Paper one was dead easy though, cruised through it

  63. Half the country had that paper pretty much predicted, myself included. That’s why I’m so gutted. I’m rote-learning macbeth essays as I type 😛

  64. This is a joke cornors are cut by everyone us and teachers. The teachers give us a fair idea on whats coming up and focus on it and now most of it has come up and more than like it will be completely different like what the fuck stupid c*nt how can u make a f*ck up like its kept in a garda station supervised and all that mombo jumbo and some stupid a**hole takes the rong damn papers i also heard that he didnt report it till AFTER the exam which destroyed any chance of a replace being sent out for tomorrow. I hope he gets what he deserves.

    As for you jennie i really do feel sorry for you being a repeat and having to learn the whole course in one year so you can just about get the bare minimum and now its all go to sh!t. The examiners are being told to mark it easier for us from what im told so i really hope that helps u out and i hope u get what you need stay positive gal it’ll b alright its diff not the end 🙂

  65. Well, every year the results are done by means of a bell curve, The amount of As, Bs, Cs etc must remain relatively constant.
    This means, they’ll have to adjust the marking scheme accordingly so that the same % of w/e grades are gotten.

    All the same, if essays come up on Larkin, Mahon, Rich & Montague or something, and we all write nothing, they can’t give us marks.
    I assume that won’t be happening of course, they’ll hardly ask those 4 poets, but still.

    Also, yes, what an idiotic supervisor. What an idiotic situation.

    FML. Fuck all of our lives, actually.

  66. Nah fuck it, this doesnt bother me in the slightest. Day off 2moro, going to smoke on and chill, revise some maths). How bad that its on saturday, we can spend some more time revising for english, all the same poets and shit are going to be picked anyway. Im just sticking to what i had learned, Keats and Walcott. Oh, and by the way, there is an unwritten rule that an ancient, dead, english and very famous male poet comes up every year. Thats Keats people. And dont come back to me saying “What about Larkin?” It cant be him because he only died in 1985.

  67. yeah i think this is a complete joke,it would only happen in ireland as someone else said!!

    but thinkin on the positive side
    I think the department knew that the original paper would have been a dream paper for most of us, and in this way, it would have probably been marked really hard!
    now that they have to use the back-up and the fact that there is a total outrage about the situation, the examiners will HAVE to take this into consideration!!

    Although it does fuck my study plan for the weekend……Irish is gonna be a bitch!!

    Bishop better still come up……and Macbeth is just soo unpredictable!!

  68. I dunno jennie its quite the sticky situation the stickiest perhaps im just amazed how someone supervising something thts a gateway (not the biggest most important thing ever but important non the less) in our lives can be sucha fuking moron like seriously i dunno what to say but dont worry i shall hunt him down as will many people. but in the mean time try not to worry to much panic makes things worse try keep positive im sure it’ll not be TOO bad 🙂

  69. Well i think everyone should be sending letters of complaint to the examinations commision they majorly fucked up on this like, ive already sent mine, sent it to a few papers too.we had barely twelve hours notice after official confirmation and no press release on why the contingency papers were left in athlone and not in the schools like they shouldve been, majorly pissed off like

  70. rebecca dont you know the things being run by monkeys? they dont tend to have much what would u call it? common sense? ha im only messing ive got nothing against monkeys i know they’d have more sense than this

  71. hahaha just another reason we need a general election eh? Monkeys would manage the country better than these bastards lol

  72. Ah now its a well known fact that theres a factory in louth that manufactures fianna fail policticians hahhahaha

  73. I think I may speak for EVERYONE!!!!!…, especially those of us who are repeating òur exams with the view of achieving a goal… now thanks to the incompitence of the Irish examiner within the Non existent county of Louth…. Blow It UP!!!! any takers please?.. we are all Fuked to high heaven, and to those people who seem to think that by saying well at least its another day to study.. please sit on it, and let me know how long the stress of it is…. fuck off. I cant actually express my true anger at this, the marking scheme for each and everyone of our exams better be fair, as i have personally lost a day of study +rest throughout leading to a very exhausting few days…

    I agree with what one person said we as the canditates should be able to complain and express our outrage at this idiocracy…. Only in Ireland could this happen…..

