Here we go again!

It’s that time of year again. For the class of 2010/2011, today was English Paper 1. Rather than tell you what the paper was like by aggregating opinion from twitter & facebook, we decided to let YOU tell US what it was like by creating a new feature called ‘aftermath’…

Exam Aftermath

This feature is now live and you can tell us all about english paper 1 and see what other people have to say about it. Comment on their comments if you disagree or agree 🙂 It’s pretty simple to use, no registration… just fill out the form, hit submit and that’s that.

Submit your exam reviews here!

Exam Tips

A couple of days ago we also rolled out a new ‘exam tips’ section where anyone can submit their tips / predictions on individual subjects. Again it’s simple to use, just fill out a form, hit submit and your tips are stored on our site for all to see.

Submit your tips here!


This is a busy time of year for the site, naturally enough. Yesterday (day before the first exam) is historically our busiest day of the year. Perhaps it was no surprise to see our site crash under the strain. Literally thousands of you were flocking to it. Whilst we were prepared for an increase in traffic, we didn’t expect a dramatic increase like we got yesterday. So the site crash the server it was on about lunchtime yesterday, forcing us to move it to a bigger better home.

We’re now hosted with and we’re in ‘the cloud’ which means that in the future if you guys flock to the site unexpectedly, we’ll be able to cope much better. The site was back online late last night however as luck would have it, the Dediserve network was attacked earlier today so that disrupted things once again for a couple of hours. Things are now back to normal and *should* stay that way from now on.

In any case, the fact we were forced to upgrade shows just how much we’re growing and we’ll continue to roll out new features so long as you guys are demanding them 🙂

2 thoughts on “Here we go again!”

  1. It was not too bad English was my most feared subject , I was very happy with the questions and poets in English paper 2 so hopefully I get the result I want on the 17th August 😀

  2. english was handy thee was a lot of writing but it all flowed out when pen met paper 🙂 mahs is my dreaded

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