HPAT Results and Dashed Dreams.

Today, June 22nd, is a day almost every Medicine hopeful had marked off in their calendars as The Most Important Day Ever.
I say almost every Med-Head, because I rang a friend of mine this morning, about 3 hours after I’d looked at my own results, to see how he’d fared, and he didn’t even realise they were being sent out…
I explained to him that I cried when I first saw my results. Nobody understands emotional wrecks these days.
I feel better since the immediate shock, but maybe only a little.

Anyway, it’s a day that I’d very much been dreading for the last few months. Thousands of us sat our HPATs last February, with little idea of how we actually got on. It was a vague, wishy-washy, stressful exam which makes me physically ill when I so much as think of it, and I had absolutely no idea how exactly I got on.
I remember very few details about it (Mental Blockage, you see) but the blog I wrote about the exam at the time reminded me how depressing the whole day was.

That day was nowhere near as depressing as today, however.
The night after the HPAT exams I went out to my favourite club and got rather drunk with a few good friends.
Today is a Monday. The option just isn’t there.
One of my very best friends is moving to France for a year. Tomorrow. And she more than likely won’t be able to come home for visits, even at Christmas.
Another of my best friends (Who I’m heavily dependent on) has been in Germany all Summer.
I recently got a bad haircut.
I was already fragile. Already an emotional wreck. Now this has been very much so heightened.

I couldn’t sleep at all last night, I was tossing and turning until about 4am. I was tempted to pull an all nighter, refreshing my inbox every 5 seconds approximately, waiting for ACER to send me out that all important email which would reveal my results.
I eventually decided it’d be a tad ridiculous, a tad excessive, and succumbed to sleep, but I was up at 8.30am, bounding towards my computer, adamant to see the dreaded Results email. They’d been sent out at 5.52am (A somewhat odd time, yes.)

I wish I’d stayed in bed.

Without further ado, my results are as follows:

Points (Out of a total of 300): 173
Percentile Ranking: 84

Now, I know these results aren’t as drastic as I’m making out, but for me, this has come as quite an awful blow.
I’d been hoping to get within the top, maybe, 10 percentile of candidates to try and secure myself a place in Medicine in Trinity.
I only landed into the top 16.
Hope is not lost, no no no, but it’s definitely diluted somewhat.

On one hand, I know that I’m more suited to Medicine, apparently, than 84% of medicine applicants- but it’s that pesky 16% who would, apparently, be better than me who are the problem.
I say “apparently” because I don’t think a, frankly tenuous, multiple choice exam can truly determine someone’s capability as a Doctor, Surgeon, Psychiatrist or what have you.
Heck, there’s no easy way of doing it- but because of SHEER determination alone I feel as though I’d proved myself somewhat able to study the damn course next year.
I cannot describe how much I want to study Medicine, and I feel as though I’ve given it my all. I know I’d be good at it. I know it’s the only career I’d truly enjoy, and work well at.
But my HPAT results haven’t reflected this all too well.

On the CAO website, it’s possible to get a breakdown of your results Section by Section- I excelled in Section 1- So it seems I’m pretty logical and can solve problems pretty nicely, then.
Section 2- Interpersonal Relationships- wasn’t great. I’d honestly assumed this was my forte- I’d always done best here in the sample tests- but it was only mediocre on the day.
Section 3, however, is where I really got dragged down. I didn’t even score 50 points here. I’ve come up with an excuse though, of course,- I’m a girl.
It’s not much of an excuse, but I’m blaming the sexist nature of the paper- Girls suck at that kind of thing, generally speaking, compared to boys. Seriously, FACT. We were raised playing with our Barbies- they had their lego and K’nex and what have you. We learned nothing, only how to be subservient and fashionable, they developed spacial awareness.
Yeah. So I’m blaming bad parenting, then.

I thought I’d be able to tell if I got into Medicine or not today, but it’s impossible to do so, really.
Combining my Leaving Cert points from last year as an indication with my HPAT results, I get as follows:
550 + 173 = 723.
723 out of 860, seems a bit awful, right? Does anyone understand why I cried, just a little?

However, I’ve since discovered that nobody seems to have got more than around and about 207-210. That, of course, means the very maximum could be, what, 560+ 210= 770?
I’m a good 60 or 50 points off the top candidates, but I’m still a hell of a lot higher than some of the average or weaker students.
Most people seem to have gotten 150 or thereabouts in the HPATs, and I wouldn’t go as far as saying hope is lost for any of them, or for me, merely diluted.
Because all the HPAT results seem to be over such a narrow range, the Leaving Cert results are still of fundamental importance.

Anyone who thinks they’ll get into Medicine with 480 points is horribly deluded- but there’s hope for people who break well into the 500s, especially if their HPAT results were even alright.

Sigh. I don’t know.
I can’t wait for August 12th. But, more importantly, I can’t wait for August 17th- the day of CAO offers.
I’ll take Medicine anywhere in Ireland. If Trinity’s out than I’ll gladly head to Galway. I’d even take the plunge and accept CORK if I had to- even though I hate the city (nothing personal, guys) and would really hate to end up there.

For now though, I’m going to just try and forget about it and enjoy my Summer.
I’ll return in August to let you all know how I get on! Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

EDIT: This article from the Irish Times is wonderfully informative.

149 thoughts on “HPAT Results and Dashed Dreams.”

  1. don’t be so hard on yourself!! i’m sure it will al work out fine. 550 points is really high when you compare it with the rest of the population.

    whats the highest hpat score people have heard?

  2. Think you are right and Leaving Certificate Marks will still be VERY important.In hpat only 1% or 35 people got above 200. Realistically maximum score for top 35 places will be 560+200=760 assuming the same people who get top 1% get 600 points (now counted as 560)in leaving.
    So your 723 is not nearly as bad as you think! And there are still at least 365 places in medicine still left!
    Dont despair just yet and remember you could do health science in Trinity and repeat hpat next year and you can now get into medicine as a graduate. If determined you will succeed-good luck!

  3. Wow, just read it entirely, I completely agree with you. Although I haven’t repeated I feel as if I’ve given it a good shot, not my best but a damn good one. I went in knowing that getting 480 was a disillusion, but in my opinion getting 500’s probably won’t even get me in :S That’s what I’m horribly worried about as thats what I will probably end up with, I wont break 530’s but I am able to break the 500’s at least (god willing that is). I just hope it goes well for both of us come August :S I’m so frigging nervous I feel queezy

  4. I am part of the, probably, third of people who the whole 480 points gave false hope too. Happy-ish with hpat but I’d say I won’t be as happy august 12th.

    Can’t do anything now, so let’s get demented 😀

  5. I can’t stop thinking about the fudging thing, spent all day comparing and speculating and analysing and… argh.

    It’s going to be a long summer.

  6. After 550 actual LC points, every 5 points only counts for one “medicine point”, if that makes any sense.

    Eg, someone who got 555 would have a score of 551 for Medicine, someone who actually got 560 would get a score of 552, etc…

  7. You really have no right-nonewhatsoever-to complain about your results like that. There are people out there who’ve always wanted to be Doctors, and should be who aren’t good at fraudulent tests like the HPAT and who worked very hard for the LC and came in the 0-20 percentile this morning.

    You should know that your grief at 173 adds to their grief tenfold.

  8. I feel sorry for you, really, but it’s not Jennie’s fault if the new system doesn’t suit you. People in the 0-20 bracket should be more concerned with their own prospects than with begrudging people who did better.