    Il end with saying best of luck to everyone especially if this is your first time as this i know is a horrible time… and im going through it again, i must be fukn nuts…

    Riot Gear Anyone…..

  74. haha yea vote bananna joe #1 but id prob have to go for micky the monkey hes policies seem to sound and realistic like bananna week once every 4 months and also he’s just so damn tastey on those animal bars hahaha

  75. Toal- Best of luck right back at you. Repeating English is the worst thing EVER, and now for this to be fired on us too? FML.
    It’s a total farce. Will we get in touch with North Korea?

    I’d love an Animal Bar right now. Think I’ve maxed out on chocolate for the night though.

  76. well all i can say anyone who does have to repeat because better not have to pay those rediculous fucking fees there bad enough first time around but im sure u saw them for repeats ITS A FUCKING JOKE they can go play with fucking traffic if the even think about charging us 300 quid or wat ever because some inbred fuk was to busy thinkin of his sister to read something that very clearly says PAPER II ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh TWAT!

  77. #toal we are able to complain!! Its our right like so here ya go everyone no excuse not to let em know what you think of em, time to teach the ill prepared bastards a lesson and nag the shite outta em lol
    [email protected] (the complaints department of the examinations commision)

  78. haha actually north korea doesnt sound like a bad idea jennie perfect timing to haha, ill get u an animal bar jennie u sound like u need besides me n micky are tight im sure hed b well up for it and itd b a great opportunity for him to get some rep with the young adults. oh and yea


    (and finaly to repeat my last comment) TWAT!!

  79. jennie luv forget North Korea, Call the U.S Osama and his merry men just sited at a small town just north westish of dublin.. county goes by name LOUTH!!!!!! Survivors = 0. thanks very much.

  80. thanks for that rebecca…. i write a pretty letter, but there never nice one’s so no better people to get it than the dept of education fukers………

  81. Louth is actually North of Dublin, not really North West. And the superintendent in question probably isn’t even from there, so it sure isn’t Drogheda’s fault.

    I hate to say it, but the fact is that these things happen. It feels like the end of the world right now, but at the end of the day it really isn’t. We’ll all face bigger issues in our lives, believe me.

    Good luck everybody, and I hope everyone gets the credits they deserve.

  82. One other thing, actually – there are bound to be a good few students in Louth going through exactly the same thing who are reading this blog.

    How are they supposed to feel?

    How about some solidarity rather than insulting them, calling them all “inbred” and making psycho threats about blowing them up?

  83. I personally think it’s more fun to blame something as abstract as a county.

    Like, on the bebo that was linked up there: “Cut Louth’s balls off!”


  84. Hehe, ‘Tiffany’. Didn’t know there was anyone in Ireland called that.
    Anyway the Composition is worth 25% of the overall english mark, so you could still pass. My friend left it out too, btw. The clock was an hour slow. He thought he had loads of time.

  85. I’m from America hence the name……so yeah your probably right that no-one is Ireland is called Tiffany LOL……thats good news kinda freaked out lost the plot completely with nerves yesterday!

  86. soo ryt screw da poets wel survive them and comparative should bb kk but macbeth?! losr save us all! any tips? anyone? anyone at all?? 🙁

  87. Ah, I see.
    Well, you need 160/400 marks to pass. (assuming you’re HL. not sure about OL)
    If you spent all your time on Question A and B you probably got fairly high marks for them, so you probably already have about 60-80.
    So even if you only get 50% of the marks for paper 2 (100 marks), you should still scrape a pass and be able to get into college. Not the end of the world. If you do Paper 2 really well, you could even manage a B.

  88. @ Jennie, etc.

    A) the superintendent was most likely not from Louth, so really it’s some other county’s fault.

    B) Drogheda are f*cking tossers anyway; they’re half in Meath, half in Louth. Louth ain’t to blame. Drogheda has had a massacre before, they should be used to it. We won’t miss ’em.

