How many days until the leaving cert?

Just in case you’ve forgotten about the leaving cert or the exact day it all starts, we’ve added a countdown timer to the site as a friendly reminder ๐Ÿ˜‰


I used to hate it when teachers would say “there’s x days until the exam”. But you know what? You can’t argue about it, because they’re right. Deadlines are good and that’s the reason why we’ve added a countdown timer.

The ability to ‘see’ and ‘judge’ time passing between two points is very important in life. Very important in exams and in preparation for exams. At least that’s what i was told. “It’s all about timing”… and it’s true, however you can be the best time keeper in the world and fail all your exams because you don’t have enough knowledge to fill the paper in the time you have so wonderfully planned out.

Anyway, sticking with the time theme, you can download your 2010 leaving cert timetable here. Also check out this calendar of key dates (for practical work, deadlines etc..)

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