  9. Sorry,WhatTheHell,but she has as much right to complain about her results as the next person. So GTFO.
    Good luck,Jennie! I really hope you get in 🙂

  10. What the Hell did you only get between 0-20%?….wow!…you really must have been very very bad at it…you retard!

  11. If you want medicine that bad why didn’t you apply abroad? I have two offers for medical schools in Scotland and I’m sleeping way easier. But i hear ye on the results, i got 182 and i’m pretty nervous i won’t get a place in Trinity/UCD but i know i have the back up so its cool. Good luck with it all anyway!

  12. got 152….53rd percentile….wasnt great but was reali sick when the exam was on……hoping for 600 in LC went really well….got 580 in mocks so its promising….wanted to do medicine all my life but im not sure if ive much hope now :(:(

  13. Jennie, I have a question (more on the leaving cert rather than the HPAT, as it has been discussed to death and is still going on.

    Is it possible to obtain 550+ in the leaving cert without being skilled at a language (and by skilled I mean getting a B1 or higher?) I am trying to check if getting 550 is possible, without doing exceptionally in a language, as that is my biggest fault in this whole points race, (from boards.ie I know that the graduate entry is possible, but the GAMSAT could go badly for me, but only time will tell, so I’m considering repeating this year as (about 50% of people sitting the HPAT are/have been doing)

    I should really switch off my ‘hard’ subjects for more easier ones as I choose ones that were interest based when I was in 5th year rather than easy ones (the ones that really require no thinking and is all just learning work)…. people seem to forget (going on about how hard and unfair the HPAT exam is…

    Whereas people sitting the Leaving Cert (to keep all their options open like myself have to learn 3 different languages even if at ordinary level (english at higher but can only ever get a B3)) Fall through the cracks, which is total bull in my opinion… to get into medicine! I mean my mother tongue isn’t avalible on the course (granted english is my most primarily used language but that doesn’t guarantee a high B grade or dare I say an ‘A’ in English. I can’t believe I will lose my place due to a flaw in languages rather than my logical thinking.

  14. i got 144 in hpat, did any get around that? i feel like a complete dumbo nd im freaking out big time…. will people who got around the same as me have a chance if they do a savage leaving. to hell with the government, why did they ever inroduce this damn hpat thing, it sucks!!!

  15. Talking about being a drama queen! You did extremely well in the HPAT you are just being stupidly hard on yourself! you preety much have a place gaurenteed!! you have no real reason to be stressing about this..you did really good in both your LC and HPAT! i on the other hand sat the leaving this year and lets just say things didn’t go as well as i had hoped! got the aul hpat results 2day and got 128??! terrible!!!:(:( really pissed off about this! i have had my heart set on medicine for as far back as i can remember and just feel that the HPAT made this process more difficult! I am gutted to say the least and i know now for certain my dreams have been most definitely dashed! i feel like a failure but am considering repeating next year! did’nt do any preperation for the hpat because i had my mocks but i suppose it was my own fault!
    Just thought i would let you know that you have no reason to worry! there are many people who even if they did well are uncertain if they truelly wish 2 study medicine!
    I’m a gonner anyways! naht a fear of me getting it now!! NICE 1!!!

  16. JustFinished1st Med

    I’ve realised this year that u could be the most suited person for being a doctor, personality wise, in the world but if u don’t make the grade in leaving cert, u def won’t make it it med. People say the leaving cert is the hardest exam of your life, they’re wrong if u plan on doin med. Christmas exams are harder then the L.C.

    P.s. Crystler, I’m dyslexic. so ya, it’s possible

    1. but u didnt have to do the h pat the h pat makes it so so hard. and the way that after 550 points every 5 points only counts for one. in the old days u only needed 580 to do medicine in trinity with no h pat.

  17. I actually am such a drama queen.
    Whoever said that- I bet you scored highly on the Interpersonal Intelligence section (or w/e the frick it’s called)

    But anyway.
    WhatTheHell- My blog has been about MY leaving cert experience and such.
    MY HPAT result- My disappointment.
    So, yeah, I get that you’re not happy with your 0-20%, but maybe you should understand that I’m not happy with my 84. Gedddddit.

    Languages aren’t important for medicine at all, surely!
    Like, Irish (much as I love it) and French (ewww) will play no further role in my life now. Ever.

  18. Jennie,

    I do understand what you mean about languages not being important, but it seems to be important for the points in the Leaving Cert race (which is where I am failing in not getting into medicine).

    Just Finished1stMed, you get a special dispensation for being dyslexic, I on the other hand receive no such benefits. I am fine to do language (as in I have nothing holding me back, other than my blatant lack of interest in some poet who loves to explore his/her sexuality, mortality what have you! Or in French where I would have to write a 90 word paragraph about the trials and tribulations of a teenage or the dangers of the internet, sure in english I could give you that but in French lucky to get 20 words out of me (that’s why I had to go to pass, which was so much easier, and a better decision… unfortunately App.Maths did not go to plan… so that’s a bad dent in my plans)….

    So that still leaves me out of the loop… I’m so stressed I’ll never get into medicine. And according to JustFinished1stMed if I can’t get in due to my LeavingCert apprently I won’t survive 1st year medicine (but then again I have an avid interest and will do better in med, than having to study and revise subjects that I find mildly interesting – dreadfully boring) ….It’s all up in the air my future is currently (in my mind) in the toilet

  19. Hey James,
    You’re obviously an idiot. Read over my above response. Notice how I didn’t say that I personally got 0-20% even once. I was talking about a bunch of my friends. You really are very mature throwing out insults such as “retard”.
    If you must know, I got 206, 99%. So just shut up, why don’t you?

  20. well i got in the 0-20% and i like to think of myself as not being a retard! It was just a bad day and thinks just didn’t go as had planned! I have been thinking really hard all day and i’ve rang round a few places and i think i have a plan in mind!

    James your a fool! you obviously think you are way above everybody else because of your intellict..well you only come across as arrogant and well up yourself! traits that will never get you far as a doctor nor a good one at that!!
    i personnaly hate the way people go on these things and call others names..brave man behind the computer job like…big man..but in this case you need a serious dose of reality!!!!

    congrats on getting 206! fair play thats amazing! I hope everything goes to plan coz you deserve it! well done!

    Finally, coming to the end of my rant..i just wanna say that…a good friend of mine is a doctor and he hates it! I have spoken to several in my neighbourhood and beyond and they all agree that there are much easier ways of making a good living without given your life up to work as a doctor! the hours are tedious and unless you are strong willed and have a tendency not to stress much it is perfect for you….otherwise revise your options and remember that getting medicine is not the end of the road..it could be the best thing to ever happen you and everything in life happens for a reason!

    Qui vivra verra, lets just hope!

  21. I know 4 people including myself who got 96 percentile or above who aren’t doing medicine next year so if you didn’t do so well don’t give up hope yet!

  22. AJ, I love you.
    Encourage more high-scoring friends to join you! 😉

    And Niamh-
    I was never under the impression we’d be given breaks. But I did find it a little bad that we weren’t given even 5 minute breathers.
    I heard that in the RDS they gave breaks between sections though?
    I was in Waterford- one big block.