    C) I only studied Longley and deception in Macbeth – I feel cheated of a perfect paper!:(

    D) The papers were written at the same time, the poets COULD be the same.

    E) But incase d fails, study the Irish poets. One of them is bound to come up.

    This fuccckkkkkkkkkkkkks up my history cramming, though. Hello, repeating next year.

  89. relaxxxxxx guys seriously they cannot change the paper that much. they’re not interested in taking marks away from students they just want to make it a level playing field. you know if that paper went ahead and some people didnt do so well, there would be absolute war because people saw it. this happened 3 years ago but they got the stand by papers out in time, bishop was tipped to come up that year: she came up on BOTH the real paper and the stand by and the stand by question ended up being easier so just chill out it’ll all work out!

  90. I don’t get the whole “this has ruined all of my study for every other subject ever” stuff.

    Instead of taking 3 hours to do an exam today, we’re taking three hours to do it on Saturday. What’s the difference?

  91. Can somebody please tell me exactly what was on the ”Louth” paper2 ????
    macbeth questions??

    everyone seems to know, and i just cant find it 🙁 🙁

  92. Before Every1 Starts Jumpin Down My Throat Cuz Im 4m Drogheada..Think??
    …Yhoo All No Dat D Suerviser Is From A Different Area..So Drogheada Is D Last Place 2 Start Putting The Blame On!!!!
    Maybe That Dumbass Is From Your Own Area We Are Going Mad 2 So Gives Us A Break!!
    …Anyway My Friend Got Handed The Paper And This Is Exactly What Came Up

    Macbeth-The Theme Of Deception
    Cultural Context
    Poets:Longly Bishop Keats & Walcott

  93. I think your all crazy..only learning 2 poets is stupid enough anyway theres 8 on the whole course..yea fine an asshole fucked up and didnt follow the rules to have 2 students sign and check the paper and thats bullshit but everyones in the same boat..learn 5 poets and one has to come up..!as for never reading macbeth well thats fuckin stupid..ur repeating and expected to do well by not reading the play on the course that goes for 60 marks?than thats ur own problem your not gettin sympathy from me. fine you only had one year to do the course and that sucks..but theres a reason your repeating and not learning everything is ridiculous!

    Insulting people from louth isnt goin to do anything either..so what? we do the exam on saturday..if you were prepared enough this wouldnt be a problem so stop complaiinin and get on with it…its not the end of the damn world!Jeez..

  94. Niamh you took the words out of my mouth!
    I have absolutely no ties to Louth, in fact i’m a Kildare woman. But generally isn’t the attendant in the exam from another area? It can’t be someone from that exact school. Now i’m not saying they aren’t from Louth, but they could be from anywhere. Cork to Donegal, Dublin to Galway? And this whole “nuke Louth” thing, seriously? Cop on and grow up.
    I understand if you’re angry, and you have the right to vent. But what else can you do?
    The “new” paper will have been set around the same time as the original one won’t it? So the material will basically be the same. If not, highly similar. Maybe Macbeth will have a different theme? Or one of the poets could be changed? (my money’s on Montague for some reason) And Gen. Vison/viewpoint or cultural context can still appear maybe phrased differently? Or one could be taken away and Theme/issue could come up?
    If you are an A1 quality student, you will do A1 quality work. I sympathise with those of you who are repeating it can’t be easy cramming 2 years of work into 1. But you’ve had 3 years of Leaving Cert English prep now, that will stand to you.
    Good luck everyone, try not to freak out.

  95. this blog is funny stuff !!
    but does evry notice that we have a leaving cert tomorow and saturday lol and mayb we shud be studyin lol

  96. hey guys please join this site as i hope to use at is as a sort of petition! i think the government have ignored us long enough with their educational cuts and now this unprofessional move should not be ignored we should speak up and let them know how we really feel! even if the majority can’t vote in our age group in school, i know i certainly can and i’ll tell you one party i will not be voting for! lets hope the next government have a clue!!!!


