French & Biology

I know I’m a little bit behind but hey, better late than never right?

Ok so first things first, yesterday’s French exam. I thought the comprehensions, like Annah, were nice. The first one especially although I was a bit more vague on the second one. Also very happy about the lack of questions on the grammatical terms and was it just me or did both comprehensions, on the second sheet of questions, right at the top, ask for you do change your answer a little bit from the text to fit? Hey, I’m not saying it’s breaking news for CNN or anything, this is Higher, but I’m just trying to gauge how I did and it’s not easy. I felt my oral didn’t go all too well all those weeks ago after all the work I put in. And I could not believe it when I saw “mode” on the paper after it was up a while ago. Wouldn’t care only I had the perfect answer done out but not learned…”Pffft…” said past Mr. X, “It’ll never come up! Especially not something so specific for boys and girls!” Where’s a DeLorean and a crazy professor when you need one? So the topics were okay for me but not great although I thought the listening was a thing of absolute beauty, I’m so glad I practiced it so much over the past few weeks. Although there is nothing more frustrating than identifying the phrase that’s the answer and getting it a few hours later out of the exam hall. The time period of that house shall be etched into my soul forever. But it’s done and dusted- French, you’re alright but Irish’ll just always have top spot for me. I can only hope for a good solid B.

So Biology. It’s my favourite subject and if I had it my way we’d put schematics of human systems on the back of cereal boxes. Who cares about Coco the Monkey reaching his bowl of Coco Pops through some crappy maze? And what child brings a pen to breakfast?

I thought that it was a really nice exam, but having said that I was relying on stuff revised over the past few months- I don’t envy any crammers that went in there this morning because I think that paper, more than any other year so far, cast an extremely wide net topics-wise. The short questions were a little unusual and again came from everything-really didn’t expect viruses after 2009 so I was happy about that, but again, memory. I was cramming stuff like the muscles, excretion and digestive systems…where my bitches at?? Also I have to say that I really put the effort into plants this year, structure and all that shiznizzle, and where was that? The experiments were nice I thought, should do well on them although seeing as the exam went so well for most people I think that I’ll find it hard to secure top marks on the heart, though the 2nd question of mixed questions- SEC is slipping up. Seriously, the love of Christ has penetrated their Satan-worshipping grounds. Lovely question.

My only regret is not doing an extra question in the final section but hey, I think it went pretty much okay and I’m happy with it. Let the painful, painful cramming for Chemistry begin ๐Ÿ™

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