going blank

Every day i go blank. These blog posts don’t write themselves. Behind each one is an idea. Something creative.

Blank Canvas
photo credit: Rishi S

The vast majority of the content i’ve written on this blog has come from blank moments.

There are two things you can do if you mind goes blank in an exam.

  • Give up and leave.
  • Keep going until something pops in to your mind.

Teachers used to say it all the time… DON’T leave until the exam is over… check over you paper, read it… re-read it. In college, lecturers still say that, but most people still leave early in exams 🙂

If your mind goes blank when you see a question, skip it. If you’ve got time at the end, force yourself in to writing something for it. View it as a form of punishment. It’s not acceptable to blank in an exam and you can’t get away with it. At least that’s what your brain must think.

By creating & thinking constantly, you’re training your brain to keep producing ideas. If you allow blank moments to ‘win’, you’re basically saying to your brain – ” it’s ok, this unacceptable behaviour is fine… take a break and put your feet up”.

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