Freaking Out

I just found out that English Paper 2 is cancelled tomorrow because of a leak in Louth. English paper 2. My dream paper with Longley, Bishop, Walcott, Cultural Context and Deception and Banquo for Macbeth. The specific paper I’ve been studying towards for the past few months. I feel like most of my work has gone down the toilet. What do I study now? It’s possible that maybe one or some of Walcott, Longley and Bishop will come up, and I have Theme and Issue prepared as well as Cultural Context- but what about Macbeth? I had a Banquo essay all prepared.

I have no idea about other years and whether the new paper was completely different to the old one or just a slight variation of questions. When I panicked on the phone to my friend she calmed me down a bit by assuring me the same types of questions would come up, just worded somewhat differently.

I’m at a loss. I studied what I did becase of predictions based on past exam papers, and had I sat the Paper 2 tomorrow it would have paid off. Now everything’s up in the air; I don’t know what to study, can I fit in the entire English course into one night?

I don’t even know if English will be on tomorrow, or whether it’s cancelled. RTE says it’s cancelled to be rescheduled, but other sources say it might be on still. What if I wake up tomorrow and it’s 1 o clock and I’ve missed paper two just like my dream? The same friend who calmed me down also told me she heard that it might be on the 22nd, which would give me time to collect myself, but at times like these, rumours tend to be fairly rampant and I don’t know who to believe.

The leaked English paper would have been my saviour, especially after the mediocrity of today’s paper 1. I see my dreams of doing medicine next year galloping off into the sunset…

UPDATE: It’s just been announced that English Paper 2 has been rescheduled to Saturday Morning at 9.30…

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  1. Same, I’m feeling all light-headed and freaked out and like i’m gonna faint or vomit or something. haven’t done keats either and like, will it be the same poets or will they do something freaky and change it around??
    Apparently (9pm news) it’s postponed – hopefully that means we don’t have to do a radically different paper tomorrow.

  2. I still think that is complete rubbish about all them coming up! The exam may have been leaked but I doubt all that was on it! As you say rumours are rampant at the moment!

  3. that was my dream come true paper keats and deception!!

    now what am i going to do!!
    i hope to fuck keats is still on! im banking on it!!!

  4. if the leaving cert didn’t drive me insane a few months ago then this would push me over the edge, thankfully im at a point where this makes me feel faintly amused and sick at the same time, in a detached sort of way

  5. Anyone else thinking this means they’ll mark it beautifully to make it up to us? Could be the best thing that ever happened.

  6. Today? Saw us in there yesterday alright. They’ll probably have a huge thing on this CATASTROPHE tomorrow.

  7. Can you believe this!!!! My maths teacher said that they prob will change the poets because its a contingency paper, so it will be a completely different paper!!!! Is anyone else tearing their hair out????!!!!

  8. Just heard, longley, keats, bishop and walcott were on original paper, along with macbeth deception and cultural context

  9. well…. this sucks! i prepared literally onli longley, banquo and cultural context…. what are the chances?? … the leaked paper wudda been unreal like!!! BALLS!!!

  10. it was my dream paper too, except i did keats instead of walcott. i honestly can’t believe this! i really am at a loss. i focused on the three poets and the same macbeth and comparative as you did. i seriously don’t have time to learn the whole bloody course from a different angle. this is so ridiculous! if i could get my hands on whatever idiot handed it out….

  11. was that directed at me? hah …..
    i dont care … they totally f*cked up this time like! i’d HATE to be that person that gave them out! HA!

  12. Cheers louth for really fucking up my day, you cant play football/hurling, soccer is questionable and your presence as human beings is in serious doubt….Louth truely is Irelands shithole!! u fuckers! Also the country has come to a stand still, the election is postponed due to you fuckers being unable to wipe your own holes! u inbred fucks!! That is all….

  13. I’m unsure whether I should be tearing my hair out in anguish or pleasantly relieved. Just over an hour ago when I heard the news I had been wondering to myself if i had left some things a little too late. But soon as a friend told me the news a fresh batch of nerves were awoken. I mean what if in an attempt to diverse from what was intended for tomorrows paper they put on the more unexpected poets and questions. I was looking forward to the relief of having what is in my eyes the toughest subject done and dusted. This leaves my less time to focus on next weeks subjects.

  14. does this mean the poets ain’t comin up?
    i feel sick, i had a bishop thing learned off by heart.
    do the same poems come up?
    please relpy!!!!

  15. i need longley to come up… if he doesnt im fucked…
    deception would’ve been good too…
    i was talking to my dads friend who is head of english in a certain school that im not gonna name… he has worked leaving cert english for many years now and he told me all bets are off…
    with the contingency papers they can change the whole thing… i dont really know what to do anymore… he advised me to swat english tonight… get up early tomorrow and do some more, then study for geography and then maths. after that, if i have anymore energy to do some more english… then more englis after the geography exam on friday…

    that all i can say..
    we’re all in this shit together tho… everyone is feeling the same…

  16. Its scary i had my dream paper , those people in louth that bloody examiner !!! i was sitting on an A and im shit at english !! Session tonight to get over my anxiety

  17. Well this is typically irish. My class did Walcott, Longley, Bishop, Mahon and Montague. We did lots of work on CC and now it’s all down the drain?? I hope they dont change the paper too much. Because if they do there’ll be big trouble! I’m not feeling all that well. I’ve paid 60,000 deposit for my course and all trusting id get the required points….

  18. yeah, my quote was a bit short and dull and made me sound gay.

