Irish increases your chances of getting a job

That’s right. Fact. A recent report shows that not being able to speak our native language means you’re twice as likely to be unemployed as someone who can speak irish.

photo credit: asterix611

It suggests Irish is becoming a language for the elite and employers like to see it, even if they won’t / don’t use it as part of their job.

I’ve always thought the only reason i needed Irish was to give a speech in Croke Park before i lifted the Sam Maguire. That’s the only time i ever heard Irish being spoken on telly as a child. Languages? There’s only one language – English. And then there’s all those foreign / rubbish languages.

That’s the sort of mentality that’s lingering around. Although Irish still isn’t as sexy as it’s made out to be, it is holding it’s own as a language.. it’s no longer moving backwards. Reports like this one will just add to the hype and glamorous reputation that the irish language is building for itself.

Irish language = jobs, that’s what people will begin to see. However, English is king, so we must master it first. It should in theory be much easier to pass English than Irish or get an A1 in English than in Irish but the gap isn’t that huge.

Anyway, according to that report, this new elitist Irish speaking ‘club’ seem to be hogging all of our jobs… so you better not burn those irish notes after the leaving cert. In the future, you might find yourself trying to impress an interviewer with some memorized Irish quotes 😉

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