Honors English Poetry is going to be the death of me!

i never thought it was possible to hate people that youve never even met so much! poets, dear god some times i wonder why the name of god we have to study them! after finishing Kavanagh last week the only conclusion i could come to was that he is an egotistical self centred little man! “On Raglan Road” nearly made my blood boil.. deary me what a fun start to the year this is!

1 thought on “Honors English Poetry is going to be the death of me!”

  1. Of 4 poets we have studied so far, only Frost was reasonably likeable but he came up last year so we can forget about him.

    I think leaving cert poetry is about the examiner judging your ability to lie through praising those poets you can’t help but hate.

    I really hope someone else actually good is on the course…

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