  23. I really can’t believe you were disappointed with being in the 84 percentile. And anyways, why is doing medicine in TCD so important to you……… it is perhaps the least progressive medical school in the country. Besides, anyone that truly wants to do medicine would be just as happy to be accepted anywhere……… regardless of empty (and rather meaningless, by today’s standards) prestige. Are you sure you are not just throwing medicine down to say you achieved in getting it? And, really for gods sake, at least appreciate what percentile means…… those people better than you might only have a few points more than you. My advice: stop complaining about this ‘tragedy’. Surely an aspiring doctor such as yourself should have the grounding, maturity and conscience to realise that there are more important things in the world than not getting medicine in TCD! And sure you will gladly take a place in Galway but would have to forced to accept Cork because, oh no, you hate the place!! I love the way all these medical schools seem secondary too you because of a lack of gilt edged prestige….. blah blah blah…….. just get a law degree (I doubt it would make any difference to you)

  24. Ted, thanks for the constructive criticism. I’ll pass on the Law degree, thanks.

    I don’t want to study Medicine in Trinity for prestige or anything like that.
    I chose Trinity because I love the university- I love the athmosphere, the location, the people… I also have a few good friends there.
    Prestige means nothing to me.
    Galway doesn’t appeal to me as much because it’s EIGHT hours away from home, and I’ve no friends there or anything. As I said, I’ll gladly accept it, because Medicine’s medicine and it is a great city and all the rest.
    But, 8 hours away…
    I didn’t say I wouldn’t take medicine anywhere, because- I will! Trinity’s my first choice, is all. I’ll accept Cork, without a doubt- I’d just rather do the course in one of the 4 other places!

  25. ted, one word: relax!

    jennie, u are being a little tinsey winsey bit dramatic since i know people who are also repeats and have also performed as best they could (probably 600pts) in the leaving yet they’re in the 70%ile! now they can mourn. nonetheless i do feel your pain. imo, the hpat involved some luck and favoured those who don’t need a 5 min breather or more admist 3 full on hours of brain drain. i mean i personally would have done better if i got a break and if i got to eat a little sugary snack or something. i could hardly see straight by the time i got to section 3 and that was the section that let me down. anyone who was sick, even with a headcold might have done worse than usual, or people under external stress. it’s still not a fair system. i know people in the 99%ile who are clever but i surpassed them in the junior cert easily, probably have also in the leaving and we did practise tests together where i either beat them or came close behind them. suddenly we are separated by a heap! what’s that about?! i also know someone who got below 20% but usually did very well in the practise tests…. and this person probably got 600. sad.

    it’s clear that you are very bright, amitious, hardworking and keen to study med. you also appear balanced and i believe that if it were 2008 you’d be guaranteed a place. for those reasons alone i hope you get it. you probably will, 84%ile is still v strong, and so is your leaving. it is annoying though, being left hanging. going from a proactive A student to a passive “hmmmmmm we’ll see” student (i’m talking about myself here) overnight does send you into paranoia overdrive.

    fingers crossed there’s loads of postgraders, second choicers, foreign students who’d take a place somewhere else if they got it, people who have no intention doing medicine at all, and some who get below 480 (unlikely though….). that should increase our chances somewhat!

    best of luck, might see you somewhere in september, who knows! 🙂

  26. Jennie, of course you can complain about it – but perhaps it’s a bit unsensitive to overdo it as plenty of people got much, much less. And you know well that the 84th percentile isn’t bad.

    James, dunno if you’re taking the piss but, what?? Sorry, but getting 0-20th percentile is obviously disapointing but does not make someone a retard. One of my friends got this, and she is incredibly intelligent and will most likely get high points. Good thing she’d actually prefer to do radiotherapy or something though.

  27. Medicine in Trinity is the shit. No wait – it’s just shit. The department can’t tell its head from its arse – and they’re training us in anatomy.

    I’m obviously being harsh, but the supreme lack of organisation was disappointing. They also very much toss you in the deep end, which probably will have its benefits, but I reckon there’s a balance to be struck between it and, say, RCSI’s spoonfeeding (they’re allowed use Monkhouse…Monkhouse dammit (virtually an anatomy tabloid))

    Also in most other universities if you get a decent LC they’ll reward you with three figures of moneys (UCC do anyway). Trinity give you book vouchers. Like some local parish hall table quiz third prize. That’s actually a stupid reason not to go to Trinity though.

    Not going to Galway/UCC is something I regret, it was easy for me to put Trinity on a pedestal during the LC that I don’t think it deserves.

    BUT, most people in the course would gallantly defend the university where Irish is accepted as a foreign language, and apparently doing med there helps you establish better contacts or something related to lick-arsing like that 😛 so like, if you do get a place in the highest-points course in the country (which I reckon you deserve, best of luck – and mazel tov on the honest blog, jesus wept, is there supposed to be a cutoff percentile at which you’re entitled to express disappointment?) all’s not lost !

  28. Go Ted……….dont you just get sick of all these trinity lovers………WOOOOOOPIE TCD wow so impressive……
    Jenny Cork is a fab city and no i’m not from there i live about 9 hours from it but i would gladly go there if my dream was to persue medicine
    People like you are the very reason we have such a diluted and minimal health system, people who want to be called “Doctor”, just for the reputation and eliteness

    Anyway you would not be able for a Law Degree it seems ‘Dr Jennie’

  29. Yeah to back up the comments about Trinity – personally would love to go there (not doing medicine) but some of my med-y friends thing it’s not as good as other colleges for medicine. Did you consider UCD? Probably the most enthusiastic of my friends applying for medicine chose UCD over Trinners hands down.

  30. People.

    Jennie says:
    “I’ll take Medicine anywhere in Ireland. If Trinity’s out than I’ll gladly head to Galway. I’d even take the plunge and accept CORK if I had to- even though I hate the city (nothing personal, guys) and would really hate to end up there.”

    What the hell are you all talking about?

  31. MY CAO looks like this:
    Med- Trinity
    Med- UCD
    Med- NUI Galway
    Med- RCSI
    Med- Cork.
    Human Health & Disease Science- Trinity
    Pharmacy- Trinity
    Radiation Therapy- Trinity.

    I really want Trinity, as you can see.
    I am the LEAST “prestigous” person in the world!
    I’m not your average “My Daddy is a Doctor/ Millionaire, I love my Private School education/ fake tan/ Wez disco blahhhhh” person or anything, because people seem to be suggesting it.
    I don’t care about the title of being a Doctor, the social status, and I don’t care about the money, I’ve less shallow reasons than that for choosing such a demanding course.
    I think everyone knows that if you just want MONEY you’d be better off choosing a different career- Doctors don’t have the time to spend said money.

    I love Dublin, Trinity trumps UCD as it’s a 5 year course as opposed to the 6 year one I’d be offered in UCD.
    I’ve already done an extra year of school, so I’d like to skip Pre Med, if possible.
    Still wouldn’t put Cork high up though. An extra year elsewhere would be better than ending up down there 😛

    Me!: Thanks for your comment, hopefulyl I will see you somewhere come September!

    Roisin: Allow me to reitterate- MY blog, MY experiences.

    Kneeve: Cheers for the comment. I won’t be disappointed if I get Medicine elsewhere- trust me on that one. Trinity’s still for me though, as I’m a , eh, winner…

    CiaraJ: See above “not-elite” rant.
    And I agree, I probably wouldn’t be able for a Law degree, y’know why?
    I have absolutely NO interest whatsoever in it.

  32. I wonder how many time you’ll have to make the “I’m not pretentious” argument before they start listening…. One of these days Jennie, you’ll be able to post a blog and no one will take some kind of offence to it…

    Anyway, I think you did pretty well, and even if this years LC does happen to come out worse than last years (which I doubt, tbh), you’re still sitting on a pretty strong LC from last year. I don’t think you’ve anything to worry about! I have no doubt that there’ll be a Dr. Jennie and Dr. Liam floating around in a few years 🙂

    (Minor point, but someone was saying to me the other day that if you do do worse the second time round, you can’t use your original points… It’s possible that she pulled that from thin air, but something you might want to check anyway… Not to freak you out of anything, because really, she does come out with a lot of nonsensical ramblings, in fairness. It seems a bit silly if that is the case, really.)

