I’m sorry to interrupt…

…But we thought it best to inform you that the exams are a week away!

You’re joking?

No, really.. One week, better get those skates on!

God, that completely escaped me, better rearrange that hair appointment.

Seriously, dear media outlets, do you actually think that the upcoming exams have so far gone unnoticed? That we, stressed and smelly sixth years, have actually no idea that the exams are coming up. Bollox. Seriously, you don’t need to tell me. You don’t have to yell, “STOP THE PRESS” and make the whole country come to a standstill because a few thousand of us are doing exams. They’ve started sneaking in little tidbits from “experts” regarding just about ANYTHING. Okay, Ireland is boring and you need to fill the paper but find something else, kay?
It’s this external pressure and acknowledgement that is really gets me. If someone finds out I am about to sit the Big Quiz, they typically flinch and look at me sympathetically because slowly saying, “shur, it won’t be long going”.
Newsflash, I don’t care.
It’s the fact that every single post LC person in the country regards it as this HUGE BIG MASSIVE ZOMG CHANGE-YOUR-PANTS WOW WOW FREAK-OUT event that it becomes such a scary thing. If more people just went, “oh right cool, good luck” instead of telling me a blow by blow account of how they fucked up English Paper 1 or something..

Stop acting smug and trying to scare me, and actually.. don’t try reassure me either. Just leave me alone.

If we have to sit these exams at all, we should all be sent off into exile to do them. Imagine the laugh we’d have. Sure, the Romans exhiled people all the time, it’s hardly difficult and I don’t think that anyone can argue that the Big Quiz DOESN’T make you a social leper.


Marie, gone mad. Well it was only a matter of time.

4 thoughts on “I’m sorry to interrupt…”

  1. I quite like all the media attention tbh.
    It focuses me. Makes me not want to avoid reality.

    Although, the failure stories. Yeah, they’re a bitch.

    Best of luck in your exams there. Just so you know though, I remember when I was doing MY leaving- made a royal mess of it, y’see. The thing is, it’s very easy to do- the making a mess thing. A lot people do, y’know…


  2. Media attention on the way. You are now under blog watch by the Irish Times. Keep an eye on their education section during the exams. You may be featured. Olen was meant to be diarist but failed to reply to them. -.-

  3. Hahaha, guess I should tone down on my seemingly aparent hatred for external attention being brought to the Big Quiz :p

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