I’m not witty, so I’m not going to even try..

I’m going to begin with Tiger Woods famous words in his first press conference after signing his 40 million dollar deal with nike, “hello world”. Ok, so yeah this might not be the world and rather more just a couple leaving cert students checking out the blogs every so often to ensure all their nervous break downs are completely normal, but hey I’m a simple gal, thats world enough for me.

My names Edel, I’m unfortunately seventeen for the next four months. Thats right, I turn eighteen slap bang in the middle of sixth year, on the last day of the christmas exams. Shoot me. I’m pretty much your average girl, nothing extraordinary. I love school, yeah I said it. Ok so I don’t love it everyday, but I can’t deny that when the end of the summer holidays come I am just that tad bit excited to get stuck back into another year.

My dream is to this time next year hopefully have my place secured in Trinity College studying medicine, or well anywhere that will take me. I can hear the dozens of people reading this all saying in unison ‘ah..another one’. Yes I agree, high profile courses such as medicine has become some sort of infatuation with half the fricken population. I myself am not ‘infatuated’, its merely just exactly what I want to do, and has been ever since I can remember, and if I have to repeat, I will. I want to help people, I really genuinely do, and if I’m perfectly honest the idea of spending five years disecting bodies is fairly bleedin’ awesome too (: Right so now for the subjects,

  • English
  • Irish
  • Maths
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Accounting
  • Applied Maths
  • Spanish

All higher level.

I’m a very mathematical/scientific minded girl. English and Irish are ok, but spanish is the bane of my life. I just don’t get it. Don’t ask me why, I can get my head around any sort of science theory you throw at me, but spanish vocab? I’m stumped. Honestly If I see anything higher than a B3 on my leaving cert results I will honestly cry with joy.

The first week of school has been awful. AWFUL. I went in on friday to get my first years who I will be mentoring as I am a prefect. That was fine, but monday morning came quick and fast and nothing has stopped since. I genuinely thought the first week would consist of hour long speeches of ‘THIS IS YOUR LEAVING CERT!!’ But no, that was mentioned for two minutes max, and then the work started. I had a ‘suprise’ chemistry test today, and I am having another one tomorrow. Thankfully its on organic chemistry, so nothing thats gona kill me. Maths test monday. and another maths test the monday after. And so on and so forth until the 9th of february. Thats right, I got a timetable of every maths test until the mocks. THE MOCKS!!  My life has ended.

It shall be a rollercoaster of a year…

But now I must go and right a spanish dialogue. To google translater I go…

Hasta Luego (:


4 thoughts on “I’m not witty, so I’m not going to even try..”

  1. I like this blog. And your school sounds cool. Timetabled Maths tests! I’m jealous. Good luck in Medicine, you have plenty of competition from the blogging team.

  2. I know you didn’t ask ME but chemistry it really the most important science to have when wanting to study medicine. If applying to UCAS chemistry is mandatory while biology is optional to have in your leaving cert. Also in UCD medicine is six years but if you have chemistry I think it reduces to five. With medicine they are going to teach you all the biology stuff again anyway, with extra detail. It would be reckless for the universities to assume you fully understand all of LC biology before you go in. Besides if medicine is what you want to do not having biology could make university more interesting because the information is new.

  3. Yeah well as Michael said Chemistry is the more important one, but also decided to opt for physics as my second science because the paper is relatively easy and very predictable, because its the least popular science subject so they don’t want to make it super duper hard or else Physics would lose its tiny enough following…so basically should be a handy enough A1 😀 ANNNNDDD for the first year ever girls outdone boys in Physics, how bleedin deadly? 😛

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