Exams versus Continuous Assessment

If you check out our polls section you’ll see we have a poll called: What type of exams do you prefer? Currently 67% of voters have went for continuous assessment, with 26% going for exams and the remaining 7% of you just don’t care. Thanks everyone for voting by the way!

photo credit: A.K. Photography

67% is a high percentage and I wonder how many of you have really thought about this one before voting. Has the fact that exams are getting closer by the minute made you biased towards assessment. Think about it, exams are a one of solution where you can cram last minute and still get what you want. If you’re doing continuous assessment and you’ve been lazy for the last 2 years, you’d be in serious trouble right now!

However some of you may learn better by doing continuous assessment. Imagine have 7 or 8 continuous assessment projects though (one for each subject). What would you do if you were expected to do lots of the work at home in your own time. I can’t help thinking that a lot of you were just thinking you’d rather not have to do these exams in June more than anything!

As well as possibly learning more another benefit of continuous assessment may be to prepare you better for college in September 2010 as you’ll probably be doing loads of coursework next year.

Continuous assessment does sound like a nice option but if you had the choice to start it not or start studying for June I think the exams might be your best option. Anyone changing their minds?

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