  33. S’craicin’ Aoif?
    Thanks for the comments.

    Yeah that rumour about having to take this year’s points is just that- A rumour.
    A few people said it to me, so I checked it out in a big panic-y fluster.
    Absolutely not true- Phew!

    The CAO automatically just uses whichever points are higher/ have all the matric requirements/ etc.

  34. shit the hell up you did amazingly thats the most annoying, irritating blog i’ve ever read, buy a diary and keep the pointless rants to YOURSELF!!!! i will give u a million euro if u dont get med!

  35. Oh that’s good… I did think it made very little sense, but she was quite sure… Silly!

    No one asked you to read it, Sarah.
    Though Jennie, it might be worth deferring for another year for a million euro… 😛

  36. JustFinished1st Med

    hey Crystler, funny thing is i never got round to applying for the allowances, as i wasn’t failling in honours so i just spent extra time learning poems and writing answers

  37. I’d just like to point out that I can see the email addresses you enter when you leave a comment.

    sarah/jenny there is the same person, called neither of these names.
    Typical troll.

    And Liam Eile, yeah, I’m sorry.
    It actually is nothing personal, Cork people are lovely! I should know, I’m part-Corkonian! (Shameful, yes :P)

    And Aoife, haha, might be worth it alright!

  38. Guys points, college places and all that stuff isn’t going to matter when the machines come to power, then it’ll be survival of the fittest not the smartest…

    Hope that puts it perspective for you all.

  39. Actually I like her, I find her brand of gallows optimism quite endearing. I can’t see how anyone could get so riled up over an ambitious person like Jennie, I think it only shows to highlight that persons insecurities.

  40. I know, roysh?
    Like, I actually just seem to annoy so many people with absolute minimal effort.
    I take back anything I ever said about me being talentless.

    But you Saul, you’re just lovely.

  41. I love Jennie to be honest…..a funny, extremely determined and pasionate person who doesn’t deserve any of these mindless uninformed stupid criticisms that you are heaping on her! Grow up the lot of you!!

  42. Also a fan!

    Jennie seems to want it and is trying a good deal more than the sarcastic, arrogant, condescending medicine hopefuls, I’ve had the displeasure of working with (2.5 hours House does NOT count as study) can’t fault a person with ambition either! The humour is also much appreciated.

    Shame people can’t adhere to the unwritten “don’t like it don’t read it rule” for blogs vlogs and similar forms of expression……

  43. There are many reasons why I would like to have put UCD or NUIG as my first choice but I cant turn back the clock.
    Just thought I would give you a heads up on that.
    Whatever you decide to do I wish you the best of luck.

  44. Jennie’s getting way too much praise, so I feel obliged to insult her.

    Fcucking piss midget that she is.

  45. Hmmm Jennie, you know the thing about you that really ticks me off is your sheer hypocritical qualities.

    I am the LEAST “prestigous” person in the world!

    and then..
    Trinity’s still for me though, as I’m a , eh, winner…

    Your insults to the people on your blog who scored lower than you seem very insensitive –
    Not a good characteristic of a future doctor. Maybe one the features of a “wannabe” Doctor like yourself. That’s right, that’s the impression that I get from your soppy, melodramatic, insensitive posts.

    You know I got 206 in the HPAT, does that give me the right to dub me a winner and you a loser? Maybe.. but I won’t, you see, as I am the bigger person here.

    Tell me Jennie, if your so keen on medicine and are soon turned down in August for all of your applications, will you repeat or fare with the supposed “losers” in Human Health and Disease?”

    God, I hope you fail..

  46. Hopeful Human Health and Disease loser

    Whatthehell please read over your argument then look up irony.

    Not only where you condensing and rude, you were snide, insulting, bigoted and downright insensitive. How dare you make crude remarks at a fellow leaving cert student who’s worked just as hard as you, mock another course from your elitist ivory tower and dare claim yourself to be the “bigger person”.

    Some of us have been working towards Human Health and Disease from the start. Medicine was never on my agenda, but I worked myself stupid for two years just so I could hope to study whatever I wanted. If there’s bigger losers who get the place ahead of me big deal I’ll get over it; in fact I’ll be thrilled with any of my top five off the CAO.

    You know what? I hope you get medicine, your self esteem obviously needs it.

  47. Rude maybe, but condensing? Now I’d be the first to admit that I evaporate from time to time, and I’d also hold my hand up high with guilt for being an avid sublimator, but condensing – NEVER.
    My my I am being quite condescending right now, don’t you think?

    Now to set you straight Ms (I’m guessing you’re a female, correct me if I’m wrong) Hopeful Human Health and Disease loser:

    1) I’m only being rude because that’s how I treat hypocrites like Jennie.

    2) She’s putting people down, ergo I am the bigger person.

    3) You don’t know if she worked “just as hard” as me.

    4) She deserves it.

    5) I was being ironic when I said “losers”, I actually have a high level of respect for HHD and it’s actually right under medicine on my CAO. I was simply trying to convey how I think Jennie is in fact prestigious to the core.

    6) I’m not doing med for the self esteem boost, no no (Got plenty of that). I wish to help people.

    7) I have absolutely no problems with you and I wish you luck in any of your future endeavours.

  48. I’d just like to point out that I can see the email addresses you enter when you leave a comment.
    Jennie/Orlaith/Craig there is the same person, called none of these names.
    Typical troll.

    84%? You’re defo outa the race. Hate to be the one to break it to ye.

    See ye later!

  49. Aggresive much?
    Chill out for God’s sake.

    First off, “WhatTheHell”, I’d like to point out that the “Trinners for Winners” thing above was tongue in cheek. But anyway.
    I’m not bothered replying to your rather epic spiels-
    I think I deserve to study medicine, I don’t really care what you think.
    If you bothered casting an eye over the whole site as opposed to this one blog, you’d notice that it details the experiences of us students. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again –
    This post was about MY experience of the HPAT. My opinions, etc. It’s not an article or a list of facts or what have you- see linked article in the above blog if that’s what you’re into.

    HHD Person- Thanks for your comment. I genuinely hope you get a place in the course, you sound determined and keen. Best of luck!

    whistleblower- you cannot see people’s email addresses.
    And I don’t exactly think you’re the first person to say I’m “defo outa the race” either, please see the many previous comments with similar sentiments.
    Nobody really knows yet in any case, so I’m going to hope for the best.

  50. Who said that I don’t think you deserve medicine? I think that you probably deserve medicine more than most. You worked hard, as you frequently claim, you repeated which shows determination and from what I can see in your blogs you’re very bright.

    What I doubt is your compatability with medicine.
    You seem to be very over-the-top and dramatic about everything, and after the HPAT and before you seemed very uncool and disconcerted, where as you know Doctors are known for having the innate ability for being the inverse of this in tedious situations.

    Hmmm.. funny it would be if fate casted you and I in the same course on the 17th.


  51. Wow this argument has progressed…whose side to take…Jennie or What the Hell???………….wat the hell i am afraid, i agree with a majority of what you say.

    Although one has to admire Jennie for her determination but maybe coming on this website and writing about your LC experience wasn’t your smartest choice,Jennie, perhaps one could say it contributed to in your opinion your “low” Hpat score, a score i believe is a fantastic achievement.

    Good Luck Jennie and maybe you do deserve medicine because you cannot be any worse than those snobby condescending individuals who are doctors.

