Guide to German

The Oral
First of all the German Oral is no big deal. Actually it’s piss compared to Irish and French. You can learn off about 85% of it.

You get five picture stories and five role plays to learn. You do one of each on the day each worth 30 marks out of 100. That’s 60% of the oral that you just learn off. While doing the oral make sure you manipulate the role play card. You could nearly do a decent role play and get 30/30 without ever seeing one before.

Also keep the picture story simple. You only need a 15 sentences for top marks. Don’t pass any heed of the nerds and losers who learn pages. I got an A1 with 15 sentences for each. I know its attractive and I don’t mean to sound like a teacher but don’t gamble. Learn all of the role plays and picture stories. It doesn’t really take that long.

You can also easily get 20/40 on the 5 minute general conversation. You will not be asked anything hard only about school, holidays, sport and the family. Nobody gets abstract questions.

The Listening
This is another place to pick up the marks. I cannot really offer much advice except to practice as many as you can from the past papers.

20 thoughts on “Guide to German”

  1. now dat is totally the wrong answer….German is one of the hardest languages when it comes to the Aural….especially when you are asked to discuss features of the language….also you havnt talked about the actual written paper which deals with how you can use the language techniques learned.You must know TMP, the tenses,conjunctions,word order, the 4 Faller und so weiter, also es ist nicht leicht !!!!!

  2. Shane Johnson

    Its not too hard, but its not easy either. I found the Irish easier than the German. But we all have our strenghts

  3. To Ciaran:

    In the half a sentence of German that you typed you managed to make a grammar mistake.

    Nice one

  4. also : therefore 😛
    auch : also 😀

    ahh i need help.. my oral in like a week :(..

    any study tips people? :O

  5. “actually it’s piss compared to irish”

    i got 50% in my irish oral and 53% in my german (mocks). I haven’t studied irish in months, and for the german i prepared and said a LOT more. anyway i don’t see even one piece of advice here that a teacher wouldn’t tell you a hundred times coming up to the prüfung, so this is a waste of everyone’s time really…

    “Submit Commnt” made by students alright…

  6. ah lads yis ar takin de piss, german is just as hard as ne odr oral..its nerves just as much as anytin like..also doing a projekt rather than the bildergeshichte makes life alot easier as de examiner generally wnt kno wht u are actually talkin about and if ur stook u can always make it up, u also ony av t tlk bou it for like 2mins r sumtin! huevr wrote that ”its piss compared to irish” is obviously just good at german, some people have a natural flair for languages and especially if they got an A1..get a life not everybdy finds dese tings easy and i agree wit the above comment from seph, dis really is a waste of time…

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  8. well my german teacher is a genuine twat and i actuall have learned stuff off dis site……. me nd my classmates are screwed…….like less dan a month 2 teach myself german, any suggestions??? I dont get d grammer, i dont think my oral was fantastic( i got a book of role plays which was out of date off my school) so any oone got advice or can practice magic??? a hot german girl who wants 2 tutor me?? no takers??

  9. I know this is kinda off topic but, if you want to get good at oral/aural try listening to German music and watchin German tv and cinema! Trust me it works

  10. You must be on Drugs on sumtin mate……. it doesnt take long to learn 10 german oral sheets! whats about us dudes who hav the concentration of a leper! i know its all over with now but the oral was one of the hardest things this year…..!!

  11. i jus done my leaving cert german aural today. it was s easy she basically asked me abouts family school hobbies nothin like conjuctions and word order

  12. I think it is so sad that people think that they can learn off sentences and expect to do well in an oral exam… and that they consider that the exam is “easy” as they can just learn things by heart. Any good examiner will give better marks to someone who creates original sentences than a sheep who recites the same thing as the person before and after them in the exam.

  13. Maybe it is easy if you have a brain. Which I’m guessing by most of your typing and writing skills, you don’t. Maybe you guys should look up tips on speaking English before you move onto German.

    You can definitely learn a good chunk of the oral, clearly you can if you have 5 picture sequences and 5 role plays, it’s not rocket science!

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