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My name is Mister X. I’m lacking any sort of biography in the introductions so maybe I’ll just start off there, give you a feel for my character. I’m just your average 6th Year really. I have to say though, I’m probably a little bit of a nerd. On the school side of things I’m doing English, Irish, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, French and Geography, all Higher Level apart from Maths. Yeah, I’m one of “Them” who caved into Ordinary not long into 6th Year. Come on I can’t be alone there? I’m not really 100% on what I’d like to do after school, probably something science-related. I want a job working with people and I’m really interested in health. Medicine maybe, failing that perhaps Physio or science but sure we’ll see how June plays out.

I’m fairly crazy into music. I cleaned (or rather assaulted) my room the other day which really descended into clearing CDs out from behind my desk and throwing out old headphones. I read a bit, fairly sick of it these days after school all day but I try. I’m conscious of this reading like a bad CV or as I said in my application some freaky bio on a dating site or something so I’ll try and stop right there…

I suppose people are wondering why I want to keep my anonymity so I might as well address it and get it over with. I followed the blog all last year and I really enjoyed it, I can only hope the class of 2010 live up to it! Basically, I want to be a completely honest representation of a student doing the Leaving Cert. I don’t want to be treated any differently from my friends or the staff at my school. Hence the anonymity. No different treatment from teachers and no school watching over my shoulder as I post: a 6th Year, uncensored.

Anyway, I’ll wrap up my first post, keep it short and sweet! Thanks for reading, I know it’s taken a while to get the site going, I hope that you warm to us all! I’ll have another post up just before Christmas I hope, but if I don’t, Merry Christmas to everyone, Happy New Year and make sure you make the most of your holidays, it’s not long until the mocks and there’s plenty to do!

Oh yeah, probably should study a little bit too… 🙂

Mister X.

7 thoughts on “Hey Everyone”

  1. The anonymity might be a good idea – a certain blogger from last year gets recognised a lot in college…

    1. Haha yeah, anonymity can be priceless. A girl who wrote a column in one of the newspapers last year ended up not getting her first choice in Medicine and is doing veterinary now with a friend of mine. Apparently she’s very touche about people mentioning it…

  2. I am Jennie of Jennie fame… and yes,I do get recognised from time to time in college, but it’s all goodtimes so I wouldn’t worry.

    Best of luck with the year, I’ll be a’readin’.

  3. Haha Jennie from the Blog. That’s sort of intimidating… I used to follow your posts! Pretty sure it’s still bookmarked.. Anyway, if my blog can be half as good as your’s I’ll be happy. Hope Trinity’s treating ya well, I was up there at the open day and I have to say I think it will be my numero uno.

    Thanks for the luck Keri I will need it!! Liam, Lawliet, I hope ye stick around! Thanks for reading everyone!

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