    The funny thing is every one knows what you look like Jennie and your crude remarks will live on with you, when you meet those you have insulted next year in college (if your not repeating again) i sincerely hope you are embarressed.

  52. Errrr… embarrassed?
    TBH I think most of the insults are being fired AT me, not by me.

    But, ok, cool, thanks.

  53. would like to point out that most of the people on here are using pseudonyms so the chances of future identification/embarrassment are low. unless one of you comes up to her in the street and berates her. unlikely.

    @WhatTheHell if she didnt get wound up the blog wouldnt be interesting would it. which is more interesting – “YEAAAHHH I GOT IN THE 83rd PERCENTILE BEEYATCHES” or “im disappointed that i did not get in the 99th percentile, fml”. if anything self betterment should be promoted and not insulted. what would be even worse is a robotic post merely outlining her score, inoffensive yes, but worth reading? i’m not even doing the leaving cert, but i took a look at her link and kept reading it because it is interesting.

    as for doctors being cool and detached under pressure, there are lots of branches of medicine where lots of different personalities can thrive. you’ve been watching too much House M.D.

    i dont do medicine (thank god) so i dont suppose to have opinions on peoples relative suitability to the profession and as you are similarly unenlightened i would ask you to do the same.

  54. The notion that:

    “anyone that truly wants to do medicine would be just as happy to be accepted anywhere”

    is just utter nonsense.That is like saying studying Irish in Ireland is the same as studying Irish in Kazakhstan(no offence to Kazakhstan but you must admit they are pretty rubbish at Irish XD) Medicine is such a diverse course to,let’s say your common art or business course in that med departments need to be very well-funded in order to provide for all the spendings in researches and equipments;in other word a better funded med department=more likely to produce better doctors(it’s a cruel and sad fact to accept i know but hey,this is the real world we’re living in)and that is why there are so few med department in the country(or any country compare to other cources).IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.And you certain can’t beat Trinity’s yearly endownment at that.More money also means you can afford better teaching staff and facilities.You knowTrinity didn’t earned it’s reputation as Ireland’s premier college merely through the intellectual snobbery of its student and by having some ancient celtic menuscript in it’s library;)

    I’m sure that given the choice between Trinity and the other med school in Ireland most sensible people would prefer Trinity,and i can’t think of no other reason why you wouldn’t except (a)you happen to hate Dublin and it’s people,(b)you’re simply not good enough to get in or (c)you’re stupid enough to think that we live in a world of equal opportunities and a med degree from UCC is the same as a med degree from TCD in which case you should just go live in fairyland and fxxk yourself.

    WhatTheHell: If she really ticks you off that much then why do you keep on coming back and explain yourself?if I were you I wouldn’t even bother coming back to the site at all,what’s with my great sensitivity for others and my 206 points… but you can’t really prove that can’t you?No that’s what I thought so….and the “God I hope you fail” at the end is just sad and pathetic.Consequently i can only conclude that like me and many others,you’ve been charmed by Jennie’s wonderful and somewhat whimsical sense of wit.Ahhh…the wonders of online anonymity:)

  55. Hey Artie,

    Why I come back here? It, my friend is called piece of mind.
    My 206? You’ll have to take my word for it.

    You know you really come across to me as Jennie’s bitch or minion, you know that? If you are going for medicine I can really see your incandescent flare for kiss-ass. Well done.

  56. and its manuscript…as Jennie so loves to look down on others and simultaneously correct them on every little detail
    it seems to me the “Artie” is in fact Jennie
    no one else would take the time to defend her

    this site is amusing that is why we all return

    rock on What the Hell

  57. piece of mind? At 3:42 a.m in the morning?! Arrant pathetic. You can’t even defend your point without resorting to personal insults and name calling. Subsequently you’ve no only managed to offend everyone but also made yourself look like a fool.Only the internet would allows this sort of vile/creepy cowardice and hypocrisy.And Ciaral-a ya you’re right this is quite the amusing site alright.Just want to point out that your first 2 points just contradict one another …and you yourself may well be WhatTheHell with a second e-mail address. Rational and smart thinking people always win the arguement, that much is true.Another early morning comment huh?

  58. just after reading the above, i do hope you two(jenni n whatthehell) end up in the same coarse…. has been quite an entertaining argument or whatever you want to call it. gonna do occupational therapy in galway myself…can’t wait!!!

  59. In my opinion a medical degree is a medical degree,whether you get it from RCSI,Trinity,or wherever.But if Jennie wants to go to Trinity,that’s her prerogative.

    Oh and some people seriously need to get over their predjudices towards UCC.:L

  60. “(c)you’re stupid enough to think that we live in a world of equal opportunities and a med degree from UCC is the same as a med degree from TCD in which case you should just go live in fairyland and fxxk yourself.”

    just goes to show the pigheaded-ness of some people…jennie i really hope you get med!
    contrary to what most people on here think…you seem very levelheaded & aware of all the hard work to come…hard-working-obviously since you cared enough about the course to repeat in order to get it..
    I will say one thing though…fair enough you dont like Cork..personally i wouldnt move to galway but on other peoples part it is grossly unfair to say a med degree from UCC is not the same as one from TCD.
    Three of my siblings have graduated from med in UCC, having won multiple national awards and scholarships along the way. All speak glowingly of UCC, the lecturers & fellow students. Im not like a personal spokesperson for the college or anything but it is extremely pompous attitude to have to say that one degree is of higher value than another. My brother-in-law went to RCSI for med, having done pharm in TCD & openly admits he wishes he began in galway/UCC.
    Jennie, i hope you get everything your hoping for come August, it seems to me you want med for all the right reasons, ignoring prestuge & all that bullshit.. its just disappointing to come on & read arrogant comments like Arties.

  61. I think it’s fair to say that anyone who actually actively and repeatedly comes on here to insult and abuse Jennie or anyone else is a jerk, plain and simple.

    My advice to you Jennie is to rise above this and stop responding to them, it’s not like you need to defend or justify yourself to these guys. The calibre of person that picks fights on the internet is usually very low.

    You’ve repeated and you obviously want it enough, I wish you the best of luck Jennie.

  62. Well, I mean, she does have SOME piss-midget-like qualities, to be fair, but on the whole she manages to suppress them fairly well, unlike some other certain piss bandits…

  63. I just think ’tis a pity when people can’t face up to it when being told the truth and instead’ve taken the whole thing out of context.I personally have nothing against UCC or any other college and had you read my whole comment you should see the point i was trying to make:The system as a whole isn’t fair and there’ll always gonna be one college better than the other;whether it’s in academic or in sport etc.It’s a cruel and unplesant truth and IT’S HOW THE REAL WORLD WORKS.Why do think you there are university/college league tables being published annually around the world?Why are there always going to be ppl paying 5G a year going to the institute?What do some ppl take more subjects than necessary in the L.C.?Hell the LC and HPAT themselves are far from being perfect.And people really shouldn’t dismiss a college just because they had “a bad experience”;it simply means that you’re not particularly suited to that college.JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE A COLLEGE DOES’T MAKES IT A “BAD” COLLEGE.The education system we have is ultimately flawed and i’m merely implying that ppl should face up to it rather than to be ignorant.

    And childish name-calling won’t help either.That just shows desperation.

