leaving cert maths higher level

High level of honours grades in leaving cert maths

In 2015, 70.5% of students achieved a grade of C3 or higher in higher level maths! Nearly 40% of male students achieved grades of B3 and higher and just over 30% of female students achieved grades in this band.

So, it’s not all bad news folks. 7 out of 10 of you will be getting the honours grade of C3 or higher and will get a minimum of 85 points including the 60 for C3 and 25 bonus points for higher level maths. We bet that loads of you are worrying about not achieving a grade in this bracket but the 2015 statistics show it’s possible for a high number of you to do really well.

Here’s a link to passed papers for the leaving cert higher level maths exam papers and the marking schemes to see how you measure up. With 9 weeks to go, it is more than achievable to boost your grade by at least 1% a week if you are in and around the C3 mark at the minute. Get the basics right with plenty practice and you will pick up that honours grade!

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