Irish and Music (and vom- Oh My!)

Whoopsies, I did mean to write about Irish and Music just after they happened (which is still technically last week, though really it feels months ago) I’m sure no one was absolutely dying to hear how it went though 😛

On the Monday before the Irish Oral (which was a Tuesday) I was all ready to go out to school. I reached my front door when *BAM* waves of nausea. I had to run to the bathroom to vom. I didn’t make it.

So that left me lying on the couch all day feeling slightly worried that the examiner would go ahead of time and I’d be left either going after the top honours class and looking well thick by comparison or not being allowed to do it at all. Luckily it was only a 25 hour bug and I was ok by that night. Unluckily I couldn’t sleep due to nerves and was wrecked the next morning (I stayed up most of the night reading Fairytales Mairéad Ní Ghráda had translated into Irish- apparently the Irish for “Rumplestiltskin” is “Luidín ó Laoi”). Most of Tuesday morning was therefore spent sitting outside the examination room clutching a mug of Lemsip and sniffling sadly to myself.

When I went into the Oral room I didn’t feel as bad, the examiner asked fairly normal questions until a somewhat evil smile came over her face and she asked if I had a solution to the recession. That’s something I could barely answer in English, let alone Irish so I mumbled something about it all being the politicians’ fault and had a bit of a rant about politicians and corruption (“tá an tír seo ag titim as a chéile, agus céard atá siad ag déanamh?!”) and anything I could remember from my Irish notes. The examiner seemed happy enough with it though, even if I didn’t technically answer the question.

As Tuesday wore on my cold got worse and my nose was totally blocked. That would have been fine were it the end of all the exams but unfortunately I had my music practical on Wednesday and seeing as I wasn’t singing Sean Nós a nasal voice really wouldn’t help. Fortunately Captain Sudafed Nasal Spray with his trusty sidekick Dame Olbas Pastilles came to the rescue. When I was warming up on the Wednesday morning I almost winced at how whiny and cracky (yes, cracky) my voice sounded. But after a good warm up with the help of the decongesting powers of Team Sudafed and Olbas it sounded better than I’d thought, but worse than if I hadn’t been sick.

The examiner was really friendly (my school seems to have been blessed with nice examiners this year- let’s hope it continues through to June) and chatted between songs. She did stop me before I got to finish my last song even though we were well within our time. I’m not sure whether to be worried or not but I’ve just decided to forget about it and concentrate on not doing as badly in composition as I did in the mock (oh that shamble of a modulation..)

Looking back on the last three weeks I’m happy enough with how things went. At no point did I want a hole to appear in the floor and swallow me up, which is something. It’s a great relief to have 25% of three languages and half of music over with.

9 thoughts on “Irish and Music (and vom- Oh My!)”

  1. I think I got that bug too actually! Week after my Irish oral I was struck down out of nowhere.. Horrible and hard luck that it got you before your oral/practical. (btw, three orals! Ouch!)

  2. Forgive me Fad, I should have been more flippant.

    Fad’s just desperate for a spot… 😛

    (Seems a bit cold without the sticking out of the tongue)

  3. I’d say the examiner was well on her way to giving you an A if she’s asking for solutions to the recession. I’d take it as a good sign anyway 🙂

    I’m just glad it’s all over now 🙂

  4. Hey, does any one know exactly how the technology elective is marked for music? I can’t find it any where. Why can’t this country use computers?

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