History project=EXTENDED AGONY!

g’day fellow leaving certers!

don’t you just love long weekends? I find that they bring out the very best of sudy intentions in me,too bad i rarely stick to the plan and this particular weekend i have neglected studying for even class tests not to mind the actual leaving cert,oh well..= ]

So in the last few weeks i have been reduced to sneezing irish,yawning french and having nightmares about mengele and my baby research study(dear god do i DESPISE history!)

The orals went ok-ish,examiners were both really nice. My french one actually looked like SANTA,it was adorable! ALthough he did seem confused at my insistence on using faire in every tense i could think of. Oh and I got a friggin conditional question in french and i didn’t get one in irish,I was not impressed! But overall they weren’t too jarring.

History is however an entirely different story. Whatever about the actual research for my project,I did that in 5th year which I would advise to any unfortunate student of history. My problemo is the subject itself and the teacher whom I and twenty something others have been cursed with. Where exactly is it normal to be in the course at this stage of the year?? My class has just started the war and we still have vichy france to do while the majority of american history has been completely abandoned. History can be a difficult subject at the best of times but when you have a teacher who only half or quarter does topics and then insists that they’re done it can become particularly frustrating! I can only cram so much information into my head without first having established the fundamentals of a topic in class. I will concede that the history course is painfully long but when i chose history way back in 3rd year i thought it would actually be mildly interesting,perhaps even fun but it seems i was pretty naive in hoping that. I seriously hope this is not the way history is supposed to be taught but if it is then let me know.

That’s all for now folks,



6 thoughts on “History project=EXTENDED AGONY!”

  1. Have ye done any american history at all? If ye’r not gonna get it done defo study the Cold War, Vietnam, American Civil Rights Movement. We had a sub there for a while and she spent 3 wks on the same 4 pages about Vietnam! Obsessive much?lol
    But its easy enough so dont stress too much.
    🙂 Best of Luck

  2. You don’t need to cover every aspect of each topic you do. For instance, in Dictatorship and Democracy, you could learn Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin and Stalin. This would probably suffice without touching the rest of the topic. However, History is notoriously unpredictable, so do cover the important aspects of each topic rigorously.

  3. for vietnam we just looked at pictures and we just talked about looking for the rest of american history! I’ve concluded that the only way I can kick this exams ass is if I totally obsess over it.I tried that for Irish history in the pre and I got 99 for my essay so it seems to work. Oh well..thanks for the advice! If anyone has any other predictions they would be much appreciated!

  4. Does anyone else find the allotted time for history completely ridiculous? We’re given an hour for a question in English, but we only have about 35 minutes to write each one in History if we take the time to choose a title carefully and plan it before writing!

    All we’re ever told by our teacher is to read the questions properly and make sure we answer exactly what’s asked-but where are we meant to find the time we have approximately 42 minutes to read, choose a title, plan it and write an essay?! And no time in between?

    We’re actually given 10 minutes longer to complete Biology, which doesn’t take that long at all! Seriously!

    That’s defo my bugbear this year 🙂

  5. hello,

    Was just passing through the website looking for a fellow LC’er history student to sympathise with, BINGO!! alls i gotta say is Amen to the awfullness of histroy teaching at leaving cert level, i mean i am lucky to have had a very very passionet and caring teacher but even at that..ive never cried from frustraion so much as history has caused me to this year..

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