Gotta **** teacher?… Here’s what to do:

We’re 99% sure there’ll be very few of you leaving cert students on here who haven’t got at least one teacher who you think is absolutely [insert expletive word here]. There’s a few different types:

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  1. Knows everything about the subject and it’s clearly evident but just can’t put it across to students!
  2. Just doesn’t promote any interest in the subject for you at all. Seems more interested in talking about themselves than actually teaching the subject.
  3. Boring…. just down right boring… you’re nearly falling asleep in their class and just can’t wait to get out of there.

That’s just a few examples. We’re sure you’ve got a lot more comments you’d like to add about the type of teachers you have but don’t be mean! Maybe it’s worse than this, maybe you just don’t like this teacher and totally hate going in to their class. You feel like they don’t like you and don’t care if you pass your leaving cert exam in their subject. Brilliant! Just the fuel you needed to kick start a battle of wills and ensure you do enough on your own and pass the exam without their help. Use situations like this to your advantage, don’t sit there and sulk through lessons and waste energy thinking about how little they help you. Get your head down and get on with it. Pass the exam and prove them wrong.

You never know you might even turn around in a few years time and think they aren’t so bad after all. For now though, just use them to fuel some fire in your belly, get studying and get passing that exam. It’s your leaving cert, not theirs!

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