I’m four Jaffa Cakes away from Fat Camp….

Well this has been a STRESSFUL week! And it seems the more stressed I feel, the more chance there is of me bursting into tears (again). And therefore, the more chance there is of me overdosing on chocolate.. I think my mother is tempted to put a padlock on the kitchen door! It’s not actually a conscious thing.. But I’m constantly hungry! Like I used to get by with juice for brekkie, then an apple and sandwich, followed by dinner. My daily menu now reads like the Irish rugby team’s diet. I need two croissants with jam, just so I can get to little break. If I don’t eat a raisin bar or sandwich, my stomach will decide to imitate Niagra Falls. Then it’s a massive (pink, Dora The Explorer) lunch box filled with pasta or risotto and some fruit. Then dinner and about 1000 calories worth of snacks. Does drinking seven litres of water cancel out all that junk?!  And am I the only one with this problem? I’ve noticed the majority of my friends bringing in more food too, so is it really just a sixth year thing? Though suddenly comfort food isn’t quite so comforting..

One of the most stressful things is deciding on what to do. After the Higher Options Conference, I feel even more confused! I’m now mostly focused on the area of Law.. Particularly with Politics or German, which leads to Trinity, UCD or UCC. Honestly I would LOVE to go to Trinity, it sounded amazing.. But I already know the UCD campus, the bus stop is right outside it and quite a few of my friends are in first year there. BUT I actually don’t like Dublin. I like Cork just because the people are so, so, so nice and the city is gorgeous. Plus my best friend wants CIT so I’m tempted to follow her! If I could, I’d go somewhere in the country, if they had a decent university. There are so many things I love about where I live! E.G. just walking around and knowing every second person, when you walk down the road and people in cars wave at you, the fresh air, walking in grass in bare feet, the thrill of going somewhere bigger than Wexford! Plus, Dublin is so expensive. If I went to NUIG, I could live with my aunt. I haven’t had a chance to look through the prospectuses properly because I was babysitting last night & tonight and just gave them to my dad to bring home. I have a feeling that this weekend will be spent in a confused state of mind.. Or at least Sunday will. Nerve wracking plans tomorrow. Wish me luck 😉

6 thoughts on “I’m four Jaffa Cakes away from Fat Camp….”

  1. oh yes I am not alone!! For study alone u have 2 consume an entire 3 course meal. I wont need money for college after the leavin il need money for lipo

  2. I know, same! Either I’m going to starve from lack of decent meals in college, or I’m going to be waddling around from excess McDonalds.. I know which one is more likely!Haha thanks Kate, the credit has to go to a rant I had in Home Ec! 😀

  3. well its good to know that i wasent the only person that was left more confused by higher options
    love the blog title… :L

  4. Most people I know got tempted by other courses at Higher Options, it’s so hard to chooses! Especially when the college obviously makes itself sound good! Thanks 🙂

  5. Absoloutly love the title! You are most definately not alone with being constantly hungy. I’m the exact same! Comfort food is not the name, once I eat more I get more stressed thinking about the consquences.. Gym tomorrow definately!:)

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