  97. CRYIN lol wtf…its only a fuckin test jus try ur best nd hope for the best…man up will ye for christ sake..if ur dat upset start a protest sumwhere for fuck sake

  98. @ Sinead.
    WTF?! Who learns five poets?! You might aswell learn all of them while you’re at it! Two poets suffice, you can do three if you are really bothered. I think the fact that almost the whole country’s predictions became a reality speaks for itself.

  99. I rang the hotline this morning and was told by the most condescending woman ever that “it isnt the end of the world my son didnt do his leaving cert and he has a great job” needless to say that ISNT what i wanted to hear considering im repeating.Fucking bastards the lot of em…

  100. right havin had anger motions last night im pretty ok about the whole thing, end of the day its not louth’s fault even doh it was within that region so it seems like the likely thing to do, but we’re all doing this so no matter we’re all in the same boat together, iv gone through much worse in my life, this is only a scratch. so apologies to all those from louth NOT UR FAULT, and the best of luck to everyone, its not going to change much.

  101. Dont worry people
    It is going to be a very similar paper to the “Louth” one.
    Probely 3 out of the 4 poets or maybe even all 4 again.
    Instead of theme of deception it might be appearance v reality which is pretty much the same, with an outside chance of theme of kingship, and character question on lady m or Duff man.
    CC and GVV will both come up again.
    So, just learn all the same shit you were a couple of days ago, with the extra time you might get a better mark then you would have if this whole fiasco hadnt happened.

  102. “Save your anger, outrage and dismay until after the Leaving Certificate examination. All are justified, but you will waste precious time and energy if you insist on giving voice to them now. Adjust intelligently. Adapt. Minimise the disruption. Concentrate on preparation.”

    to quote my english teacher Jim Lusby.

  103. It is aload of cock how the perfect paper came up for everyone and now its just gone, but seriously life moves on, theres sweet fuck all any one can do now so my advise would be to get over it and move on…My friend rang that helpline that was set up & this is what he was told:
    Firstly the contingency paper was set at the same time as the normal paper, the quaestions will vary between the two papers but the material on it can be the same. For example they might only change the questions in poetry and maybe change one or two poets, and set a different theme for macbeth..The differences aren’t major. Secondly he mentioned that paper 2 will now be marked MUCH EASIER!! The commission informs the examiners not to mark it to hard because of the changes, stress etc etc so maybe theres hope after all..

    *Derek Walcott has an extremley high chance of appearing again as as far as i know, this his first year on the course, so that makes him the first black poet, funny how that would appear in the same year as the first black american president??..I’ll say no more…
    *This is also Elizabeth Bishops FINAL year on the leaving cert course..
    *Macbeth, bit unpredictable if you ask me, but feel it will be something similar to deception, also maybe kingship or appearence vs reality..but I’m not a hundred percent..
    *Cultural Context, I can’t see them changing it, maybe theme/issue will come up, but if you’ve done Circle of Friends, Philadelphia Here I come & Cinema Paradiso..pick the theme of leaving home and u can then drag cultural context in to it..

    Hope i helped some of you!!:):)

  104. i actually dont know what way to take this
    we didnt cover rich i only know bishop and walcott and cultural context
    i actually cant hold back the tears this has caused unbelievable amounts of stress i put so much work into what i know and i was aiming for an A now i dont even think i can muster up a D
    some teacher text into spin talk saying that we should have taken our techers advice and studied all the poems BUT HELLO WHO LEARNS 5 POETS MACBETH CULTURAL CONTEXT AND GENERAL VISION AND VIEW PIONT????
    my teacher actually say and i quote “its a waste of time to know all 5 poets your better off picking 3 and focusing on your other questions”
    AND on RTE radio 1 a superintendant was saying that some people are not available for saturday
    but i got news that the examinations commisions is sending out study guidlines because of stress
    i think they should ,at this stage, just hold it untill the end of the LC make it the last exam

  105. Louise, just stick with bishop and walcott, one of the them will come up.And cultural context should work out for you too. If you feel you have to add another poet, go for keats and glance over GVV just to be sure.

