I felt a Funeral, in my Brain

Probably the most vague, depressing poem I have ever read in my life.  How can one basic looking poem have so many meanings? What the hell was Emily Dickenson thinking when she decided to become a poetic genius? She should have just become a homemaker like all the other girls. Grrrrrrrr. Anyway, I think this poem pretty much sums up the last horrible week I’ve had in school. Trying to get into the the homework/study regime was a nightmare and the one day I can I’m sick, but more on that later.

I’m sure everyone is soooooo happy that Kilkenny lost and being a Kilkenny woman I was naturally disappointed. Everyone wants us to get off our “high horse” and stop basking in the glory that we get. Seriously, I don’t have a hurling bone in my body (yet the rest on my family were bore with a hurl in hand) but I can see that Kilkenny are a great team. The best at the moment in fact. There is no denying it. Seven All-Irelands in ten years?

However, as disappointed as I was. I was absolutely delighted for Tipperary. I mean, it was my first All-Ireland and what a game! There was no magic with Kilkenny and the Tipp team took full advantage of that. Well done! The better team won! I soon found myself clapping for Tipp as the delighted players jumped around the field at end time.  There was no hostility in the stands, just the sound of clapped backs and silent approval from the Kilkenny supporters. I feel such respect for the Tipperary supports as they stood and clapped Shefflin off the field. The only downer on a great day was the four hour journey up and down. And I sit here with food poisoning from the chipper on the way home. 😀

And speaking of brains and such! Guess who found out that blood and arteries and veins make her feel extremely weak and nauseous? Why me, of course! Yes, a great start to the year. Emily Dickenson depresses me and Human Circulation makes me want to faint. Yippee.

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