Exam Checklist

It’s amazing the amount of people who turn up to  maths exam without a calculator, or any exam without a pen. Or maybe one pen, one colour that they’ve been using all year long or just found in the hall outside. Don’t be one of those people – have everything prepared and have backups of everything.

photo credit: fras1977

  • Calculator (ideally a reserve calculator too)
  • Pencil
  • Sharpener (and a holder to hold all the sharpening stuff)
  • Eraser (ok then, call it a rubber!)
  • Pens (as many as possible – in as many different colours as psosible)
  • Pen grip to stop your fingers sweating
  • Ruler (a proper one, not one that you got out of a packet of cereal)
  • Bottle of water
  • Packet of sweets (or something like that in case you need energy)
  • Watch
  • Clock (to have sitting beside you on the table)

If you can think of anything else, drop us a comment below and i’ll add it to the list! It goes without saying that you physically need to take your body and your brain in to the exam hall too 😉

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