History help !!!

I have to pick my leaving cert options in 2 months and i’m stuck on whether to do history or not

plus side : I got an A in Jc history and love history :]

negative side : I heard the course is massive and it involves alot of essays !!! … Also i only received a C in JC Honours english

Any help from anyone who does lc history or knows about .. I would appreciate feedback !!!


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  1. I do leaving cert history and yes there’s essays and reading involved but it is also really interesting and you have your special research topic which gives you some percent before you do your written exam! im in 6th year and do history and classical studies, your english doesn’t matter in history, you’re just telling the facts in your essays, nothing more! (: I’d advise it, but only if you love history and are prepared to work! (:

    1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ i think you made me make up my mind ! if its only facts you have to know then im definitely gonna do it !

  2. i am doing history for leaving cert! there is alot of work in it and yes you have to be prepared to work! there is 9 essays that you must know before you walk into the exam. and the project that you do too! english doesn’t matter at all! it is just the essays and what you can get out what matters

  3. Bit late commenting on this post, but since you picked history I’ll give you an insight. Its much different from junior cert, you have document questions and 3 essays. You’ll do four topics, the depend on the teacher but you have a compulsory documents topic that the department decides.
    For study I’d advise a revision book, making notes is good but is very long. Less stress more success was like my bible, I always looked into it towards the leaving cert. Oh, DON’T listen to people about learning off essays. Become familiar with common essay titles and practise writing and hand it up to the teacher if you are looking for good marks. There is too many essay titles. You are better off learning the information so that way you can structure many types off essays instead of wasting time learning things off. Don’t learn essays in any subject in the leaving cert, there is too many things that can be asked. Just learn the material and you can write it in many different ways under different headings ๐Ÿ™‚

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