  106. ok now that i’ve had a few deep breaths
    hey were all going to do great 😀
    cause if you think about it
    for most of the questions you can just change a few words here and there in your answer to fit the question
    for macbeth if you know the story line and have a bank of some popular quotes you’ll be perfectly fine 🙂
    for CC or GV/VP their basically the same thing 😛 just know your headings and know your key moment yokes 😛
    but i dont know what to tell you for the poetry
    and unseen poem.. like come on thats gonna be piss 🙂

    what am i doing on this i should be studying :O
    best of luck to everyone in maths tomorrow 😀

    atleast the weather is crap now
    talk about timing 😛

  107. They should just not test us on paper 2 and mark us out of 100 percent on paper 1. Im sure nobody will object to that

  108. EMM I DO 😛
    i didnt do my best on paper 1
    and my friend came out crying
    so not a great idea 😛

  109. HaHa, in Tralee here, has to be one of the hottest days yet, i like revising outside, its chillin

  110. Thanks Gavin. Never been so angry in my life, heres a txt I got :

    K,a number of things about the contingency paper on saturday. Firstly the contingency paper was set at the same time as the normal paper. The questions will vary between the two paper but the material on it can be the same. For example, they might only change the questions in poetry and set a different theme for Macbeth. But the differences aren`t major he said secondly paper 2 will be marked easier. The state examination commission informs examiners not to mark it harly because of the changes so they will be marked muich easier….Mayb theres hope after all

    (Im still furious)

  111. hey i heard that the exam people might not have changed the topics such as the poets that came up, they might just have changed the question.
    and also they will tell the correctors to go easier with correcting the paper because im sure they know the amount of stress that is on us right now.
    but that is just what i heard so dont go by it but here’s hoping coz that was a deadly paper!!!!

  112. RTE planning to release Study Guidelines for students this evening.

    Don’t know how helpful it’ll be, but it might help 🙂

  113. Ya Jeni your right, im going to go do a couple of Maths Qs . Later people, Good luck getting the points you need.

  114. Best of luck to all you leaving cert students. Keep Calm and Carry On! You will all be fine.

    The person who handed out that paper should be fired. Or, certainly relieved of their duties wrt the leaving immediately. I remember from my Leaving Cert that the plastic envelopes of exam papers were all extremely clearly labelled and they also had to be signed by two students who witnessed that the exam papers were sealed when removed from the metal trunk. Is that still how it works? Do the exam papers still have a top page with “Leaving Certificate English Paper II 2009” written on them with nothing else other than time instructions? Which further compounds the error. After ignoring the envelope label and removing the papers, the supervisor still managed to not notice English Paper II as he/she handed them out? If that is the case, then the exam supervisor and the two students are clearly unable to distinguish labels. Was this a school for the visually impared?

  115. geography shouldnt be too hard…. you have done 20% of the exam already
    its hard to predict what will come up in geography becuase most places do diff stuff beacuse of the optional section and choice in the electives.
    for patterns and processes in the physical environment make sure ya know:
    1.surface processes, patterns and landforms
    2.people’s interaction with surface processes
    3.ordance survey maps (always come up)
    4.plate techtonics (know the theories of plate techtonics, continental drift and sea-floor spreading
    5.volcanoes, earthquakes and lanforms

    regional geography
    1. contrasting regions in ireland and europe
    2.economic, cultural and political processes interact within regions
    3.the future of the EU
    4.changing boundaries in language regions
    5.urban growth and city regions
    6.changing political boundaries and cultural groups

    know a fair majority of that stuff and you’re flyin:)
    good luck!!:)

  116. whoever said that it should be held back to the last exam, don’t be stupid..people will have made plans for holidays, jobs etc. Examiners, inspectors & supervisors will have made plans for the summer, it wouldn’t be possible for it to be held till after june 19th.

    Get a life, seriously the exam isnt going to be much different. the more ure panicing the more you won’t study so just get on with it. u cannot change what happened by bitching!