  64. I just stumbled across this blog while I was looking for a summary of the HPAT Ireland results and I have an opinion on your blog Jennie. Firstly I think that while your score isn’t very good (honestly nobodies was) your percentile is and I think because it’s the first year the HPAT was sat in Ireland colleges will be looking at the percentiles rather than scores so you still have a good chance of getting into medicine. However can I just remark on how dramatic and OTT your blog is, I understand that you perhaps wanted to get a few cheap laughs while keeping a matter-of-fact and show offish tone to your blog with large words and the likes, just incase you were unaware this isn’t an English exam and you don’t have to act like you speak like a first class poet all of the time. Give your brain a rest girl. Your references to getting drunk and wanting to get drunk were pathetic and reminded me of a sad teeny bopper you overhear on the bus boasting about getting “drunk” one night after a few guzzles of Blue WKD…REBEL! but maybe if you spent more time studying and less time getting pissed in night clubs and writing ridiculous blogs in a petty effort to improve your creative writing skills you wouldn’t have even had to take the HPAT because you would already be through your first year in medicine in your beloved Trinity. Doctors must be headstrong and dependable, after reading your blog I’m pretty sure you are neither of these things and while I know that these skills can be developed in college and while on placements there’s got to be a good foundation there to build on.
    Sorry if your find my opinion offensive, I just had to let it out.

    – PS Artie you’re an idiot…everyone knows Trinity has a reputation as one of the most prestigious colleges in Ireland and I sincerely believe that Jennie wants the boasting rights of being able to say “I’m studying medicine in Trinners” more-so than getting the first class education(which can be received in any college in Ireland). Just like she boasted about getting drunk for a cheap laugh.

  65. Bah, I missed out on a hell of a lot of comments. My apologies, I was at the beach/ rambling walks/ not sitting around the PC to insult others.
    But don’t worry, I’m back.

    First off, Liam- You’re wise and correct and eh, lovely.

    I’m not bothered replying individually to everyone- BASICALLY…

    Can people please stop insulting me for being a pretentious, prestigious, idiot?
    Just because I want to head to Trinity does not make me pretentious.
    I’m sure there are those who want to do medicine for the money or the social status or what have you, and I’m sure there are those who want to head to Trinity for the prestige, but I am not one such person.
    That’s a mighty fine brush you’re using there, to sweep everyone with that delightful tar-ish stuff. I’ve justified my reasoning for wanting to go there, and I’ve justified my reason for wanting to study medicine (To HELP people.)
    I’ve also stated that I will go to any of the Universities in Ireland,GLADLY. That Trinity is simply my PREFERRED college.
    Any more “UR SO POSH/ PRETENTIOUS” mehness will be ignored.

    I do like Saul’s comment a lot too. Cheers! And you’re very much so correct, yet I’m eh, still.. here.

  66. lozy, when you mentioned that this came up when you were looking for somebody’s perspective on the results, a synopsis or publication of some sort about this fricken hpat online i could relate to you. same boat you see, except when i realised that after you got the satisfaction of reading a girls experience of the hpat exam itself, and the process of getting and making sense of results (she even told us exactly what she got which is damn brave) you decided you’d spit on it! you probably don’t even know her yet you want to insult her writing style (which i find smooth and apeasing), her motives for writing a blog, her personal career choices, and what she decides to do with her free time.

    how many other blogs like this are out there? would you have read it if you thought you didn’t need to? was it not at least in someway comforting or helpful? besides a few rants and questions on boards.ie and one article in the times there is nothing else us harrassed hpatters have to rest our eyes on, fact.

    face it, you googled it and you read it because you needed to, you should be grateful not rude.

    for those of you who think you are so above blogs and the like, why the hell do you read them?

    anyone can pick fault with anything, and most of what you guys picked fault with are actually qualities not true flaws which makes me think you’re jealous. the slating jennie’s getting is not warranted. you all have valid points but none of it pertains to this blog. it sounds like it was what that laura brady one needed to hear. jennie however doesn’t come across as a spoilt elitist brat, n’or a show off. she’s just confident and care free.

    to read an online diary of an individuals experiences and then try and degrade her is so low, it’s blog raping if you ask me!

    jennie i would just ignore them, they want to get a reaction out of you.

    good luck!

  67. Thanks “me!”

    I was waiting for somebody to draw a Laura Brady comparison- ha!

    The truth is, a lot of people’s reactions to my blog (and me in general, here on t’internt) are similar to people’s Laura Brady reactions, and I actually find it rather odd. Just as you said- I’m not her.

    I’m the anti-LB!
    (For anyone confused, she was the 2008 Time’s Diarist- a medicine hopeful. I actually thought she was an excellent writer, but saw nothing of myself in her at all. She got an awful lot of abuse, a lot of it unwarranted.)
    I did not go to a private school. I didn’t even get a single grind or go to any grind school revision weeks or anything like that.
    I’m not some stinking rich shoe-loving princess or WHATEVER.

    Totally different reasons for wanting to go into Medicine. Sorry to let you all down.

  68. I love the way when you search her up on google image what turns up first(well i know that’s not really her but but somehow that seems to have comforts me and makes me want to giggle:P).Apparently she’s fantastic at giving truly relaxing head massagesXO

  69. ok i just finished reading that whole thing after like an hour so most of the stuff i wanted to say is forgotten

    first off jennie’s writing style, i thought was hilariously entertaining and all the crap about wanting prestige is rubbish! our society is built of prestige and it is crammed into us to want it-anyone who believes themselves to be some god above that is just stupid. i mean seriusly-just take a look at the length of the words in all your comments! anyone hoping for med is obviously brainy and in my opinion ther is nothing wrong with covertly flouting that on a blog which is obviously going to be read mainly by other med hopefuls. so ya the lot of you are prestigous-get over it!

    whatthehell-you are a severely disillusioned person if you think you will get anywhere in life with that attitude of ‘im brilliant and my viewpoint is right’-the comment on condensing which was probably a typo(im sure youve had one at some point in your life) was simply cruel
    ok i cant remember the rest of what i wanted to say but thats the crux of it

  70. Mediocre: Easy now, I don’t think I’m perfect, nor do I claim to be. I find you to be quite the hypocrite to be honest.
    You call me cruel for the whole condensing think – which was a joke as I was trying to be ironic ^^- and yet you say that I won’t get anywhere in life. Ouch! That really hurts!

    Liam: I don’t know what your talking about in your comments.. I really don’t…

    Jennie: I think your a little insensitive with your blogs, but that’s certainly not to say that I hate you. In fact, I do find your blogs to be well-written and quite witty. You just don’t seem like Doctor-material to me.

    Lozy: I pretty much agree with everything you said except for the shots you took at Jennie for writing good English.

    Ciaral-a: I too agree with a lot of what you say. What course are you going for, I must ask?

    Artie: I stay up late, sue me. And why don’t you give the whole joint e-mail paranoia thing a break? By your logic YOU could be Jennie. And if you haven’t noticed “Arrant pathetic” is a form of name calling, you hypocrite.

  71. Mediocre: Easy now, I don’t think I’m perfect, nor do I claim to be. I find you to be quite the hypocrite to be honest.
    You call me cruel for the whole condensing think – which was a joke as I was trying to be ironic ^^- and yet you say that I won’t get anywhere in life. Ouch! That really hurts!

    Liam: I don’t know what your talking about in your comments.. I really don’t…

    Jennie: I think your a little insensitive with your blogs, but that’s certainly not to say that I hate you. In fact, I do find your blogs to be well-written and quite witty. You just don’t seem like Doctor-material to me.

    Lozy: I pretty much agree with everything you said except for the shots you took at Jennie for writing good English.

    Ciaral-a: I too agree with a lot of what you say. What course are you going for, I must ask?

    Artie: I stay up late, sue me. And why don’t you give the whole joint e-mail paranoia thing a break? By your logic YOU could be Jennie.

