French, Flashing my Supervisor & Getting my Pose on.

French. How I’ve hated it for all these years. How it’s made my blood boil, my stomach churn and my head ache.
As of about 1pm this afternoon, I can safely say, I will never EVER be using it again. That’s it- our awful relationship has come to an end and I for one am happy to pretend that it never even happened.

The Paper itself was fine- I could actually understand what was going on in both comprehensions, which was quite surprising seeing as I hadn’t even attempted once since my Mock. 
The long questions which surfaced were easy enough as well-
The Internet? Could I live without it? Doubtful.
Sport? Yeah, grand, important. Got it.
Where I see myself in 10 years? Well, apparently I’ll be married to my current (fictional) boyfriend of 3 years, John, and, if he gets his way, we’ll have children. Oh, that John. He was discussed in my (disastrous) French Oral too- lovely guy. Always getting me presents. Just, smashing.
I even had time to do a Diary entry at the end too- myself and my good friend Anne had a bit of an argument about a boy called Claude- I called her a cow, she called me a slut- Toute est allé á vau-l’eau.

I  left a couple of minutes early as I felt like getting some chocolate before the Aural, which was also fine. The only thing I had any bother with was answering what a certain Supermarket chain donated to young people following a tornado. School bags, apparently. I should have guessed it really- so obvious! I wrote down Pencil Cases instead. Foolish, foolish Jennie. Tornado survivors don’t want them!

Like most Leaving Cert students now, I’m counting down the days until I can go home and doss, guilt-free. I’ve just two exams left- Biology (Which I should stroll through- My favourite subject!) and Chemistry (Nothing too worrying there either). I can almost taste the alcohol-induced vomit already.

As the week has passed, I’ve grown ever more complacent, favouring late night Internet-binges and a couple of extra minutes in bed to last minute cramming.

On an aside, in my school, we don’t have to wear our uniforms for the exams either  – something which I’m very thankful for, as those monstrous wine-coloured polyester-rags left a lot to be desired.
However, because I’m rolling out of bed at the last possible moment, I do look like I’ve been getting dressed in the dark. My strange combinations of clothes are quite the site to be honest, but I’m comfy out so all’s fine.  As I may have mentioned on this very blog at least a million times- I’m a female repeat in an All Boy’s School (Yes, it has been fun. Thanks for asking) – so as it is, I already stand out a mile.
Today’s combination of odd shorts and ripped tights with an overly revealing top went down a storm with my supervisor. A new, male one- now that the core subjects are out of the way and I’ve been moved from my repeat-y room to the main Study Hall.
Every single time I glanced up, he was staring RIGHT at me. And not at my face. I hate to flatter myself (This is a lie) but PLEASE SIR, no more of that.

After the exam as well, a photographer with one of the National Papers (The Examiner, I think) was knocking about outside, begging me for a Photo Op.
We gave him one alright- a Porn-like Image of 2 girls straddling a boy in a grassy area, with a French Paper tactfully placed in the centre of the photo. The laughter involved in preparing for it is not to be reckoned with. I’ll link it from the blog if it flatters me/ actually is allowed to be printed.

Anyway, Biology. The Male Reproduction System’s tipped to come up as a full question- looking forward to it. I’m almost excited about tomorrow- nothing feels as nice as Acing a paper and seeing as French wasn’t as horrendous as I’d expected, everything’s looking good.
8 down, 2 to go.

88 thoughts on “French, Flashing my Supervisor & Getting my Pose on.”

  1. Poor poor poor Jennie!
    It’ll be ok, the pervy man will see this blog and realise what a creep he’s being!

  2. creeeep ….poor u 🙁
    once we had a sub teacher in jc who came in lockkkked & asked us all what we liked to do “come nightfall” when we’re alone..then he climbed into the bin to hide….

    needless to say he was suspended!! 😀

  3. Fucking cartable. I wrote down map. Fuckshit!

    Lol… pervo examiner. My mates recalled only the other day our glorious JC superintendant who.. clipped her toenails in front of us. What a lady.

    This also reminds me of my temporary Jc music teacher.. meow. She was listening to our practicals one day… and my mate mark informed her I had great fingering. She blushed. This blog should be all about perv moments. Settled. :p

  4. cartable what the fuck!!!i said tables,
    school bags????what tornado victims need those,
    you no food,shelter,water,who needs that,
    and my new examiner spent the aural picking his nose,how nice.

