I’ll miss you biology….= [

Ok…..I was a little sad coming out of biology today,nothing to do with the paper but cos i realised just how much i’m going to miss it. My class maturely shouting “willys” throughout the sexual reproduction chapter and playing who wants to be a millionaire..it really was the best…= [

Much like the class the paper was THE BEST, my best exam thus far I’d say. This is the point where anyone who dislikes biology should stop reading btw! I loved the paper,and it wasn’t just that love where you realise afterwards that it was all just in the heat of the moment and due to the over consumption of a substance such as caffeine or alcohol. It was and still is that slow steadfast love that actually gets better over time and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside(can you see why I want to do medicine??),It was quite the way to end my love affair with biology…

I breezed through the short questions in 10 minutes and the experiments were another 12-ish minutes of my life well spent. The long questions were slightly dissappointing in that the excretory system and respiration seemed to be missing from the party. Otherwise they were fantastisch. The dna was kinda weird in that the outcomes are on the home ec. course not the biology course…? Oh well.Q.15 more then made up for that. I’m a pro at the male reproductive system( = P ) and I felt like I was already a little med student when I was doing part c. I can’t actually remember anything else in particulr off the paper so I won’t even attempt any in-depth analysis but Overall it was a totally awesome paper and this blog was totally pointless I think cos I’m pretty sure i’m the only one who loves biology quite this much but it’s written now so I might as well post it = ]

In the end I got every qestion done,which includes a,b and c of Q14 +15, with over an hour to spare so I looked over it twice and then left to go pester the art history students(sorry bobby!) while I waited for my mammy^_^

I really hope everyone got on as well as I did! People I talked to afterwards seemed to be happy with it at least! did anyone out there have any problems with it? cos i will hunt you down….joke!…..well,only kind of…*_*

Now I best stop lamenting the loss of my second favourite subject in favour of studying my favourite,4 days of pure chemistry study…It’s like my dream come true! and yes,I really am THAT weirdly in love with science and it’s many wonders… so my blog next tuesday will probabley(hopefully!) be even more sickeningly happy then this one,till then….

Oh and good luck to all you poor unfortunates doing german, d.c.g ,physics and ag.science!

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  1. i LOVE biology!! doing biological and chemical science or environment and earth science next year (need to make up my mind soon :P) all thanks to that wonderful subject. really happy witht he paper too. definitiely an A…praying for an A1. =D

  2. I felt the exact same, I smiling like an idiot leaving that exam, the short questions were a dream and I loved the choice in section C – great paper over all!

  3. Thought it was great fun too. The experiments were extremely easy. I was quite happy. One thing I hate about Biology though is how they awkwardly ask some of the questions. Either way, I’m hopeful of an A. But then, so is half the country.

  4. Same here! Wonderful paper, so happy respiration/photosynthesis/protein synthesis processes weren’t on it/were avoidable, made my day!!!

    Yeah, I’m going to miss Bio too….apart from the horrible plant stuff, it was such a lovely subject! I especially liked that the heart came up (predicted correctly, yay!) and that experiment where they basically threw a little bit of everything on the course in was brilliant!

    Also very hopeful of A 🙂
    Imagine marking’s going to be hard though, everyone seems quite happy…

  5. So is the general consensus in all schools that it was a lovely paper- or just amongst us whores for a bit of the study of living things?

  6. I’m really happy it went so well for evryone! I hated to say it but I really am cautiously optimistic of an A1 in biology( i sorta need one!),hopefully none of us shall be disappointed
    And to all others hoping for As ,and i hope i don’t offend anyone here,but i think we’ll be fine when you consider the amount of people who take biology just because they think it’s gonna be easy. Biology is a difficult subject and our whorieness for the study of living things just give us an edge,right Mr.X? So I don’t think comparative marking will really be able to knock any of us down too far

  7. ah..start codon,stop codon or middle codon…I actually don’t know what the right answer is,I just know that people who do home ec. knew it

  8. oh that’s what I put down too – but I do home ec and biology and that’s only in the biology book (well its not in my home ec book) …ah well I suppose it doesn’t matter now! Sure you didn’t even need that answer if you did all the questions anyway! 🙂

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