getting stuff working

We’ve made some more little but important changes to the site…

Google Search

screenshot leaving cert

We’re now using google to power searches on the blog. It’s much more powerful than the old search function.

Related & Popular Posts

screenshot leaving cert

Underneath every article you’ll see 5 related posts & 5 popular posts. This is to encourage you to read more and stay on the site rather than plough your crops on farmville 😉 This feature was actually on the site since the latest revamp in early january but i had all sorts of problems getting it to work properly.

As i’ve said before, the site is a constant work in progress and as you can see we’re keeping the pace up. Content, content and more content along with new features and tweaks. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be running competitions and we’ll continue to keep adding features whilst keeping you all updated on what’s happening…

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