English Paper One – Meh

Well that was under-whelming. I don’t know what I envisaged today as being but it certainly wasn’t that ordinary. Then again I’m being pretty unceremonious about this whole leaving cert thing, I’m finding it hard not to be so laid back actually. Today started like any other school day for me, albeit minus my former “ugh I hate school grr life sucks” attitude. I really did hate school.

Bless my family, they’re more “excited” abut the whole thing than I am. There won’t be a sausage left in the house by Friday if my mom insists on making such an elaborate breakfast every morning. When I got to school things were yet again, pretty normal. No freaking out, or as far as I could see anyways. I even ended up going for a pre-exam jog with a friend. Not too sure why really.

So the paper itself was pretty ordinary, the higher level theme was “decisiveness” as far as I could tell, anyone do the pass paper? I hope it was as run of the mill as the one I did. So text 1 was a debate type yoke for and against the closing of zoos, personally I think zoos are a cruel way of making money, and so I sided with the Alliance for Animals chick for the most part. I did spend a tad too long on this section though, I find it hard to write less really. My part (i) was pages and pages long, despite the fact that it was worth a mere 15 marks. Part (ii) consisted of a debate in which I pretty much tore up Veronica Chrisp’s argument, which wasn’t hard to do as it read more like an ad for Dublin Zoo rather than a persuasive argument. Part (iii) was your typical ‘features of persuasive writing’ question, I invented at least two features.

I did the part B from text 2, which was a speech to parents persuading them to trust their older teenagers to make their own decisions, which was basically a few mismatched anecdotes and trite phraseology, hopefully that’ll work out for me. As for the composition, it’s 100 marks, 50% of paper 1…and I did mine in about an hour. Oops. I still wrote loads though. I did the short story with a photograph central to the plot, and I’m just the teeniest bit worried that I re-wrote the Desperate Housewives episode that I watched before bed last night. Let’s hope the corrector isn’t a fan. I’ve heard that it’s easy to distinguish one’s gender by the way they write, if this is true then whoever corrects my essay will think I’m gender-confused as a teenage boy narrated my story. That should be fun for them.

So all in all English paper 1 went just as I expected, nothing too exciting. Apparently half the country was banking on some recession-orientated essay, I hope that didn’t throw too many people off. Luckily there was no trite “what it feels like to be a young person” composition title either. Nope, the only exciting thing that happened today was my mother falling into the garden pond, which happened about ten minutes ago and was beyond hilarious.

I’m off to dissect paper two, and learn ten more ways of saying “similarly” for the comparative.


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  1. you make me laugh… ( i mean that in the coolest of ways)….
    english paper 2 demain…. uuugggghhhh! …that should suck…. i cant write a comparative question to save my life! hahaha
    gud luck!

  2. I did 1A and 2B too…

    I imagine doing something else will go down well with examiners Liam. They’ll be sick of our “let us make our own decisions” rants, and will favour reading anything else ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I was about to say the same thing Aoife did. Maybe we all wrote them fantastically, and the examiners won’t even read our answers after a while. We’ll just get automatic A1’s ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. omg!!!! i thought i went lovely BUT for the zoo questions on the features . . i kinda did that wrong . . i didnt really get it cause our teacher is a fool and doesnt explain that stuff so i just found bloody sentances in the comprehension and said why i found them effective in like a persuasive or argumentative way . . . sketch . . . that really bad???
    please saaaaay no hahahaha

  5. I done all the same questions as u but my 2 b was a bit rushed as i started with my essay but still got 2 pages for it so not to pushed bout it ….. was an easier paper than the mocks!!!

  6. Ahh, I see.
    In that case, clearly all our answers will stand out from the mundane mess that is the rest of them, and shall be rewarded with high marks accordingly ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Did the exact opposite. 1B, 2A.

    I actually have some experience with film scripts (as in, I’ve done some research into how to write them. I’m not a movie star or anything) so I couldn’t resist. Plus I hate letters and ‘personal essays’ (i.e. rants). It’s a bit risky

    The Question A on the australian town was a bit laboured though. Just chucked in everything I could think of without too much higher thought.

  8. You did the opposite? You are destined to fail.

    That Australian thing put me to sleep so I just avoided it.

  9. meant to say “it’s a bit risky I guess, but I probably would have bolloxed up the other Bs anyway so it’s a moot point”

  10. I figured after writing such an awesome short story that I should then analyse a short story, to give me the opportunity to subtly comment on my own, and give the sense that I knew what I was doing.
    Didn’t work out so well. Mostly made up crap

  11. I really regret not doing the personal essay. My first ever attempt at a speech was extremely dodgy. I just threw in “ladies and gentlemen” a lot. Bleh.

