Higher Maths

Hi! This week i came to the conclusion that I should give up Higher  level maths. I really don’t think that i’ll be able to catch up with everything and do well at best i could get a C3. So should I give it up and focus more on my other subjects which i think could go up at least a grade each if I don’t do the maths or should i stick it out and get those 25 extra points ??? Also my friends who dropped it already said ordinary is ridiculous after some of the Higher Level stuff we did . I need 465 for my 1st preference . ADVICE PLEASE!!!!

2 thoughts on “Higher Maths”

  1. I think if you find maths that hard that you could go up a grade in each of you other subjects maybe you should guess what grade you will get in them and see using a points calculator if you will get enough points 🙂

  2. Just remeber that to get the extra points Maths needs to be in your top six so unless your sure Maths is going to be one of your best six grades theres no point in keeping it up if its going to affect your other subjets 😛

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