Hurray to the weekend!

Hello everyone! My nickname for here is Sunny and I am doing the Leaving Cert this year. I’d prefer not to show my real name..or at least not until the LC is done:) The only thing you need to know right now about me is that I’m a girl, 6th year and from Ireland(obviously). I’ve decided to write since I’m quite bored and too exhausted to do anything else. We have all been in school for about a month and a half now and I have to say that this is was probably the most tiring month and a half of my life. Never have I ever felt so tired every day when I come home from school.

The only thing that keeps me going right now is the thought of college and that this is my last year in this school. Even though the days drag by, that month and something flew like nothing and it is kind of worrying but at the same time kind of encouraging(I bet it won’t be after Christmas).

My school is doing continuous assessment instead of Christmas tests this year and it is absolutely horrible. I get about 6 tests every week. Not only is it discouraging when I have bad results in a subject, since I’m aiming very high in my points, but it also sucks the life out of me. You can imagine that I have hardly any time for..well, anything. Not only do we get those tests, but we also get 4 hours of homework each night so we have basically no time to study for the tests. Like I said, it’s exhausting.

Anyways, what do I want to do? My dream since I was about 5years old was to be a doctor. And that’s still my dream. I would love to do medicine but I am quite discouraged by my latest test results. I will still try my best but I am still coming up with a back up plan.

Anyways I should be going. Wanting to go to bed early so that I can do some work in the morning (have a comparative question, art essay, 2 long geography questions, biology questions, chemistry exam papers, german letter and study for the 6tests next week). Glad it’s weekend though. I’ll be hopefully writing again soon enough.


6 thoughts on “Hurray to the weekend!”

  1. I have the exact same problem, except I’m only in fifth year! I have no energy, I have quit any sports I did do, I have no time to go out with friends and I’m not even doing that well. School is taking over my world, but I want medicine so bad. The thing that’s keeping me going is thinking about the day that I open my leaving and I get over 500 but not enough. What was the work for? Giving up my life for two years? I don’t have a back up, I only want medicine. It’s going to be a long 2 years 🙁

    1. Look at it this way: Two years for your whole life of doing what you want is the best sacrifice you can make:)

  2. Hi sunny,

    You’re certainly right about time flying by. For the first time in these 6 years that may actually be a bad thing and the thought of serious works really wrecks my head as we get closer to the exams day after day.

    I too am absolutely exhausted every day, that’s probably just down to how I manage my time, I’ve got to improve on that.

    I still don’t know what I’m aiming towards so hopefully a few open days will help sort that.

    Look forward to seeing more posts and may start posting myself!


    1. Oh I know. Another week gone and it’s already midterm next week! I used to think that people exaggerated when they said that this year just flies by.
      Good luck with finding whatever you want to do:) There are so many options and I’m sure you’ll find the right one for you.
      Will be looking forward to your posts if you decide to post.

  3. Hi Sunny,
    I know how you are feeling! I’m absolutely exhausted when I get home from school at 6 every day! My school are doing continuous assessment but they are still doing Christmas tests. I worked really hard last year but I still feel like I didn’t do enough. I want to do education and psychology so need to get over 545 points which I am so stressed about because it is what I really want and don’t have a back-up….
    All the best,

    1. It is a tough year but it will be all worth it in the end.
      I guess the best thing is to not overwork yourself and just keep up with the stuff you’re doing now (even though that can be pretty tiring as well:)
      I know it’s hard not to get all stressed out as I have problems with that too but we still have loads of time to study…it’ll be fine:)

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