  5. Hahahaha! Fair point Jamie! Really its not the school bags that’ll be helping them there!

  6. yeah i heard cartables and i was like WTF?! what do they want maps for? but the second time i heard something about school so i guessed leaflets….. noone i talked to got that one, hopefully they wont give it many marks….? yeah the rest of french was fair enough, i thought!

  7. Is it wrong that I scanned that post for nudey pictures as soon as I read the title?

    I’ll let myself out.

  8. Lulz, cartable – what a nice JC word. My ‘alternative’ aural was ABSOLUTELY DIZZGUZTING. It was over within 25 minutes, despite the fact that it is longer than the ordinary one. Also, I had to listen about some dyked up, bracelet wearing tennis player and some serial killer who jumped out of the prison window when a guard looked away! Fun.

  9. Ordinary French was a piece of piss… but then, it always is…

    History was pretty chill too. But where was my main bro Mussolini? I like the way they flipped up the Dev question though, that one’s definitely gonna seperate the bros from the hos

  10. yeah jennie it was the Irish Examiner woopwoop……… photos in tmws paper if they decide to use ours……… i found it a little strange to hear the photographer tell Aidan to “stop covering genitals”…. oh well he seemed nice….

    ps jennie i want a mention in ur next blog kthxbii.
    and none of that “jephson wanted one so here it is. JEPHSON. there.”

    proper stuff plsthx.



  11. Ha I bet the promise of these raunchy photos is just an elaborate ploy to get dudes to keep reading this blog without immediately losing interest after the last exam

  12. Oh Hai gaiz (Especially you Jephson)

    That was pretty much the only horrible question in fairness on the Aural- fucking 400 SCHOOL BAGS? Like, c’mon.

    And screw you crazylady- I did, in fairness, get 4 As last year (and 2 B1s) so SUCK IT.

  13. like how the fuck is 400 schoolbags going to help tornado victims,
    i mean its just bull shit,like you don’t see trocaire giving out schoolbags.
    although maybe they should start!!

  14. LOL, usually you can kind of guess that shit.
    Like, a supermarket, so you’d assume it’d be food or something.

    Ah well. At least they’ll have schoolbags to carry their broken lives around in…. (Y’see?)

  15. yes if they can find some food laying around they can put it in the bags,
    at least they have some top of the range gear from carrefour,
    as it is famous for its brand quality.

  16. oh and jennie why wud u spend so much time writing blogs if this is all so important to u cant be very !

  17. Eh crazy lady her blogs have helped me, and i’m sure loads of others?
    So i’d say thats kinda important wouldn’t you?

  18. It takes me like, half an hour tops to write a blog…
    It’s not exactly that much effort, and it’s a nice little place to vent.

    Why do you spend so much time reading blogs and commenting them if they mean so little to you?

  19. Good work Ryaners.

    Groom that ego.
    Praise is hard to come by- so when I can get it, damnit I’ll take it.

  20. jennie got you there crazylady,
    everyone needs a little break from study,
    a little ranting and raving never hurt anyone

  21. four comments aint so much time… gud look getting the points im sure if u got it once u will again but my rik it spending so much time yes maybe it helps all these other people if these marks are so important im not starting a argumet jut curious.. most of the 550 point ppl i no dnt leave de book

  22. TBH, I’m quite terrible at the last minute cramming anyway.
    I wrote this blog in the library today, where I went to study…

    Can’t wait to not feel guilty about crap like that.

  23. Why yes Liam, I’d imagine it will be rather nice.
    I won’t know what to do with myself…

    The same as always, I guess. Dossing. Binging online. Dossing.


    spent about four months in second year doing ‘DANS MA CARTABLE…IL Y A…… un juif…. un pomme de terre….. un comtable’ etc….

    was delighted.

  25. Staring at your chest while photographers beg for photos? Erm…. in my experience, no one cares about teenage girls’ boobs more than the girls themselves. All these “I’m just so developed now I have to cope with grown men gawking at me” stories are really based on nothing more than wishful thinking in my opinion.

  26. Yes. More than one tablet is an overdose. Two tablets is a double dose, three tablets is a triple dose… I think you know where I’m going with this. No? Well, eh, four tablets is a quadruple dose…

    Also, I’m totally with Seán on this one. No grown man would ever be interested in a teenage girl’s boobs EVER. To make that assumption is just plain fallacious. And sick.