  117. no one knows…..
    hard to know whether the paper is slightly diff or completely diff….
    i know someone who saw continency papers before and said some were completly different and others were quite the same with diff questions….

  118. i really hope bishop and the cultural context stay on anyway…that first paper would have been my dream paper

  119. a woman has to come up and there is only 2 on the course… bishop and rich if ya know both them well then you should be grand!
    an irish poet has to come up and theres 3 on the course mahon, longley and montague.
    ideally you should study 5 poets and one is deff to come up! study 6 as a back up if you dont like the other questions

  120. ahh 6 poets…..i focused on 2 amin ones kaets and bishop and had mahon as a back up….i wonder i there any chance they will mark the texts easier

  121. study 6 poets??? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHA!!!!
    thats one of the craziest things ive ever heard you must be on crack

  122. ya they shouldn’t have been there in the first place and it might not have been that superintendant that brought them papers into the exam hall some other fool probably picked out the wrong box

  123. They should just leak saturdays paper too and make it easier for everyone…

    “To the children, to a bewildered wife,
    I think ‘sorry missus’ was what he said”

    ~ Micheal Longley

    I wonder if the ‘superintendient’ that opened the wrong paper even apologized publicly?

  124. A few things. You want an A1 but you’ve never read MacBeth which is on the exam, have you even watched the film version? You covered two poets? you need to at least know some of teh others in general, i had to recall Shakespeare’s sonnets for my leaving when none of my 3 main poets came up. And you can only write on cultural context, come off the stage. An A1 in English is unbelievably hard to get and you were skimping to start with so it wouldn’t even be fair for you to get one. You need to battle your way through these exams and often its the hard work over the years, slogging through material which gets you through when you have to really recall stuff from the depth of your memories. Good luck though, i just think you cant complain that you gambled and lost

  125. i didnt study 6!
    i studied 3! no way would i be able to study 6 lol but ideally thats what ya shoulda done!
    they will deff be markin it easier cos of the extra stress etc.
    i think that walcott and bishop could come up again… walcotts first year and bishops last

  126. Heres some advise people. After an exam if you are asked to comment by a radio station or newspaper, tell them it was unbelievably difficult and you think you might of failed. This is how exams get marked easier, thanks to some dumbass students that all said the one yesterday was easy, its now going to be marked way harder. Come on people, if we work together we can beat this leaving cert thingy

  127. aparently the two papers the real and the continency are made on teh same day by 2 different people
    and these people do not talk to each other or interact in any way
    so there is a chance that they are similar
    i would say roughly the same poets will come up
    or atleast i hope so

    “stress will kill you, not the leaving”

  128. I jus tink all of ye sud jus take a chill pill! fukin losers! im da same I jus fukin put up wit it!

  129. emmmmmm why is everyone so convinced that cultural context will come up???????

    i will cry if gv/vp doesnt come up!!!!!!!!

  130. I'M_not_DOIN_d_LC

    I’m not even doin d LC dis year i am doin d JC n dat is stressful,however,i beleive d LC is harder(obviously) but dis is d last ting any1 wants on this short notice!!!
    but all i can say is gud look 2 every1 doin d LC and d JC!!!!!!;)

  131. o dear holy mother of fuck!
    im actually freakin out,
    iv shit enough bricks to build a shed at this stage, this soooooooo isn fair.

  132. Yeah, it sucks. Emerald did a good job at calming everyone down, still had an almost nervous breakdown today. Keep thinking that I messed up the essay. If the corrector is going to be one of those lovey dovey Cecilia Ahern reading people, she’ll fail me, big time. Why didn’t I do a modern fairy story, that fitted the tittle perfectly? Why oh Why? [the doily(sorry, just had to)]
    So yeah, now I’m merry on medication, ready to make a mess out of Maths paper 1.
    Would someone just kill me please??
    Hell, it feels great to get it all out 🙂

