Feelings are for Girls

Ah the last week of school is finally here. If I ever see Messrs Sin, Cos or Tan (probably when my kids are doing Space Maths… on the Moon…in the non- Leaving Cert. Enda Kenny will abolish, according to Valerie’s last post..) I can bid them good day and tell them how I Pythagoras’d their mother all night long, and I only used her for points and matriculation purposes.

Inevitably discussion turns to The Future. Will we get what we want in August? Will we still keep in touch when we go our separate days? Will we actually miss school? To be honest, our education system is probably the greatest babysitting service ever for some. We all love wandering the corridors at some point and not being held accountable at all as students. It’s great- and it’s probably what I’ll miss the most. Those earlier days before exams and mocks and projects and middle-aged men and women harping on about “working harder”- these are the times I’d rather not remember. The late-night exam paper work because of stupid Scrubs ruining my study routine (7-8pm, E4+1, Sky Channel 138 I believe…)

But, on a productive note, those wonderful folks at Vodafone have taken my Internet connection to God knows where and I’m resorting to other methods of posting, so sorry about the delay.

So, will you feel that pang of sadness leaving? Personally, I’ll miss the free classes with that one type of crazy teacher, the crazy classmates… Damn, I’m starting to well up.

Make it a good week ๐Ÿ˜‰

5 thoughts on “Feelings are for Girls”

  1. *sobs uncontrollably*
    ….I miss it already!

    Nah, not really though.
    Been getting WOEFULLY emotional these days though. Seriously. Suppose it goes with the territory. Not sure if crying watching the Late Late Show constitutes as acceptable LC behaviour though… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    An-ways, g’luck with graduations everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Louise Holden of the Irish Times here – tried to contact the site directly but can’t get reply – I’m looking for a little help from your six bloggers for something I’m doing on our Leaving Cert coverage – need their top ten tunes to get you through the exams. I need one top ten a day for a week – so if each was prepared to put something together for me it would be great. Let me know if it’s on. Thanks a million, Louise

    1. Yeah Louise, that’s cool with me, maybe we could spread it out among each blogger? If you can get your email address to Kevin I can send you a list every few days, or text you one if you pass on your number.

      Haha Orla absolutely anything that isn’t study seems to be cool these past few months…

  3. i love this!!
    thats definitely what i’m gonna miss the most, wandering the corridors, running behind the principal so he won’t run into you while creating as much havoc as possible!
    i loved my last week!particularly my last daY!and sure i’ll miss the place but theres plenty of things to do next year to keep the schoolsick pangs at bay!

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