Essential leaving cert history revision

Just incase you haven’t heard this before. This is an excellent 101 minute podcast from on the Irish Leaving Cert History curriculum. Some of the panel have been involved with designing the leaving cert curriculum so these guys know what you should be writing. The podcast focuses on the leaving cert history exam on Wednesday 16th of June and discusses student concerns about the exam.

They discuss how to prepare for the exam and how to best use past exam papers and writing exam answers! They also share the tips and tricks on how to do well in the exam. Topics discussed are the compulsory section on Northern Ireland and they talk about the apprentice boys, the sunningdale agreement and the coleraine university controversy. There is also a section on coping with exam pressures. Just click on the play button below to listen.

The podcast includes full contact details for but you can contact them in relation to this podcast on: [email protected] This 101 minutes might just help you pass the 2010 leaving cert history exam.

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