  72. That was the sound of me not bovvvverin’ to reply to people calling me a pretentious cunt anymore. Or whateverthefuck.
    It’s been great guys.

  73. What the fudge? Jennie using a swearword? Well I’ll be. And wow, it seems I’m not the only nocturnal one here then.

    Oh, and about that whole “people being d**k holes when they are anonymous” is true to a certain degree. But not for me.
    To be honest I’m a lot more critical and blunt in real life then on some internet blog, and I will say that if I DO end up in the same course as Jennie – as I know what she looks like (with the great hair and all)- I will reveal myself as WhatTheHell. No jokes.

  74. Jennie (I’ll maintain my relatively anonymous state for irony, you know who I am)

    I love how brilliantly confrontational everyone is here, but what I love even more is, how I know people just would not have the balls to say any of this to your face.

    I LOVE how anonymity turns people into complete dick-holes.

  75. what the hell, you’re going to get stomach ulcers next year if you think there’s some kind of bizarre mold all doctors should be cast from. You’ll be in a class of up to 200 people, maybe about 60% Irish, of all qualities…preps, jocks, Asian nerds, cool Asians, unfriendly black hotties, girls who eat their feelings, girls who don’t eat anything, desperate wannabes, sexually active band geeks….people who get adrenaline rushes at exams and/or aptitude tests (are you saying those who think back over exams, curse themselves for slip ups and pretty much strive for perfection are going to make bad doctors?)…people who are honest when things don’t go as they wished…and of course, the WORST KIND OF PERSON….those who use hyperbole to make their blogs an interesting read…what daring sons of bitches. Anyway, I doubt you’ll be reminding any of them to their faces that they only have till mid October to switch to a course more suited to them – because the one thing they all have in common is strong resolve and determination. Just watch yourself if you do decide to tell a med that you have adjudged them to be of poor ‘doctor material’, they carry scalpels. So anyway, chances are you’ll be biting back a lot of words when you see how many people don’t fit your doctor stencil, and stress exacerbates ulcers.

    Mind yourself, transition to college life can be tough enough without ending up in hospital wondering if the doctor treating you ever wrote a soppy melodramatic blog post…

  76. OMG I got the popular culture reference.
    I fail at life.

    I said I’d stop replying to comments, but I lied. Nice one kneeve.

  77. Check out that lack of willpower. And you got the popular culture reference? So you’ve been going to the pictures as well as drinking alcomahol down at the discotheque?

    You know you’ve got 24 hours to change your CAO before you like, soil the medical community with your unstoppable social ventures.

  78. Well kneeve, if that is your real name, I am not a welling mass of low self-esteem. I am not afraid of people. I speak my mind and fight for what I believe. And this is what makes me, my friends and family believe that I will make a great Doctor.

    I’m guessing that you’re not going for medicine yourself, am I right? Because any Doctor worth their salt would not share views like yours filled with timid mortification and self-doubt.

  79. What the hell, god almighty no one would accuse you of lacking self esteem. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you knew where to draw the line between having the stones to say what you think, and having the grace to acknowledge which of those thoughts are appropriate to voice.

    Like going up to someone and telling them unprovoked that you think they’re ugly. Since you misinterpreted my last comment I’ll state explicitly that I’m not saying you would do that. But it’s comparable. It’s not your judgement to make, whether or not someone will make a good doctor. Nothing gives you that superiority. And nothing good will come of it if you share those opinions. They’re not going to drop out. You’ll either shake their confidence, or turn them against you, and for no justified reason.

    I’m already in medicine. A student though, so I still make mistakes, we haven’t done the module where they teach you to veil your timid mortification yet.

  80. Only if someone deserves it. I never take insults and I always confront people who are rude or insensitive, even if I do taint a perfectly bliss atmosphere, much like on this blog.

    I’m not actually an aggressive person, contrary to popular belief, quite the opposite really.

    Tell me, Jennie, if you had something to say to someone, would you bite your tongue to maintain stability or confront the issue?

  81. You confronted the writer for being insensitive in the blog. She wrote honestly about her results and said what she felt.

    If not honesty, what exactly are you advocating?

  82. Well Kneeve, honesty IS the best policy and I most certainly have no qualms with Jennie’s use of honesty in her blog. No no.

    I do however disagree with her expressive nature. If that is honestly the way Jennie feels, that’s fine. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to agree with her. Not at all.

    I am advocating simply the right to stand for what you believe. Obviously not to do something so blatant as to say “you’re ugly” to someone. As you said, there is a fine line between expressing ones beliefs boldly and voicing what is impertinent or inappropriate.

  83. But, ‘you don’t seem like good doctor material to me’? ‘God I hope you fail’? Way to take a stand against rudeness and insensitivity. I don’t think you see the line I mentioned.

    You don’t disagree with the material in the blog – the honest report of the writer’s experience of the HPAT (I don’t see how one could disagree with someone else’s experience, anyway). You mentioned before you find the blog well-written and witty – so therefore the expression of the material was acceptable. So I don’t see where you’re coming from with this ‘expressive nature’.

    Anyway. I originally commented to challenge your view that there exists an ideal doctor material. We’ve dealt with that, and right now I’m feeling uncomfortable playing warrior for someone who’s demonstrated she’s clearly capable of standing up for herself if she feels the need to justify herself. Don’t think this is my place anymore so I’m going to duck out now. Good luck. Okay, thank you. Goodbye.

  84. Well you’ve got it all wrong, so duck out as you please.

    What I meant bey expression was about how she continually jeered her score and mocked others by this.

    And the insensitivity on my part? Yes, I can be insensitive but, as explained above, only when I feel obliged and insulted myself.

    And oh how I see the line. It’s a big luminous, psychedelic glowing strip to me. Clearly we’re not really getting anywhere. So goodbye.

  85. well jennie i think you’re a really talented writer and i hope you get medicine in trinity because you deserve it for having to listen to this crap off people for the year.everybody has their own expectations and if you honestly thought you could have done better than 84% then hard luck but i’m sure you’ll get medicine with your leaving cert results anyway.:D

  86. does anyone know are business courses meant to drop this year???

    is this a ridiculous cao…coz i really havn a clue:

    1. DC111 Business Studies
    2. DN015 Commerce
    3. DT365 Business and Management
    4. DC115 Accounting and Finance
    5. DT366 Accounting and Finance
    6. DT341 Marketing
    7. GY201 Commerce
    8. DN012 Arts
    9. MD500 Arts – Irish Studies and Religious Studies
    10. GY101 Arts

    :S thanks

  87. hey guys!! been reading this for a while now having a good laugh at all the arguments…. anyway jennie i got 178 in the aptitude test and thats in the 88th percentile, so just say if you get 550 points and i get 540 you will be above me as i will have 718 and you would have 724?? (i think you got 174, can’t remember)! the leaving cert is still really important so i wouldn’t give up hope yet! the h pat results are obviously really close so it will come down to the points.
    i just wish i knew now whether i had it or not!!

  88. None of this petty shit matters any more, no h pat, no leaving cert, no arguments, no points requirements, no college courses the only thing that matters now is that Oxegen is in less than a weeks time!!!

    See you fuckers up front at bloc party. Holy crap I can’t wait!!

