It is now 12 weeks till the Leaving Cert and its safe to say i’m freaking out . The mock results were painful and I realised despite various attempts to study I know litrally an astonishing amount of usless information regarding each subject . Is it too late to get 500 points ?

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  1. I’m in the same position! My course was 520 last year and I din’t come close in the Pre’s ๐Ÿ™ I’ve decided to just cut the crap and get stuck in, it’s all we can do really! I made out a list of everything I need to know for each topic and am just about to make a study timetable based on that to help me focus! You have to be realistic, don’t schedule 3 hours study on a Monday if you know you’re gonna get loads of homework that day etc. I’m scared too but we don’t have a choice!

  2. Im in the same boat!! panicking big time but I think the best idea is just to get really stuck in now till june! only another few weeks and it will all be over! ๐Ÿ˜€ Im just trying to keep in mind how bad ill feel if i know i could have done better, and how good ill feel if I get my course! it will definitely all be worth it in the end! we wont even remember how horrible these twelve weeks were when were in college having the time of our lives next year! just keep positive and keep studying!!!

  3. i got 480 in my mocks but panicking as i need at least 540.
    i am only realising we have bout 6wks until orals and my teachers have done absolutely nothing.
    i am fluent in irish and haven’t done any prep.tink i should start writing up answers.

    where did the year go?
    only 12 weekends left.

    i have decided 2 stop doin hw as it is a waste of time. tink i’ll start goin 2 library at lunch time 2 do oral. any tips for french and irish oral prep.

    good luck wif study. i can’t imagine opening my letter and not getting 500. it would be the most awful feelin.

    btw if da rest if u r panicking like me mayb should go to institute of education revision course. went at Xmas was excellent goin bck at easter

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  5. Gillian Lawlor

    don’t be panicking.!! it’s ONLY THE MOCKS.!! i failed 3 of my mocks and i’m not freaking out, i know i need to work harder and thats what i’m doing, its not too late to get more points just put the work in and the results will show in august ๐Ÿ™‚

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