Fellow students, welcome.

Fellow unmotivated students (and motivated). I’d like to welcome you all to our new website leaving-cert.net, those of you reading this have found the website which has not yet been launched. We hope to have everything ready by this coming weekend.

Who’s running the show?

This project will be run by Colin Lowry, Kevin Holler and Amy Flynn. We are all in different schools, Kevin coming from a mixed and Colin coming from an all boys school and Amy from an all girls convent. We, like many of you are just as unmotivated and confused about this leaving certificate. So we have decided to make a blog, documenting our progress from this coming weekend right up to the leaving certificate in June.

All with a touch of humour and a sprinkle of truth. The kind of truth that the Department of Education, parents and even teachers try to ignore. Truth being, that there is quite a number of students out there who are uncaring and unmotivated about this whole leaving certificate.

Our goal?

Our aim is to provide you all with a little insight into the lives of leaving certificate students and what they get up to, while keeping you all entertained of course. So if you’re feeling the pressure of the leaving certificate, get on the internet, read our stuff and relax.

You’re not alone :-]

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