  89. Hey,
    have to agree with aoife, this is hilarious! its just a big circle of people talking shit about people talking shit. just to let ye know most people are saying now you need about 720 to get in (don’t know where they came up with that but…). so yeah, most people aren’t going to be secure and i think everyone was disappointed for the most part. i don’t see anything wrong with jennie being upset with her mark – its not a bad grade but everyone wants security. saying its wrong to be upset with a high mark is idiotic because thats like saying a med-hopeful before now shouldn’t have been upset with 550 because some people only got 300.
    On the Trinity thing, i have it second on my list and i agree that its a lovely place. I have a family of doctors and from what i’ve heard UCC has a great med course so thats where i’m going.
    I know it was asked before but what the highest result you’ve heard of? the times said 230 and i heard a rumour of 250? anyone?

  90. OMG, imagine getting 250, how epic would you feel?
    The highest I’ve heard is the 230 listed in the Times though (Whoever that is, legend).

    Thanks for the above nice comments all, haven’t been around replying all so much.

    Saul though… YEOWWWWWWWWWWW, roll on Oxegen!
    I actually cannot WAIT for Digitalism.
    Untz untz untzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  91. HAHA! Some serious raving time will be put in! Apparently Red camp is where the party’s at this time, I’ll be buzzin there anyway!

  92. Hahahaha, Red was a ghost town compared to Blue this year, whoever told you Red was better must of been on crack!

  93. Hey jennie, well done on your results, i doubt you’ll have much trouble being accepted into medicine this year, and good on you for going back and repeating when you already had amazing points.
    don’t mind all the abuse you’re getting, you don’t deserve it, you wrote such interesting witty blogs all year and kudos to your braveness in sharing your results. Its comforting to read someone elses experiences in dealing with the same thing as i am.
    i’m also hoping to get trinity for basically the same reasons as you, i really don’t care about the bragging rights either, i just love the college, and its atmosphere and i have a few friends there. I really hope you get what you want, because you have such genuine reasons to become a doctor

  94. also remember that while there are 16% ahead if you, there is no way in hell that all of them are gonna get high points! in the same way that some “600pointers” got in the lower percentiles, there will be those in the higher percentiles that will struggle to break 500. so i guess we’ll all see in the 17th of august!!

  95. im about to go in to final year medicine in UCC and stumbled on this blog while trying to get my head around the new hpat entry system. i think it’s ridiculous/hilarious that ye seem to have something against med in UCC. i got 600 in my leaving and put cork down first choice, with absolutely no regrets to date. im sure that the qualification you get is much the same in all the irish universities, and i know for a fact that UCC graduates are held in very high esteem internationally, as im sure TCD graduates probably are too. one of the added benefits of medicine in cork is that hospitals are much more accessible to students as the city is smaller and this is a major advantage when you factor in the huge time constraints placed on you in your clinical years. in other words you are likely to get more teaching and it’s easier to immerse yourself in your hospital rotations when necessary. UCC is 10 mins walk from cork university hospital, 10 mins walk from mercy university hospital, 2 mins walk from bon secours hospital, 20 mins walk from south infirmary university hospital… the list goes on. i spoke to trinity students during the summer who told me they had to spend over an hour commuting to and from the hospital every day! other advantages are that you are actually pretty much on campus for med in UCC in first and second year (not at all true for TCD) so you have a better college life in pre-clinical years. just think it’s funny that ye would have something against cork when clearly ye don’t know much about the medical course here. there are advantages to looking beyond the pale you know!

  96. James, I have no problems with UCC whatsoever. It’s a brilliant university, I agree…
    I have researched the course there, quite well.
    I never said anything against UCC! An awful lot of my friends go there, about half my year went there last year! In fact, my grandfather even went there back in the day! – I just said I dislike Cork CITY. I also said I’d gladly go there if offered a place, because medicine is medicine.

    Also, just to clear this up I don’t live within the Pale. I went to school in Waterford.

  97. voice ofreason

    ”I love the athmosphere, the location, the people”

    How can you love the ‘athmosphere’ of a university you must have visited, what, once or twice on an open day?? How can you profess to love the people? Save, of course your couple of friends who might have started there last year. I hate when leaving cert students spout that cliched old line about loving the ‘people’ and the ‘ethos’ when all they’ve done is visited it once on an open-day when said university was crammed with other leaving cert students. Stupid, stupid, naive.

  98. voice ofreason

    unwarranted abuse at Laura Brady?? The girl’s blog was a thinly veiled attempt to boast about her fabulous wealth and intelligence.

  99. aha, my bad – trust a UCC student to get all defensive about UCC! (although i should really start a defensive rant about cork city now…!) anyhoo hope results went well for all concerned today. might see a few of ye in UCC in september…ha!!

  100. Hi there Jennie
    Just a quick question,
    In your list of preferences why do you have RCSI below NUIG?

  101. John, I have Galway before RCSI as, quite simply, I’d rather go to NUIG!

    Galway’s great, and I’d probably have it even higher up if it wasn’t so inconvenient to where I live.
    I’ll gladly accept Medicine in RCSI, but I’m not that mad about the place- it’s so small etc. There’s many more people in NUIG and a much woder demographic also. I tend to get on really well with Arts “wasters”

  102. Jennie I go back to my input right up at the top _ Number 2!!!

    Think you are right and Leaving Certificate Marks will still be VERY important.In hpat only 1% or 35 people got above 200. Realistically maximum score for top 35 places will be 560+200=760 assuming the same people who get top 1% get 600 points (now counted as 560)in leaving.
    So your 723 is not nearly as bad as you think! And there are still at least 365 places in medicine still left!
    Dont despair just yet and remember you could do health science in Trinity and repeat hpat next year and you can now get into medicine as a graduate. If determined you will succeed-good luck!

    So I hope you did well in your LC and got your place in Medicine- Good Luck

  103. Who was it said you could get a breakdown of your results? How do you do that?
    On the CAO website or something? I got 200 in Hpat but I do Alevels so my grades have to be converted into points. I was really surprised (and pleased) because the day of the Hpat I flew in from boston at 6am on my own and was really jet-lagged.
    It was a horrible exam.

  104. If drrkpd wasnt so retarded he could have glanced at the post above his and saved himself 5 minutes of his life

  105. wow…. you’ve made me cry… you really are a bunch ……

    anyway I’m going to go run off my tears now….
    thanks for the optimism guys…..
    now I really know Im snigged!!!

    Jeannie (sorry if I remembered your name wrong) your blog is excellent, you’re a great writer! even if it is the truth.. it’s hard to put in words 😛

    I think waiting on these results is a test in itself!!! Test of mental toughness!!

    grrrr lifes a bitch and then we die… as they say:(

    repeating LC :(….. you can’t really do that the third time can you?

  106. My son’s hpat results are coming out this Monday and your letter cheered me up a lot. You expressed all the emotional stuff so well and I commend you for your honesty. I know my son would make a great doctor and he would be very suited to Medicine. So I don’t think I will get much sleep this Sunday.

    I am delighted you made it.

    Best of luck with everything

  107. My son’s score today was below what he expected (148) so I don’t think it will be enough for him to follow his dream of becoming a doctor! I’m very proud of him for trying so hard and hope something else pops up for him to do………suggestions would be welcome Loretta

  108. Oh you poor thing . Were you worried that you wouldnt get into medicine. Boo F&%$£%$£ing hoo! But looking at your photo, there is another “profession” that you could make money at. ( But dont let Daddy know ypure being naughty).

    1. This thread is from last year and Jennie did get medicine now entering into her second year.

  109. Its probably too late but… I sat my HPAT earlier in the year and it didnt
    go very well and kind of gave up on the idea of studying Medicine. I did my Leaving Cert
    in June and I feel I preformed very well in it and was wondering there any alternative to
    studying Medicine that dont depend on the HPAT?, Ive heard about some people considering studying in Poland, anybody know anything about that?


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