Exams.. YAY!

Can you believe its just over 4 weeks left…?


Its brilliance at its best. Amazingness. A reason to live even! … Okay, so a little over the top.. but can you tell I’m excited?

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m actually starting to enjoy school more and more as its nearly over. I found myself not wanting to leave maths class, hell yeah, I was really stuck into my Paper 2, Question 2, questions on the line. I freaking LOVE the line questions. But maybe its because its pretty damn easy?

I can’t wait for May to come. For two reasons, the finishing school, and finding out what I got in my portfolio.

For those of you who have never experienced a “Portfolio”, its usually done for colleges to get into courses for Art & Design, Photography, Graphic Design, etc.. which is submitted to the college around March/April. My portfolio was for Photography which can be seen here:http://amysdeadpeas.deviantart.com or On Bebo.

The results of your portfolio are usually issued April/May and these points go along with your leaving cert to get into the course you want.

I could have done ridiculously bad, and could fall into a massive hole of depression right before my leaving cert. But at that stage I doubt I’ll care. Theres always the option of a PLC course. Or selling my photos in galleries. Theres always more than one option, but thats what parents and teachers don’t want to make clear to you because “The Leaving Cert is the way to go!!!”.

Freedom, here I come…!

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