French & History

I’m gobsmacked… these papers were simply wonderful, almost… enjoyable (not in real life). The French paper this morning had comprehensible comprehensions, although the questions were sometimes challenging. The “production ecrite” used straight forward language, I can’t imagine it being too troublesome for many. I was happy enough, my vocab and grammar was only satisfactory, not A1 material and the aural that followed wasn’t the hardest of the past papers but I managed to leave behind a few blanks.

After the aural, I had the opportunity to study for 1 hour and 10 minutes and used this wisely I did! I crammed in any predictions I had heard of and the paper was nice to me. Many others were a bit disappointed not see home rule, Parnell or Butt coming up; Hitler and Mussolini’s church relations was missing from the european section- may have been a shock too, I know it was for me, but overall the paper was very manageable. My time management was poor and my last essay question was rushed but I left school today a very happy scholar!

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