Higher options, but what are my options

So yesterday i was one of thousands of leaving cert students to attend the higher options Exhibition in the RDS  in Dublin. So being in school for 7.30 we left our home comfort that is cavan town and ventured up to the big smoke that is dublin (god i sound like such a culchie )………so walking through the doors of the RDS at exactly 9.50 i suddenly felt the coming of age that is sixth year..

So it is true what they say the best colleges had the best stands . Now the Trinity college stand stood out a mile but i found the people less than welcoming (maybe cause one of my mates asked did trinity do a hair and beauty course that could be it ) and the nicest bunch of people had the be the one’s from university of limerick who were nothing but nice and more than helpful and for the rudest and unhelpful bunch had to be (yes im guna name and shame here) griffith college and independent college dublin it must be a private college thing ( they would probably charge ya for asking questions) and the women from independent college pretty much told me and my friend to go away because i asked why the fees for the college were so high (the nerve of some people like)

but seriously i have never changed my mind so much in all my life one minute i was joining the guards the next minute i was going to ucc the next i was joining the army (following in my fathers foot steps) and for about an hour i had my mind set on going to college in wales…..i mean wales of all places

well i was as confused as a cow on astroturf ……but by the end i was  back to my original plan (nui galway arts degree )……but i came home to cavan with 12 college prospectus books and carrying them around the RDS was a challenge all in itself like……..i even have one for oxford like what was wasting my time there for well unless my IQ magically increase overnight i may toss in the bin now………

but some people behind some of the desks hadn’t a clue about the questions i was asking them as if saying ”i dont know” was going to be a good enough answer for me like….i found myself saying to one women ”well if you dont know then why the hell are you behind that desk”……ahh some people hey and another one saying to me ”ohh i love your culchie accent” (i dont have one)

and then there were the lectures well oh my god if i didnt just die of boredom seriously lads a bit of enthusiasm wouldn’t go a miss like i found myself walking out of da lectures 5 minutes after they started…..

i also learned today that i should really be looking in to ucas and applying to my local fetac college in the next two weeks to be sure of a place…..i need to cover all eventuality just incase dont wanna put all my eggs in to the basket that is nui galway ….to be honest i dont think i have enough eggs for all the baskets im applying to…….

im planning a very lengthy conversation with my guidance teacher next week and still might look in to wales and queens university belfast ahh higher options too many options if ya ask me ……

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