    Probably the only thing they could find that wasn’t loaded with abusive language…

  19. Oh man, you’ve just expressed my sentiments exactly. I’d been focusing on the same topics and I was relying on Paper 2 to compensate for the abysmal Paper 1 I did today.
    Medicine has never seemed so far out of my reach ๐Ÿ™
    I was nearly sick when I heard.
    Bah humbug ๐Ÿ™

  20. also my dream paper. I’m repeating, dropped out of college before christmas and decided to repeat to increase points and reapply. I studied different poets and Othello last year (still refer to macbeth as othello, STILL getting confused) I’ve only had time to study bishop, longley, cultural context basically. and i also felt sick the moment i heard about this. i thought it was a bad joke. if neither longley nor bishop are on the paper (or even walcott) iv heard students are talking about protesting.

  21. freakin out over a paper .. Calm down your not suppose to know what the questions are anyway your only stressing yourself over it,people crying over it really make me laugh ,its only a paper,


    SHUT UP..


  23. Hey guys
    Dont freak over this shit im welcoming this news with opened arms. More time to revise for english and maths now, you fucking idiots. STOP freaking out. The backup paper was made up by differant people than the original was, so they more than likely picked the same or almost the same poets just different questions on them. Just study the same shit you were for paper 2 yesterday and you will get a higher mark than you would if we had the exam tomorrow. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  24. omg im so stressed! The poetry that came up was brilliant for me. Do you think they’ll keep the same poets, just change the question? This is so unfair, i would have been set with those poets! Im so upsett now what am i supposed to do! And i have geog and maths tomorro so i was supposed to have this over and done with so i could study for them now i have to stress about studying for all of them again! what am i supposed to do??

  25. devastated absolutly devastated….i needed longley 2 come up and now if he’s gone im screwed in poetry……anyone know what else came up for the comparitive study i know cultural context came up???is it true that the character question was entirely based on banquo and nobody else????THIS IS SHAMBOLIC!!!well done louth…brav fuckin O

  26. Well this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Typical irish!
    Bishop would want to still be up or longley..otherwise i may as well just walk out. Protest anyone??

  27. It’s written by two different people at the same time.

    I don’t think they’re even told which one is the back-up.

  28. if the same sort of paper doesn’t come up,
    der will be outrage.

    everyones gonna go mad, and the examinations commission will have to mark them all easy.

    half of you are all a bunch of fannys, th other half no who im talkin bout

  29. BISHOP 09!!! i bet any amount of money the bish will be there on saturday.The stupid Irishness of the situation pisses me off though.weekend study is completely messed up now!All i can say is “fair is foul and foul is fair”

  30. ohh and if a petition goes ahead and the date gets changed to the 22nd i will find and kill all the people involved.There will be hell if i cant enjoy my 12 cans of bavaria after art history on thursday!!!

  31. that superintendent is a fucking retard. I was praying for longley to come up. I actually don’t know what to do. This is wat I get for being born on friday
    the 13th

  32. Yeah im not dat upset!Didnt know banquo, and bishop was the only poet ive done that came up! But i hope dey dont totally mess it up!I hope language and imagery cums up for Macbeth, and cultural context and Bishop! But they cant make us move exams over a day,stress us out and den give us a rele hard paper!Itll be fine!

  33. Hey guys, I think it’ll be ok , I’m way less stressed now. I’d say at least one of Longley, Bishop or Walcott will come up. They could still ask a really nice Mabeth question, and for Comparative all you have to do is learn two of the essays and you’re guaranteed at least one will come up.

    Remember, just because the old paper was a dream paper, doesn’t mean that the new one will be a nightmare.

    Best of luck to everyone, all we can do is our best!

  34. People listen! Everything is going to be all right, lets not see this as a disaster, this is a
    massive opportunity. Because of our collective trauma the state examinations commission

    will have to go easy on the marking this year.
    They are already embarrassed about the whole thing and if this year results for English

    were to be awful, I think there would be outrage, so much so that the commission would
    even more embarrassed.

    In 1995 another security problem for the exam system was when the art exam went
    missing, that led to the department of education giving up creating the papers and the

    responsibility went to the commission, Boys and Girls EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT!!

  35. sorry dave,
    but I was sorted for that paper,
    and whats with the crap about marking it easier

  36. No clancy, Go away, nobody got what they deserved, and we can all still cheat the system cus not much is going to change in the backup paper, believe me.

  37. I say we do what the O.A.P s did with the medical card!! Out with the pickets outside Brian Cowans gaff maybe??….

  38. chill peeps!
    i freeked out too
    everyone did
    make luv not war

    look forward to handin up the last paper,
    goin out dat night on a serious piss up ,
    and oxegen 09….yesum i lik eh!

    this paper 2 could b the best thing that ever happened to u:D

    luv ci x

  39. I cant believe there are actually people still talking about this, its like sooooooo 2 days ago (no im not from D4). Hell Yes!!! OXEGEN 09 people!!!! Thats what you should be talking about, cant wait to get fucking twisted and stoned off my block in July!!

  40. PJ- this was written two days ago, most of the freaking out comments were also posted two days ago or yesterday. People are more chilled now.

  41. well im fucked up for macbeth in anyways.. had like a banquo essay…thts gone down da drain… nd i had rich n bishop done reli well… nd if tht doesnt come up i can kiss my social work course gudbye.

  42. not to mention my revision plan.. had a whole weekend of bio planned out..not to mention afternoon of french… arrrrgggggghhhh.. stupid louth ppl.. stupid stupid stupid Dept of education… stupid points system…stupid stupid stupid everything.

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