impossible to reach expectations

Ive gain so much weigh from the leaving cert, i look awful non stop because im so god damn tired!! I barely get to to even study for the damn thing cause im always doing essays and class tests!! Because of the leaving i barely leave the house i smoke like a chimney from the stress and i cry over stupid shit nearly every day. Their is about 16 days till the leaving and ive done my work but i still feel like its impossible to reach the expectations my school wants me to. I do ordinary maths and 6 honor subjects and im constantly being told to go to foundation maths because im not good at it, well no shit im not good at it i have 6 honor subjects im actually counting but if i fail math..BAM.. thats it i fail the whole leaving!! The leaving cert is a joke and a disgrace!! The leaving has me considering not to go to college, thats how bad my school has made it.

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