  133. Tbh im not surprised everything happens to our flippin year like!!
    soo dreadin doin it now 2 moro had bishop, deception nd cultural context well learnt..:( tbh tho im glad were doin it dis week rather than next..just wanna get it over with at this stage like!
    everyones freaking out but chances are the same poets will show up again…hopefully! I think its really stupid the studentsput it all over the internet like..hello keep it 2 urself nd get a high grade!
    well its over and done with now..think about it 52,000 people are going through this freak out too!! well lads good luck tomoro nd hopefully the paper is pretty much the same 🙂

  134. ahhh theres nothing better than a good bit of macbeth on a saturday morning 😛 just what i need to start my day
    lads it sucks
    big time
    we are all pissed off
    but we just have to stop ranting and get on with the leaving
    in the end of the day we cant blame the country and the supervisor if we get bad results its us who wont get our courses ! its us who will suffer
    so come on guys
    lets show the government how the leaving cert is really done 😛

  135. ps
    in my opinion
    i think study for paper 2 as if none of this ever happend
    pretend you dont know what came up
    ya your taking a risk
    but we were all taking a risk anyways before we heard about this

  136. o stop fucking whinging twill be grand i havent done any study either but is not the end of the world poets probably similar jus different questions cop on stop lookin at this and actually study you clowns

  137. k everyone inmy school is sayin tat both paper are made at d same time and tat they are prepared seperaty by to seperate examiners with no confering therefore i eleive that they both would have followed the predictions and looked at recent every paper has to have an irish poet and a women rich was up last year so odds for bishop are still high bot examiners prob idnt even know which paper woud be used!:)xx

  138. oh one more thing why are people on here till two and three in the morning no wonder ur stressed

  139. If you’re repeating then you had three years to prepare. You’re in a better situation than the rest of us. Many poets from this year were on last year as well. And you should know Theme and Issue from last year. You haven’t read Macbeth??? You don’t deserve an A1. I wouldn’t want to be treated by a doctor as lazy as you clearly are….good luck in you exams.

  140. What’s with the Jennie hating?
    Taking your stress out here doesn’t help anyone.

    Because CLEARLY if she was treating you, she’d need to be able to recite Macbeth beforehand. There’s the qualities of a good doctor.

    Wouldn’t necessarily know T&I depending on the texts that came up this year – they’re not the same every year.
    Don’t see why you’d reallllly need to read MB if you can get the general gist and learn off essays.
    As for the poets, they may have been some of the same ones, but those same ones are very unlikely to come up.

    She didn’t have 3 years to prepare for English.

  141. Jason- I had to prepeare differnt texts for Comparative. I had poets covered from last year- but what good are Rich and Mahon now? I also did Plath and Boland last year. They’re of no use to me.
    As for Macbeth, yes. I am lazy. I’m not interested in Shakespearean literature… I’m interested in the likes of Maths & Science. Actually, and Irish…
    Anyway, good luck in your exams too.

    Aoife- Thank you! 🙂

  142. In all fairness, even if the students in Louth hadn’t blabbed it all over the internet the exam would of still been changed. Once the superintendant realised he’d distributed the wrong paper he’d of had to of notified someone and the students were hardly going to sit quiet and not take paper one. So yeah, it doesn’t really make a difference that it was leaked, it just makes people go “awh I totally had that covered”.
    Anyway, good luck tomorrow everyone.

  143. Ya know the superintendent DIDN’T even notify anyone that the mistake had been made ? A parent that evening rang the school and was like ”hey what’s the story with all this paper two malarky ?” LOL . Yeah,that kind of annoyed me the way a lot of people said it would have been a walk in the park paper. Obviously you would think that now that,being aware of the topics ! Silly . Yes I second that,good look everyone 🙂

  144. Hey guys,

    I know im not doing my Leaving Cert but i just wanted to say how f*cking angry i would be, fuck irelands education system! Bastards….always the same story what a f*cking shambles.