  27. “No grown man would ever be interested in a teenage girl’s boobs EVER.”

    Not the greatest conclusion there Emerald, I bet there is plenty of pedophiles out there that would disagree with you…

    And I meant like could something bad happen if you take too much Berocca. Apparently not though, took 4 and just got really hyper.

  28. PJ, you don’t need to keep explaining my jokes for everyone 😛

    On the back, it lists about 10 different vitamins, all of which have thier RDA (recommended daily allowance) 100% satisfied by one tablet. Which means if you took 4 tablets, you’re getting 400% of the recommended dosage. I don’t know what happens if you take a quadruple dose of “pantothenic acid”, but I’m willing to bet it probably isn’t a good thing. Seriously. When it comes to stuff like that, usually they’re not kidding around.

    Although guarana is mainly just caffeine. However it also works as an appetite suppressant, so you might notice yourself not eating as much.

  29. ” Erm…. in my experience, no one cares about teenage girls’ boobs more than the girls themselves.”

    Actually, Sean, I care very deeply about teenage girls’ boobs.

  30. Come to think of it my appetite was fairly shit yesterday, all i ate all day was a toasted sandwich and a tin of tuna. So in future i should get myself a little THC when there is that much guarana in my system….

  31. @Sean “Erm…. in my experience, no one cares about teenage girls’ boobs more than the girls themselves. All these “I’m just so developed now I have to cope with grown men gawking at me” stories are really based on nothing more than wishful thinking in my opinion.”

    I… don’t even know to respond to this.

    Do… do you KNOW any girls over the age of seventeen? Have you ever like, gone outside your house?

  32. Erm.. Srsly.. yeah… i like… have been… like….. outside my house… y’know… like totally..

    anywho, a lot of girls do tend to convince themselves that every man is a pervert desperately lusting after her, but it’s just not true. This girl has said that she, the only female in an all-boy’s school, “accidentally” wanders in wearing tiny shorts and a low-cut top? puh-lease. And a photographer outside begging her for a photo? And the supervisor staring at her boobs? have you ever seen a girl in a low cut top? you’re eyes are drawn down, not necessarily in a sexual way, but it’s just what happens. Everyone looks, men, women and children, it they went out wearing a bright pink hat everyone would look at that too.

    I just hate this thing where girls are always making themselves out to be these goddesses constantly gawked at by the oh-so terrible men of society. Do you think women don’t gawk at men? But you’ll never hear men complaining about it in this way because they aren’t allowed, whether they want the attention or not.

  33. If you’re repeating why are you doing French?

    I would drop all cores tbh, they are all so much work load.

    Fair play another amazing blog.

  34. Thing about Berocca though, it’s all.. water solutble vitamins.
    I wouldn’t think taking 4 would be a good idea… but like, you won’t..die.

    Anyay, Sean, seriously- I don’t think anyone’s lusting after me at all. I actually just noticed that my examiner’s face was fixated on my…yeah- not so much yesterday though! Nothing like a good pair’a jeans.
    Not even in a lustful way, no, just in a… is that girl.. revealing herself..? Kind’a way.

    Anyway- the straddle photo never got published
    But hoping the photographer will email it to me! (He offered!)

  35. @Sean “Erm.. Srsly.. yeah… i like… have been… like….. outside my house… y’know… like totally..”

    Good comeback, man

  36. Srsly, I was kinda mocking your “have you ever like, gone outside your house” thing, but in more of an exaggerated “valley-girl-like-OMG” fashion. Just to clear that up, it’s ok though, not everyone gets it – so I wouldn’t worry too much if you don’t.

    And Jennie, thanks for responding by the way. I’m glad that you don’t think those guys were lusting after you, which is the impression I got from your blog entry. I was just a bit annoyed because I thought you were one of those girls who goes around acting like they thought every guy was lusting after them, which made me especially unhappy seeing as I genuinely enjoyed reading everything you’ve written for this blog, it was just that one entry that put me off.

  37. Glad we sorted out that one so, Sean.
    No- I’m not one of those girly girls who loves themselves madly. Sorry, I can see how misinterpretation could’ve occured.

    Thanks for the comment anyway- glad you’ve been enjoying most of it!

  38. Teenage girls’ boobs are one of the central tenants of my enjoyment of life and I will not have them spoken of without the required reverence

  39. @Sean ‘I was kinda mocking your “have you ever like blah blah blah”‘

    Modern parlance, bitch. Deal with it!

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