I am the fish

A very wise man by the name of Albert Einstein once said “if you judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree it will live its life thinking it’s stupid” and you know what the leaving cert is? Judging ones ability to climb a tree and unfortunately I am the fish. Some people are monkeys so it’s not difficult, some are ducks and some are fish, but all different abilities and types all being asked to do the exact same thing, some much harder for others. The leaving cert is an outdated, backward and inflexible system which kills all creative thought. We learn to be all the same, to learn the same things, exactly the same with the same answers. God forbid you might actually say the wrong answer! It is a system of tedious repetitiveness making us drones, making us miserable. We are learning not to learn but to pass and to get enough points, our system is not based on love of learning and flexible styles to suit the individual but fear and by rote leaning quote by quote. The system is deeply flawed and I hope one day the government will listen, because its us who have to pay.

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