    Best of Luck guys…try and do your best. 😀

    Try not to worry, be happy. xx

  145. I like the way everyone is so screwed now seemingly and instead of studying everyone goes on the internet. Believe me you will all do fine, the results this year will be in line with those of last year, fuck ups like this will be taken into account when the exams are being corrected. I repeated my LC also so I know the stresses with trying to cover everything (when I did it the whole Geography course was changed). You might not believe me right now but this exam is really and truly not the most important set of exams in your life. They lead onto the most important exams, they are a stepping stone and can lead in a variety of directions and even if you do not get the results you hoped for there is always a way to get into the course you truly wish to do. I have just finished my Degree and there are some new courses available now that were not there when I did my LC. Even if it takes you and extra year or two to get the course you really want, I say great college rocks and wherever you go make the most of it. Anyway try not to get too stressed out and best of luck this morning and with the rest of your exams.

  146. d fukn paper was the same as the original that should have been given out on thursday. load a bolix dunno if im angryer now. cos it wasted 2 days of our study by rescheduling it wen it was basically d same exam. they cud hav given it on thursday

  147. Pro-Louth Movement

    “It was like being spit at by a sheep”

    Sorry luv, I think u’ve already forfeited ur A1. Get the fuck over it, everyone was in the same boat, worst things hav happened, we’re all still alive.

    God help ur future patients if u get this out of control over a cancelled exam. Grow up a bit, eh.

  148. I didn’t realise they had the internet in Louth.

    Actually, Louth guy, I can’t see why not. It was a light-hearted article, and sheep-spitting filled that requirement.

  149. Pro-Louth Movement

    If u must kno i reside in cork, but am so fed up with all this bitching at louth that i hav grown rather accustomed to the place.
    To be honest, the guy did me a favour as i had nothing done on deception.

    Yeah, okay, whatever, we can live with it now its over.

  150. Fed up with the bitching?
    I still think it’s rather hilarious tbh. Especially the Facebook/ Bebo Groups. Oh, mercy.

    i was so happy
    all the stress just completely fell off my shoulders when i opened the paper
    everyone in my center was so happy 😀
    im truly thrilled
    i actually cant stop smiling

    only down side is im wrecked and finding it hard to study for next weeks exams

  152. can people stop with the abusive replies
    if you have problems with what people are saying
    just ignore it….
    which is what i should do 😛
    but come on we dont need this right now
    we have enough stress as it is
    yeah people have their own opinions so what
    your ment to be adults now

  153. I haven’t read any more comments really but I feel I may have contributed to the negative atmosphere up in hee-yah.

    Sorry guys. I was in a real bad mood yesterday.

    Obviously that apology will immediately fix the problem because I am like, sooo important that God himself stops to listen.

    (Note: That last part was tongue-in-cheek for those of you — and I know there’s a few — who suck ass at like, life. Well, really just human interaction. But that’s such an integral part of life it’s probably easier just to say ‘life’. If you got that I was being tongue-in-cheek than this patronising part isn’t directed at you. If you didn’t get it, well, you probably don’t know what ‘patronising’ means either so it’s moot.)

    (Note2: If you don’t know what patronising means, that does not necessarily mean you’re stupid. It’s a confusing word, because it means the opposite of what it technically should)

    (Note3: I’m not apologising for being mean to anyone, just that I was mean. Usually I’m a lot more mocking and dismissive of assholes, rather than engaging them directly in a flame war, which just ain’t my style.)

    (Note4: I also mock people I like, but it’s more good-natured. Sometimes a little hard to tell what with the internet. Generally, assume I’m smiling as I’m writing stuff, unless I say otherwise. Actually that last part’s probably pretty important)

    (Note5: That is all)

    (Note6: Don’t do drugs, kids. It makes you boring)

  154. Pro-Louth Movement

    Louise, if my comments are stressing u out, by all means just ignore them.

    Yeah, I agree wiv u, i think people shud grow up and i think they should realize we’re all receiving a free education that helps us to better our future lives. So what, someone fucked up, hasn’t happened since 69, we’re jus a fluke year.

    As I said, I think we’re all a bit too spoilt in this country. We still got to sit the exam at a mild inconvenience. Worse things hav happened.

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