Human Interaction 101

I don’t normally tend to write posts in response to comments, but some people have expressed their views on these blogs so thoughtfully and articulately that I couldn’t help but acknowledge them in a post.

Orlagh says:

“Elizabeth, i find you and this website pathetic!
you too marie and jennie!!!!!
get a social life for yourselfs apart from saddo central EYP!”

She then goes on to seek relationship advice:

“how you managed to get a boyfriend…….beats me!”

Well Orlagh, this site really isn’t for Agony Aunts, but what the heck , seeing as your comments have been so heartfelt and genuine I think I’ll make an exception.

You may have heard of the phrase “you catch more flies with honey”. Well Orlagh, a more 21st century version of this timeless saying is “you catch more flies by not abusing strangers on the internet”, it might be a point worth noting. 6th year is a stressful time and not one where you should feel so concerned about getting a boyfriend, perhaps try winning people over as your friends first? Generally people like the sort of person who is friendly, genuine and kind, so when you’re telling people about your hobbies and interests you might want to omit mentioning insulting people over the internet.

But silly me, I’m losing the run of myself, you wanted to find out how to get a boyfriend, not advice on why not to. Well Orlagh, it’ll require time and effort. Maybe set aside the time you use for trawling the internet for people to abuse and the half hour it takes you to think of your witty put downs and use that time to go out on the pull?

Hopefully these tips will be of benefit to you in the coming months, all the best,

Elizabeth xxx

11 thoughts on “Human Interaction 101”

  1. Hahaha, fifty points to Elizabeth!
    And as a side note to Orlagh, you might want to save up on those exclamation marks, I hear there’s a shortage due (Or should it be “!!!!!!!”?).

  2. Wow I didn’t see those comments til now…not cool.

    Very sound advice though Elizabeth, you could go pro 😉

  3. Elizabeth, Jennie, Marie, dont spend your energy trying to tackle this uncouth individual. Chances are that she is a knacker. A pathetic waste of text ( why did this girl even bother to fuck! ) spoiling a great website.


  4. I also get the impression by the way she spoke, that she may know the three of ye personally in some shape or form? Its only a thought….

  5. “I also get the impression by the way she spoke, that she may know the three of ye personally in some shape or form? Its only a thought.”

    Nah, sure we three don’t even know each other, highly unlikely she’d know us!

    “It’s called trolling. Ignore it, or you’re pouring fuel on the fire.”

    I know my way around a troll or two, they troll for a reaction, chances are Orlagh’s busy drinking cans in a field right now and has completely forgotten about this site, just couldn’t resist replying!

  6. I’m no expert, but it seems haughty indignant rants like this would be the precise reaction that trolls are looking for. You’re evidencing how easy it is to piss you off, while simultaneously rewarding the troll with a mention on your blog. In fact you’ve dedicated an entire post to them. Which probably took up more of your time than the troll spent on it.

    A healthier reaction (in my expert opinion) would be either to ignore them, or (if you’re like me and always have to get the last word in) say something profoundly witty, like “Yeah, well your FACE is pathetic!” and leave it at that.

  7. It was a once-off, I’m not planning it to be a weekly special or anything 😛

    I actually only wrote it cos I couldn’t figure out how to delete comments like that, but now I’ve learned how to so any blatant abuse or trolling will be deleted.

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