  12. Nice tactic Emerald/Joe/John/Mary/Clint Eastwood. It might have worked out ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liam your lazy examiner will see the “ladies and gentlemen”, say “aha! correct register” and you’ll get an automatic A1

    My career as a corrector will be short lived.

  13. I didn’t even throw it in a couple of times, just Ladies and Gentlemen at the start. That is all. And I hesitated over that much…

    I have no idea what text 2 or 3 were about. I picked my B, then saw the Zoo and thought, I’ll take that one. I don’t remember seeing anything about Australia…

  14. Text B was all about Australia, the hunting thing. If you only did B then you didn’t need to know that

    Sounds like I’ve died Liam :O

    I should put that on my CAO: CKcorrector

    Beats arts anyway

  15. Thank God. I was wondering if “Ladies and gentlemen” was even the accepted form of address for a speech, or if it was just for sleazy entertainers.

    Ok, I’m dumping Paper I now. Goodbye.

  16. Ladies and gentlemen is perfectly correct

    Let’s be happy now

    Nine exams to go



  17. Ladies and gentlemen please
    Would you bring your attention to me?
    It’s a feast for your eyes to see
    An explosion of catastrophe

    I think we’re the only people self-sabotaging and/or invested enough to actually care about this site at this point.

    At least it’s a time-saver, ’cause when everyone asks “how the exams going?” I can just verbally link them here.

    I wonder how long it will be before your iphone can pick up spoken web addresses and enter them in. Maybe even pick up conversation topics and display informative links to liven the discussion…

    Bah, getting side-tracked.

  18. Yeah I love how we’re the only people on here. Doesn’t deter me from writing one bit! Although not many people comment, the view count is waaaay up lately ๐Ÿ˜€

    Comment mofo’s

    Give us more reason to procrastinate

  19. For some reason the minute i started my speech with Ladies and Gentlemen all i could think of for the next half hour was the Ladles and Jellyspoons poem we learned in primary school. Very helpful.

  20. Any hints for tomorrow you guys?
    Im really banking on Longely at the moment. Lets just hope theres no big suprises in store for us tomorrow. I’m off to study

    peace out comrades


  21. LOL Christine. Sounds like my type of poem…you just reminded me. There’s unseen poetry on English 2. Ah bollox.

    It’s not visible on the site, Emerald, Kevin will tell you if you want to know ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. o yeah… i don’t think i even did the unseen poem in the pres. I have this problem with daydreaming… The personal essay would have been perfect for me… except i didn’t see it until 3 pages into my rant about the educational system ruining my experience of education ;P

  23. any one else getting the ‘zOmgZ the paper leekd’ or ‘sum skool wz givn the wrong ppr’ texts yet?
    apparently Hamlet’s coming up. just a warning

  24. My thought were that it was a fairly do-able paper… 1A, 2B and the short story on an important decision were my choices…

    Pretty grand, went on a bit with the part B, wasn’t sure on format like so I just blasted through

    Thanks to Emerald’s advice on one of his posts, learning the plot of an old short story worked wonders…

    I thought the B’s were a bit odd, so could have thrown some off, but all in all I think the hard stuff will come tomorrow sadly

  25. Did anyone do the T3 QB about the photography exhibition? I hate speeches and the talking animals thing freaked me out so it sounded about right! You were able to direct it whatever way you wanted really, e.g. teenage drinking and Barack Obama, so it was grand, suprised more people didn’t do it to be honest!

  26. I did the animal speech one!! i have to say it was freeking hallerious!!!

    male lion was all hung up becase his sexy queen of the jungle has decided to move to the zoo!
    so him and this meercat thing make a plann to make her not go! and the meercat thing is a total stoner!!(i didnt say he was but its implyed so i hope i dont lose marks!)

  27. oh yeh and in home ec( more like hoe ec!) they asked a Q where u had to plan a vegan menu use quorn mince emphasis on the VEGAN!!!

    quorn is made fron egg white!!!!VEGANS DONT EAT EGGS!!!!!!!!!!

    WTF!! i added in that they dont eat eggs just in case it was a trick!!! now im worried there guna think im a smart ass who thinks they know more than them!!!

    *im having a total freek out!!*

  28. the white bit of eggs is suitable for vegans cos it contains no meat or anything…. i found that out a few days ago, cos i was like “how is it possible to have a vegan omelette?!?!”

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